Quiz: Can You Match the TV Cops to Their Job Title?
Can You Match the TV Cops to Their Job Title?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: FX

About This Quiz

Ready for some crime-busting action? These lineup of cop shows are sure to keep you right on the edge of your seat!

Some of the best TV cop shows focuses on just one cop who uses his or her crime-solving skills to catch the bad guys. For instance, take that bald-headed cop who loves to eat lollipops while he's tracking down the bad guys. His title is all about what he does and he does it oh so well! Do you have an inkling of whom we're talking about? You're probably right but you will have to take the quiz to be sure!

Other shows were all about teamwork, whether between two partners or an entire precinct. For example, that show named after two female cops who showed the world that the ladies in blue work just as hard as the men do. Surely, you remember THAT show - but do you remember the job titles of its stars? We'll see once you get the quiz underway!

Each of the TV cops in this quiz worked pretty darn hard to earn his or her title. How hard will you have to work to get each of those titles correct? It's time to start the quiz so we can find out!

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