Can You Match the Word to Its Homonym?

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They look alike, they sound alike, sometimes they even act alike... Wait. That's the theme song from a Patty Duke sitcom. We're talking about words. Homonyms to be specific.

You can read this or do it to a reservation.

Book is a true homonym. You can read a book or book a reservation.

This word can refer to a long object or a person from a place in Europe.

A pole can be an object. A Pole is a person.

This can be a part of a ship or something you do before the queen.

You should bow before the queen. You can also stand on the bow of a ship. The bow on a gift isn't a homonym for those other words, however - it's pronounced differently.

This might be a person in the Olympics or something you wear in London.

A jumper is someone who jumps. A jumper is also a sweater in London.

This can be a large piece of wood or something Captain Kirk might do.

Houses are made with beams. Captain Kirk would say, "beam me up, Scotty."

This can be a flower or something you did after you sat down.

A rose is a flower. Rose is also something you did.

This is a smoky sky or a bad fraternity practice.

A sky can be hazy. Hazing is an illegal fraternity practice.

This is a turn around a track or something you have when you sit down.

You can take a lap around a track. You have a lap when you sit down.

This can be a marine animal or something your Tupperware does.

A seal is a marine animal. Tupperware lids seal in your leftovers.

This can be something common or a person in the military.

Something general is common. A general is a military leader.

Your parents might have been this in the seventies and you have two of them.

People in the seventies were hip. You probably have two hips.

Some animals have one and your car probably has one.

A rhinoceros has a horn. You use your car horn to signal others on the road.

Dogs do this and trees have it.

Dogs bark as a greeting. Trees are covered in bark.

This is a month and a permission.

May is the month between April and June. You may be allowed to do something.

This is a metal and something you do to clothes.

Iron is a metal. You iron your clothes.

This can be someone dull or what you do to make a hole.

Someone dull is bore. You can use a drill to bore a hole in something.

This is a type of dog and a way to describe someone.

Husky is a breed of dog. You could also describe someone chubby as husky.

This might describe hair or what you do when you want something.

Hair can be long. You can also long for something.

This can be something a train does or something you store pickles in.

A train ride can be jarring. Pickles are stored in a jar.

You can do this with a pen or see it on the road.

You can sign your name. There are many signs on the road.

This can be a joke or a baby goat.

You can kid with people you know. A kid is a name for a young goat.

This can be a crime or a flock of crows.

Murder is a crime. Murder is also the name for a flock of crows. Who knew?

This can be used to describe a person or something you do.

A jerk is not a nice person. You can also jerk something back from someone or experience a jerk when you stop your car quickly.

This is a place with rides or light skin.

Someone who has light skin might be called fair. A fair is a place like a carnival. Fair is also a description of something that is justifiable.

This is an insect or something you can do.

A fly is an insect. You can also fly in a plane.

You can go to one of these or do it to your car.

Going to the park is fun. You can also park your car.

You can do this to the thing around your neck.

You can tie the tie around your neck. So, tie is a verb and a noun.

You can do this to your nails while you find one in the office.

A file is a collection of materials in an office. You can also file your nails.

You can have this at a picnic or a baseball game.

A pitcher throws the ball at a baseball game. A pitcher can hold lemonade at a picnic.

This is a season and part of your mattress.

A spring is a metal coil in your mattress. Spring is also a season between winter and summer.

This is something you do and something in your toolbox.

If you are afraid, you might bolt. You might find a bolt in your toolbox.

This is a bit of money in England or a measure of weight in the grocery store.

Londoners use pounds to buy things. Americans use pounds to weigh things.

This can be serious or someplace to bury someone.

Grave is a synonym for serious. Grave is also someplace to bury someone.

This is the guy who marries the bride or something he does before the wedding.

The groom is likely to groom himself before the ceremony. In this instance, "groom" is a person and something one does.

This can be a bird or an iron arm.

A crane is a type of bird. A crane can be used on a construction site to lift heavy objects.

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