Quiz: Can You Match These Actors to Their 1950s TV Shows?
Can You Match These Actors to Their 1950s TV Shows?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: CBS Television via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Any TV lover worth his or her pop culture badge would definitely know the many successful television shows of each decade. And what decade would provide those rightful TV-watching stripes than having them identify the shows during the Golden Age of Television.

Indeed, each media produced by humankind always came out with its own respective golden age era. For television, whose technicalities were still being polished, debated upon, and even being fought in court during the 1940s, the latter part of that decade became the Golden Age of Television, continuing it well up to the 1950s and even the early 1960s. The 1950s was the definitive decade for this era since there were many kinds of innovations that appeared ever since the first commercial television broadcast was made.

And what were those innovations? For one, the kinds of programs that were shown were always being experimented upon. Genres borrowed from TV's earlier audiovisual cousin, cinema, which also developed and got enhanced as the television industry unfolded more. TV commercials also had a different approach of selling back then, but all of these early innovations were pivotal in the development of the television industry today.

So, do you think you can name the '50s TV shows where some prominent actors first appeared or got popular? Take a shot and take the quiz!

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Everyone had a Ball watching Madame Lucille in this sitcom. What show was this?
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Jackie Gleason played Ralph Kramden in which couples-focused sitcom?
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Michael Landon was one of the dapper young sons in which male family bonding-themed TV western?
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Robert Young stood as the head of the family in which show?
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Ricky Nelson was the heartthrob son featured in which family-oriented sitcom?
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Clayton Moore played this titular cowboy character who rode a distinct-colored horse, and befriended an indigenous person. What’s this show?
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Jerry Mathers was the little big star of this show, as the inquisitive troublemaker son of the Cleaver family. What’s the show?
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George Reeves played this all-American superhero before all the DC vs. Marvel hullaballoo. In what show did he star?
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Jack Webb was the one who created, directed, and starred as Sgt. Joe Friday in this police drama. What’s the title?
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Moe Howard and Larry Fine were the longstanding “mainstays” of which vaudeville act, which also crossed over to television in the ‘50s?
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Raymond Burr starred as the popular lawyer featured in which legal drama?
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Hugh O’Brian starred as the titular character of a show about this old west iconic figure. What’s the show?
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Phil Silvers appeared in the sitcom, "The Phil Silvers Show," but the show was known by another name in reruns. What’s its other title?
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James Arness was the actor who essayed the role of Marshal Matt Dillon in which long-running western drama?
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Guy Williams donned the TV mask and the black hat of this titular character. What’s the show?
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Bud and Lou were the dynamic duo of radio comedy that headlined which TV show in the ‘50s?
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Clint Eastwood portrayed a very young cowboy in this successful TV western. What’s the title?
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Richard Crenna was the actor who played Luke in all episodes of this TV sitcom. What’s the title?
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Richard Boone played a unique cowboy in this western drama series because he had higher education, sophistication, and gentlemanly style. What show is this?
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Steve McQueen starred as a cowboy in this western. What’s the title?
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Fess Parker appeared as which popular American folk figure-fighter?
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Alvin Childress and Spencer Williams played the main leads in this comedy show. What’s the title?
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James Garner was the original card-playing star of which TV western?
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Reed Haley played the lead lawyer in this legal drama. What’s the title?
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Richard Greene robbed the hearts of audiences as he portrayed the titular character in which show?
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Efrem Zimbalist Jr. played a detective in this LA-set TV show. What’s the title?
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Donna Reed played a housewife. What’s the title of the show?
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Eve Arden became a pivotal teacher in which iconic TV show?
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Roy Rogers headlined which western TV series?
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Broderick Crawford played the police officer in which crime drama show?
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Dwayne Hickman was the teenage lead star in which teen-oriented show?
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Duncan Renaldo played this titular Mexican caballero character. What’s the show's title?
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Arthur Lake played Dagwood Bumstead. What is the series?
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Before heading the Impossible Mission Force, Peter Graves starred as a cowboy in which western TV series?
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While this show’s real protagonist was not human, Tommy Rettig played the first pivotal BFF, Jeff Miller. What show is this?
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Jay North starred as this rambunctious kid from the comics in what show?
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Comedian Danny Thomas headlined the sitcom bearing his own name, but what was its original title?
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Lloyd Bridges starred as the lead actor of which TV series?
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Vaudeville star Joan Davis transitioned into TV comedy with which show?
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Athlete Chuck Connors was the lead actor of which western TV series?
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