Quiz: Can You Match These Actors to Their '60s and '70s TV Shows?
Can You Match These Actors to Their '60s and '70s TV Shows?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: CBS Television via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

The 1960s and 1970s were some of the most colorful and pivotal years for American television programming. 

Continuing the experimentations and successes of the Golden Age of Television during the 1950s, the '60s and '70s saw a very definitive bunch of television shows whose story structures and narrative patterns are still being utilized today, attesting to the success and integrity of these TV styles first invented back then. From intriguing sitcoms to the development of the police procedural shows, these two decades were really imbibing the experimental mode of these eras and reflecting them back on television, creating an American pop culture that was also influencing the global pop culture, slowly but surely.

If the '50s saw the birth of the melodramatic genre and the proliferation of the western TV series, the '60s and '70s gave us a very eclectic collection of TV shows that are still inspiring today's TV programmers and creators. They're also becoming films to boot, so that says a lot about the popularity of such TV shows.

So can you name some of these pivotal and popular TV series if we tell you who starred in them? Take a look and see!

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William Shatner originated this famous captain character in which space-oriented TV show?
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Farah Fawcett made up the original trio of these crimefighters. What’s their name?
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Florence Henderson was the matriarchal image of which TV series?
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Gary Coleman became a household name because of this sitcom. What’s its title?
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Elizabeth Montgomery twitched her nose to stardom in which show?
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Mary Tyler Moore paved the way for the independent working woman with this show. What’s the title?
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Peter Graves is identified as Jim Phelps in which intriguing spy series?
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Henry Winkler portrayed the iconic Fonz character in which TV series?
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Jack Lord essayed the role of Steve McGarrett in which police procedural drama?
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Robert Vaughn was one of the stars in this espionage series. What’s its title?
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Bob Denver carried this show with an ensemble cast. What was its title?
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Carroll O’Connor essayed the role of Archie Bunker in which TV series?
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Barbara Eden was one of the two most popular magical women who ruled American TV in the ‘60s and ‘70s. In which show did she appear?
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Jim Nabors starred in this military life-focused sitcom. What’s its title?
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John Astin played Gomez while Carolyn Jones played Morticia in which TV series?
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Alan Alda is Captain Hawkeye Pierce, the army doctor in which TV series?
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Ray Walston became popular as an otherworldly being in which TV show?
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Erik Estrada was everyone's crush in this police-driven TV show. What’s its title?
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Buddy Ebsen played the head of the family in this comedy series. What’s its title?
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Gabe Kaplan is the teacher in which TV show?
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Fred Gwynne portrayed Herman in this not-really-scary comedy. What’s its title?
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Sherman Hemsley was the father figure in which long-running sitcom?
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Adam West was the original personification of this popular DC superhero. What’s the title of the show?
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Bob Newhart starred in which sitcom, which was filmed before a live TV audience?
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Don Adams played a secret agent with a comedic flair in which TV series?
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Lee Majors became a household name in which sci-fi TV series of the ‘70s?
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Andy Griffith played the sheriff in which comedy show?
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Eva Gabor is the socialite wifey in which TV series?
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Telly Savalas is forever identified with the titular role in which TV series?
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Judd Hirsch is one of the lead drivers working in which TV show?
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Dick Van Dyke portrayed a comedy show writer in which comedy show?
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Tony Randall and Jack Klugman both headlined which TV sitcom?
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Martin Milner and Kent McCord appeared in which popular police procedural?
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Prior to being one of the "Golden Girls," Bea Arthur starred solo in which sitcom?
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Bob Crane starred in this World War II-set sitcom. What’s the title?
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Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams both headlined this working-class comedy. What’s its title?
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Peter Falk played a Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective in which TV show?
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Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson both starred in which family-focused comedy?
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Ernest Borgnine appeared in this military-set TV comedy. What’s its title?
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Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul essayed the role of which cop buddy tandem?
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