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For as long as Disney has been making movies, the animation company has been giving characters sidekicks, who serve as friends, protectors, teachers and sometimes just comic relief! From Jiminy Cricket, the bug who acts as Pinocchio's conscience, to Olaf, the dim-witted snowman who loves warm hugs, sidekicks add extra oomph to already-beloved tales of heroes and heroines fighting wicked villains.

One thing that stands out about Disney sidekicks is that they're almost always animals (or non-humans): mice, birds, horses, insects, snowmen and more. Even the occasional human sidekicks, like LeFou and Smee, are small, bumbling and comic figures, just like their animal counterparts! And these sidekicks put up with their hero or heroine even when they're not their best out of, well, love! Sidekicks are devoted and faithful friends to the very end. Even Iago, the cunning parrot sidekick, sticks by Jafar when he's defeated and they're both trapped in a lamp for eternity. Now that's loyalty!

Now's the time for you to show your appreciation for Disney's greatest sidekicks by matching them to their movies. As long as you don't Flounder, you can hopefully identify Olaf these sidekicks! Ask Tink to lend you some pixie dust for good luck!

Ariel is rarely seen without her sidekick, Flounder! What movie does he appear in?

Flounder, who is most definitely not a guppy, is Ariel's loyal friend. The yellow and blue fish goes with Ariel on all her adventures, although he often tries to talk her out of the riskier ones!


Incrediboy becomes a villain named Syndrome when his hero rejects him as a sidekick! What movie is he in?

When Mr. Incredible is young and brash, he callously rejects Incrediboy, who wants to be his sidekick. Crushed, the boy grows up to become Syndrome, a supervillain determined to destroy the Incredibles!


Olaf is a sidekick to the protagonists in which movie? Just make sure he doesn't melt!

Elsa brings the snowman Olaf to life with her magic powers, and he becomes a sidekick to Anna and Kristoff on their journey. He's handy in a fight, given that he can always reassemble himself!


Pua the pig goes for a boat ride with a Disney heroine in which movie?

Pua is an adorable little pig in "Moana" who stays close to Moana's side — and who gets upset when she eats pork! Moana tries to take Pua on a boat ride, but things go south when the boat tips over!


Jaq and Gus, two little mice, are the sidekicks to a Disney princess in which movie?

Cinderella rescues mice in her house and gives them clothes, and in return, they help her put together a beautiful outfit for the ball. Jaq and Gus just have to watch out for Lucifer the cat!


Tinkerbell certainly has an attitude, but she's an unforgettable sidekick in what movie?

Tinkerbell the fairy is Peter Pan's faithful companion. The saucy fairy, however, shows her jealous side when Wendy shows up in Neverland. No girl is going to come between Tink and her Peter!


Kristoff has a reindeer named Sven for a sidekick. What movie is this?

Kristoff and Sven have been together since they were little, when Kristoff first started selling ice. Even when they're grown, Kristoff and Sven share a special, close bond. Kristoff even talks for Sven!


Sebastian the crab becomes a reluctant sidekick to a strong-willed princess! What movie is he in?

Sebastian serves King Triton faithfully, but he gets roped into Ariel's plot to become human. Now Sebastian feels obligated to keep Ariel safe because King Triton will not be happy if he finds out!


Can you name the movie that features the Magic Carpet as a high-flying sidekick?

Aladdin discovers the Magic Carpet in the Cave of Wonders, and the flying carpet quickly becomes an invaluable sidekick. He helps Aladdin escape the cave and also takes Al and Jasmine on a romantic ride!


Rajah the tiger stays loyal to his mistress, Princess Jasmine, in which classic movie?

Every princess needs a tiger like Rajah! Princess Jasmine's raised Rajah since he was a tiny cub, and he's stayed faithful to her ever since. He even takes a bite out of an unwanted suitor's pants!


A Chinese warrior needs her lucky cricket Cri-Kee in which movie?

Mulan's grandmother buys her a lucky cricket, Cri-Kee, not suspecting that the insect will be Mulan's sidekick in a war! The little bug is lucky in the sense that he survives one disaster after another!


A winged horse named Pegasus helps a demigod go from zero to hero! What movie does he appear in?

After Hercules learns that Zeus is his dad, he's reunited with Pegasus, his old friend from infancy! The flying horse is there to help Hercules defeat monsters, rescue damsels and other heroic stuff.


Even pirates need a sidekick! Can you name the movie that Smee is in?

Captain Hook depends on his sidekick, Smee, to help him shave and plot against his greatest foe, Peter Pan! The bumbling pirate Smee does his best to keep Hook safe from the ticking crocodile too!


Heihei the chicken goes on a quest with the title character of which Disney film?

"Moana's" director called Heihei "the stupidest character in the history of Disney animation." However, the chicken is not completely oblivious to the action around him; at one point, he saves the Heart of Te Fiti!


Can you name the movie that Flotsam and Jetsam appear in?

Flotsam and Jetsam, a pair of moray eels, are Ursula's sidekicks in "The Little Mermaid." The slithery eels do Ursula's bidding, such as luring Ariel to her lair and tipping over Eric's boat.


LeFou is Gaston's faithful sidekick in which Disney classic?

It's no accident that LeFou's name means "the fool" in French; he's not the sharpest arrow in the quiver. But LeFou stands by Gaston's side no matter what, even when he's storming the Beast's castle.


"Always let your conscience be your guide!" That's what Jiminy Cricket teaches a puppet boy in which movie?

Jiminy Cricket is not only Pinocchio's sidekick; he's also the puppet's conscience, steering Pinocchio in the right direction when he veers off track. Without Jiminy, Pinocchio would never become a real boy!


Major Dr. David Q. Dawson becomes a sidekick to the brilliant sleuth Basil of Baker Street. What movie is he from?

If Basil is based on Sherlock Holmes, then Dawson is modeled after Holmes' loyal sidekick Watson. Like Watson, Dawson is always amazed by Basil's clever deductions, which help him defeat his foe, Ratigan.


A princess has a raccoon sidekick named Meeko in which movie?

Pocahontas enjoys the company of her raccoon friend, Meeko. The mischievous critter is originally wary of John Smith but warms up to him when he discovers Smith is a source of cookies!


Timon and Pumbaa are Simba's sidekicks in which movie set in the African savanna?

Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog rescue Simba as a cub and become his loyal sidekicks. Having a lion for a friend has its perks, after all! Simba protects his friends, and vice versa.


Abu helps a "street rat" survive the streets of Agrabah in which movie?

Aladdin would be pretty lonely without Abu as a sidekick! The mischievous monkey thief helps Aladdin out of more than one jam in the movie and shows only a little jealousy when he meets Jasmine.


Every cowgirl needs a sidekick like Bullseye! In what movie does he ride like the wind?

Bullseye appears in "Toy Story 2" and its two sequels and quickly melts hearts, even though he doesn't talk. And the brown horse is the most loyal sidekick any cowboy or cowgirl could hope for!


Which Disney film features Terk the gorilla as a sidekick?

Terk the gorilla is Tarzan's cousin and best friend. The fun-loving gorilla at first enjoys pranking her human cousin, but as he gets bigger and stronger, she comes to respect him.


Gargoyles named Victor, Hugo and Laverne are the sidekicks to the title character in which movie?

These gargoyles don't have hearts of stone! In fact, they're Quasimodo's only friends until he meets Esmeralda and Phoebus, and they encourage him to take a chance and explore the outside world.


Timothy Q. Mouse helps a shy elephant spread his ears and fly! What movie is he in?

After his mother is locked up, poor Dumbo has no one to look after him — until Timothy shows up, that is! This genial mouse proves that mice and elephants can get along. They share a love of peanuts too!


Archimedes is a cranky owl who serves as a sidekick in which Disney movie?

Merlin the wizard has a pet owl named Archimedes, a highly intelligent, talking bird — who's also quite opinionated about everything! Archimedes helps Merlin tutor Arthur in magic.


Can you identify which movie the Bensons, Gabby Gabby's ventriloquist dummies, appear in?

The filmmakers found a way to make Gabby Gabby's henchmen creepier by making them silent. It worked! These ventriloquist dummy sidekicks do Gabby Gabby's bidding and chase Woody down for his voicebox!


Every hero could use a sidekick like Little John! What movie does he appear in?

Robin Hood, the legendary outlaw, carries out his exploits with the help of Little John, who's actually quite a large bear! Little John helps Robin Hood get the better of Prince John and the sheriff!


Why not have a whole group of sidekicks, like the Lost Boys? They appear in which Disney movie?

Peter Pan's Lost Boys are his loyal friends and yes, he gets to boss them around. But the Lost Boys are always willing to fight pirates with their leader, the boy who never grows up!


A sardonic parrot named Iago is a villain's sidekick in which Disney movie?

Jafar relies on Iago, a wisecracking parrot, to help him carry out his dastardly plots! The sarcastic bird gets along well with Jafar, which is good since they wind up in a lamp together!


Mushu may be tiny for a dragon, but he's a valuable sidekick in which Disney movie?

Mushu takes on the duty of protecting Mulan as she joins the Chinese army in disguise. Mulan is originally skeptical of Mushu's usefulness, but he proves himself a valuable sidekick on her adventure.


A hummingbird named Flit is a mischievous sidekick to a Disney princess. Can you name the movie he's in?

Flit, a ruby-throated hummingbird, is one of Pocahontas' animal friends and sidekicks. The lively bird is always getting into mischief with Meeko, the raccoon. Flit also takes a while to warm up to John Smith!


Nero and Brutus are two thuggish crocodiles who do Madame Medusa's bidding. What movie do they appear in?

Only a woman like Madame Medusa would keep two crocodiles as pets! Nero and Brutus seem tame, but none of the characters want to mess with them! They're particularly drawn to Miss Bianca's perfume!


Even villains need sidekicks, like Governor Ratcliffe's smug pug Percy in which movie?

When "Pocahontas" begins, Percy is as pompous as his human master, Governor Ratcliffe, and reacts negatively toward the animals he meets in the New World. However, he soon comes around!


A phobic elephant named Tantor features in which Disney movie?

One of Tarzan's childhood friends and sidekicks is Tantor, an African elephant. Despite his immense size, Tantor is frequently timid and fearful of things like bacteria — a tricky trait in the jungle!


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