Can You Name 40 Out of 50 States From Just a Map Outline?

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Sure, you know all about the fifty states and you could probably tell which ones they were if you saw pictures of them, were told their capitals, given their abbreviations or given a clue about them. But what if we just showed you the outline? Could you name some or all of the US states from their outlines alone? 

Today, we want to test your knowledge of most of the United States of America. So we're going to erase just about everything from the pictures of each of the states, except its outline. You'll need a working knowledge of all fifty states, whether they're square, long or totally weird looking, because you won't know which of the fifty we're going to choose. Embed these shapes in your memory so that you can ace this quiz. 

But if you feel like you already know what they look like, go ahead and get started on this quiz. Just how many of the forty will you know? And how many will you get wrong? It's time to find out in this quiz. 

This is one of the most populous states in the US and home to the Empire State building. Where is it?

Although New York is home to one of the biggest cities on Earth, you might be surprised to find out that there are also more than fifty species of orchid native to this state. It's also home to thousands of species of animals such as the snapping turtle, cotton-tailed rabbit and peregrine falcon.

This place is known as the Lone Star state. Do you know its name?

Texas is known as the Lone Star state because it fought a war to gain independence from Mexico. When Texas emerged victorious, it got its flag - a single star to represent its independence.

This place is the home of Miami and Orlando. Can you tell us what state it is?

Florida is home to hundreds of cities including Orlando, which attracts millions of tourists every year. In fact, out of all the amusement parks in the United States, Orlando attracts the most visitors and it is known as the "Theme Park Capital of the World."

This particular states produces the most blue crabs in the country. Do you know what it is based on its outline?

The very first dental college in the world was opened in 1840 in Maryland and was founded by two Doctors - Horace H. Hayden and Chapin A. Harris. It is now known as the University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD), but it was first established as the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.

This state is the home of Salt Lake City. Can you tell us its name?

Utah is home to Salt Lake City, which is the capital of the state and the most populated area in Utah. The Great Salt Lake is also in Utah and covers more than 1,500 square miles. Sometimes referred to as America's Dead Sea because of its salinity, people have no trouble floating in this body of water, even if they're not used to popping up like a cork!

This state is notorious for the celebrities who live and party in it. Where is this?

As of 2018, California has the 5th largest economy in the world at more than $2.7 trillion. California's success is attributed to its thriving technology and entertainment industry as well as its contributions to the agriculture sector. Unfortunately, income inequality has resulted in housing instability and displacement for thousands in the San Francisco bay area.

Only seven of the islands in this state are inhabited by humans. What is its name?

If you're looking for domestically grown coffee, Hawaii is the place to go! It's actually the only coffee producer of the 50 states. Kona coffee is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii and is among the most expensive kinds of coffee out there.

This state is almost synonymous with the peach. What is its name?

American hero and civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta in 1929. His childhood home is still a museum today. King was a famous orator who was one of the most hated people in the United States while he was alive and is now one of the most revered. As he famously said, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

Its largest city is Philadelphia. Can you tell us its name?

Do you love snack foods? Pennsylvania is home to LOTS, including Hershey's, Auntie Anne's, Planter's, and Snyder's pretzels. And don't forget the famous Philly cheesesteak!

Often called the Bluegrass State, can you tell us the name of the place pictured here?

Fort Knox, Kentucky, is home to the United States' gold reserve, which houses over 300 billion dollars worth of gold. It is kept safe by blast-proof barriers that are over 20 inches thick! There is more gold in the U.S. than any other country, which is a surprise when you think about how many people are struggling to make ends meet.

This state's capital is an extended version of its name. Do you know what it is?

This Midwestern US state is situated in the Great Lakes region of North America. Its capital, Indianapolis, is known for its festivities during the Christmas season. The Circle of Lights, which is the largest Christmas tree in the world, is located here. It stands at 284 feet tall, complete with 52 wreaths and more than 4,000 lights.

Known for its frigid temperatures, do you know the name of this state that is attached to Canada?

Alaska has fourteen mountain ranges and 17 out of the 20 highest peaks in the United States. Denali, which means "The Great One" is the highest peak in North America and it is located in the Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

This state's mountain range has its name in it. Can you tell us where this is?

The word "Nevada" has Spanish origin and it derives from the word "nieve" which means "snow." This name is in reference to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which stretches more than 600 miles, from Mexico to Butte County.

This is the smallest state in New England. Do you know its name?

Rhode Island is a state in the northeastern US and the smallest of all the states, but still boasts a population of over 1 million. Rhode Island is a popular tourist destination, known for its picturesque beaches and its quaint towns, including Naragansett and Newport.

This state's land was said to be as prosperous as the country in its name. Where is it?

New Mexico got its name from Spanish explorers who were searching for territory as prosperous as Mexico, which they had recently discovered in their travels. They called the new land Nueva Mexico. The land is indeed valuable - New Mexico's oil contributes significantly to the state's income.

Also called the Palmetto State, which of the fifty do you think is outlined here?

South Carolina is also called The Palmetto State, which is in tribute to the sabal palmetto - its national tree. This tree held great significance during the Revolutionary War when its strong wood was used to build forts that could withstand attack.

Columbus is its most densely-populated city. What is the name of the state?

The Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong were all from Ohio. The early flyers took off in North Carolina, and Neil Armstrong made it all the way to the moon! It makes sense that this home to industry has also been home to a strong labor movement, protecting the rights of workers.

This state is called the Gem State. What is its actual name?

Idaho has been nicknamed "The Gem State" due to its production of about 72 types of gemstones, such as opals, gasper, quartz, amethysts, star garnets and rubies. The star garnet is the state's gemstone, and is dark purple.

This state is known for its civil rights landmarks and heroes. Which of the following is it?

The Montgomery bus boycott kicked off the civil rights movement in 1955, when Rosa Parks declined to give up her seat in the front of a bus. This protest continued for over a year, until finally the Supreme Court upheld a previous ruling that segregated seating is in fact unconstitutional.

What's the official name of the Garden State?

North Jersey has unfortunately been made notorious due to the car thefts in this part of the state. In 2017, it was reported that high-end vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz were stolen from neighborhoods in Passaic, Essex, Morris and Bergen.

Eight US presidents were born in this state. Can you tell where it is by its outline?

Virginia is a southeastern state that has been home to many notable people. In fact, it is referred to as "Mother of Presidents" because eight presidents of the United States hailed from there. These include Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, William H. Harrison, James Monroe and James Madison.

This state's nickname is the Sooner State. Can you tell us its actual name?

Oklahoma is another US state that served as the home or birthplace of famous people, though this time they followed different career paths. For instance, actors Brad Pitt and Will Rogers were born here as well as singers Woody Guthrie and Garth Brooks.

This state is the home of Boston and had the first subway station in the country. What is it called?

In 1897, during the second stage of Massachusetts' Industrial Revolution, America's first subway was built in Boston, the capital of this state. Though its development came about due to the technological advances of the 19th century, it was propelled by the revolution that was taking place at the time.

Do you know this state, home to an underground lake?

Craighead Caverns is a cave system near Sweetwater, Tennessee, and is home to a lake called the "Lost Sea." In fact, it's the country's largest underground body of water not associated with a glacier, and in fact, even cave divers don't know how deep it actually goes.

The Chicago Bears represent this state. Where is this?

Illinois played a major role in the nationwide abolition of slavery when it became the first state to ratify the 13th amendment to the Constitution. This amendment was approved on January 31st, 1865, and it was only one day later when Illinois took the first step in endorsing this huge historical milestone.

This state has a lake that was formed after a volcano collapsed. Where is it?

Oregon is home to one of the ten deepest lakes worldwide and the deepest one in the United States - Crater Lake. Situated in the south-central part of the state, this lake was formed after the collapse of the Mount Mazama volcano, and is close to 2,000 feet deep. This lake is admired for its clear, deep blue waters.

This is the highest producer of copper in the country. What names does the state go by?

Arizona is the highest producer of copper in the United States, accounting for about 64 percent of it domestically. It has produced this mineral since 1910 and copper is the most valuable mineral produced in the state. Gold and silver are also manufactured in Arizona.

This state is known for its lobster and other kinds of seafood. What is this northeastern state's name?

Maine is home to many tourist attractions including the Flagship L.L. Bean store, beautiful rocky beaches, and lighthouses galore. The Maine Lobster Festival, in Rockland, is the subject of David Foster Wallace's famous essay "Consider the Lobster."

Also called the Jaywalk and Midway State, can you name the place outlined in this picture?

Pizza Hut first opened its doors in Kansas in 1958. This was after two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, decided to put their business plan in motion in Wichita, Kansas, their hometown. Since then, about 13,000 restaurants have been opened in more than 120 countries worldwide.

This state's abbreviation is "CO," but do you know its name?

Colorado is often called "Colorful Colorado" due to its scenic array of rivers, mountains, plains and other landforms. Eastern Colorado is covered by The Great Plains, and the Rocky Mountains can be found in the central part and the Colorado Plateau stretches into Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

This state is the home of Mount Rushmore. Can you tell us its name?

South Dakota is a state rooted in agriculture and is one of the main producers of wheat, corn, sunflower, hay, soybeans, honey, rye and even cattle. There are more than 46,000 producers in this state and an excess of 30,000 farms.

Situated within the Appalachian mountains, can you tell us which state this is?

West Virginia is also called "The Mountain State" because it is the only state that, in its entirety, it is situated completely within the Appalachian Mountain Range. Most of this range is located within the United States, but some parts of it extend into Canada.

This place's nickname is "The First State." Can you tell us its actual name?

Delaware has made history as the first state that endorsed the Constitution of the United States, which took place on December 7, 1787. This also gave it the nickname "The First State" because it was the first one in the New Nation. Delaware Day is celebrated on December 7th every year in honor of these achievements.

This state's name means "flat water." Can you tell us what it is?

Nebraska, which means "flat water," is a word derived from the indigenous people who settled the state. This name is about the Platte River, which begins in the Rocky mountains in Colorado.

This state is also known as the Water Winter Wonderland, the Great Lake State and the Wolverine State. What is its official name?

The world's only floating post office can be found in Detroit, Michigan, where it is manned by Captain Sam Buchanan. The tugboat, called J.W. Westcott II, is 45 feet long and was built in 1949. It has been delivering mail to hundreds of ships at sea for more than 140 years.

This southern state is know for its food. Do you know where it is based on this outline?

Louisiana is known as a melting pot of cultures. It contains a hub of American, African, French, French-Canadian, Creole and Cajun culture that offers a unique experience to all who visit. Its annual Mardi Gras Festival is a major tourist attraction.

This state's name means "large river." Can you tell us where it is?

Mississippi, which means "large river" is a name given to this state by the Chippewa Indians who settled there. This name refers to the Mississippi River, which is the longest one in the United States and contributes significantly to migration and agriculture.

The state outlined here is the first to allow women to vote. What is its name?

Wyoming made history by being the first state to allow women to vote. This legislation was passed in 1869 and the first vote was cast a year later in the general elections by Louisa Ann Swain. But don't be fooled: this law was put on the books mainly to ensure that white votes outpaced the votes of Black men and to encourage more white people to move to the territory.

Move over Canada, this state makes maple syrup. What is the name of this place, which is 60% is forest area?

One of Connecticut's natural resources can be found in the trees of the forests, which cover more than 60 percent of the state. Red maple is the most common tree, but others such as eastern hemlock and sugar maple are also quite popular. They provide maple syrup, lumber and firewood to the state.

Its largest city in Manchester and it's ranked 41st in terms of population. Which state is it?

New Hampshire was a county that was eager to gain its independence; in 1776 it created its constitution and declared itself independent from Great Britain. This occurred while the American Revolution was taking place and New Hampshire became the first colony to make such a bold move.

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