Quiz: Can You Name All 151 Original Pokémon?
Can You Name All 151 Original Pokémon?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Nintendo / Chambreon via YouTube

About This Quiz

The Pokémon world is one happy, crazy, colorful and ambitious world. But there's no denying that it's very entertaining for many kids out there. And for those who grew up with it, this world is nothing short of awesome, especially since it has been continually upgraded and released on new technological platforms that develop over time.

Ever since the Pokémon world came out during the mid-'90s, many late Gen X-ers and early Millennials have been hooked by these small, cute and lovable creatures. But then, of course, they also discovered that they can be not just cuddly, but also deadly! The Japanese game creator Nintendo is the main company associated with the birth of Pokémon, but there are also several companies that have helped develop the franchise along the way.

Starting out as a video game for personal handheld devices such as the Game Boy, the Pokémon world expanded to accommodate what is now known as transmedia storytelling. Thus, aside from video games, there are also TV series, comics or Japanese manga, a trading card series, movies and, of course, merchandise of many kinds.

But the true test of being a diehard fan lies in identifying them all. Gotta catch 'em all, so you gotta identify which is which. Care to take the Pokémon test? Then let's go!

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