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Since 1976, Apple has been delivering the very best in home technology to the masses. From the Apple II to the iPhone XR and beyond, people love Apple products, and buying them as they are released gives you some form of elite status in the Apple community. The best part about Apple products is that you don't have to be a computer genius to run them. As a matter of fact, in the 1990s, this was how they got so much recognition. You simply opened the computer box, plugged the computer into the wall, plugged the internet wire into your phone jack, and you were surfing the web. It was much easier than connecting a monitor to a tower, then connecting speakers, and wires and wires and wires until you reached the point where you just wanted to throw away your PC. Of course, Apple's technology has gotten even easier to work with over the years, and things have changed quite a bit since the Apple II made its appearance.

You may consider yourself an Apple fanatic, and if you do, this quiz is right up your alley. See if you can name more than 30 of these Apple products just by looking at an image.

Can you name this Apple product that was one of the first to have the rainbow Apple logo?

The Apple II had color graphics as well as dual disc drives. This bad boy was a tank, and you could do quite a bit on it. Well, not these days. These days, there are jump drives that have more processing power.

In 1983, Apple released this. What is it?

If you look closely, the Apple IIe from 1983 has a very telltale keyboard. This keyboard doesn't have a numeric keypad on it. This set it apart from other keyboards and computers with built in keyboards at the time.

Do you recognize this cutting edge piece of technology?

The iPod Touch looks very much like an iPod, but with one minor difference, there is no ear piece speaker at the top. It does nearly everything an iPhone does (except make calls) and it came out the same year (2007).

Can you name Apple's PDA from 1993?

The Newton didn't do very well, but Apple tried to keep sales going for five years. The product was discontinued in 1998, but it paved the way for some of the most interesting technology Apple released.

Which Apple product is this?

The Apple PowerBook was actually in production from 1991 to 2006 and was one of Apple's longest running products (for its time). While everyone still loves the iPhone, people still remember the PowerBook.

These came in various colors. What are they?

The iBook by Apple was marketed to consumers who felt like they didn't know anything about computers. They were able to simply plug this laptop in and start computing (or surfing the web) as they pleased.

These were made to order. Do you know what they are?

These were popular for those who had money to burn, and in 1997, there were many people who had that. They even had a Wallstreet model of this to show just how much you could deck it out.

This ran on the Newton OS, but it wasn't technically a Newton. What is it?

Before the lower case "i" was a staple of Apple products, the lower case "e" made a few cameo appearances on Apple products. The eMate 300 was something between a PDA and a laptop, giving you the best of both worlds.

What is the name of this keyboard that trims the fat?

The name of this keyboard was eventually changed to the Apple Keyboard, but when it was first released, it was known as the Apple Pro Keyboard, and it also came in black and clear ... which was nice.

Which Apple keyboard was the first to use the "Command" key?

This keyboard was the one that came standard with all Macintosh Plus computers. As you can see, it didn't have the numeric keypad and it came equipped with the command button to help people navigate.

Can you identify this round mouse?

These cute little mice came in the complete package with iMac computers. They were another addition to the ease-of-use campaign that Apple wanted to give to the world. It worked, of course, because there millions of Apple users these days.

Do you remember the name of this laser printer by Apple?

Apple created one of the first laser printers that were available to buy for home use. The price was kept down (kind of), and the print quality was of the highest standards of the time.

The Early '90s were an odd time for Apple. Do you recognize this product that was launched in 1992?

Unlike its predecessor (the Macintosh LC), the Macintosh LC II used a higher speed processor and boasted a whopping 4 MB of memory, and for 1992, this was no joke. It was priced at about $1,700 when it was released.

This standing tower unit was for a personal computer. What is its name?

The Quadra 700 boasted 4MB of memory. With its release in 1991, this was quite a bit of memory to work with. For a unit that was only about 5.5 x 11.9 x 14.4 inches, this was one of the best home computers of its time.

In 1993, this inkjet printer made an appearance. What is it called?

The StyleWriter was a serial inkjet printer that was marketed to consumers for home offices and personal projects. It was of a higher quality than dot matrix printers, and people found it attractive because it was less expensive than laser printers.

What was this laptop known as in 1994?

This series of laptops (at that time known as portable computers) was pretty heavy, but it gave people the opportunity to compute on the go. Instead of a mouse, it had a trackpad built into it.

Do you know what this monitor was named?

OK, the Multiple Scan 15 Display was quite a mouthful, but this was just the monitor, and it wasn't necessarily called by this name once it was purchased. Its maximum resolution was 1024 x 768.

Here is an image of one of Apple's first attempts at the all-in-one design. What is this?

Before the sleek design of the iMac was introduced in 1998, the Power Macintosh 550 (also known as Phoenix) was brought to market as an all-in-one computer that was easy for people to assemble.

Do you know which generation this iPod is?

Apple has made a name for itself with the iPod (and pretty much anything in the "i" series). The iPod paved the way for some of the most innovative technological gadgets of our time, including the iPhone.

What is the name of this odd device?

The iMac G4 had one very important thing going for it: it looked very unique. While this was another installment of the all-in-one computer series, it basically looked like an iPod on a futuristic dock. However, you could get a 20-inch screen for it.

Massive standing towers were all the rage in the early to mid-2000s. What did Apple call this beast?

Coming in at around $2,000, this beast was marketed as a personal computer from 2003 to 2006. Its interesting design made it look easy to steal, but its weight deterred robbers (for the most part).

Can you name this iPod with a color screen?

Released in 2004, the iPod photo had a 220 x 176 pixel screen that could display a whopping 65,536 colors, making it perfect for image storage and pretty much everything for which you might use an iPod.

Do you recognize this small unit?

There was nothing mini about this unit. It had a CD/DVD drive, up to 64 GB of memory and a graphics card. If you wanted a monitor (display), keyboard, or any other accessories, they were sold separately.

Can you name this server?

The Apple Xserve was released in 2002, and it was a rack style server to help large tech companies process and store information. Sales of this product continued from 2002 to 2004.

Which generation is this iPhone?

People might remember where they were when they heard about the iPhone for the first time. Many people thought it was too much. Others drooled and got in line months before the device was even released.

What is the name of this very lightweight device?

Anyone who ever watch television remembers the commercials for the MacBook Air laptops. They showed that this device was powerful, but could also fit in a manilla envelope, which was shockingly cool.

This 4th generation iPhone could store up to 64 GB. What is it?

Apple likes to give updates for phones quite often, and when these updates occur, it overloads the older phones. That is why Apple likes to release new iPhones every couple of years and different versions of those phones. It makes these consumable products.

Do you remember what this product gave you?

In 2007, we were obsessed with the fact that TiVos allowed us to skip commercials, but then Apple came out with Apple TV, which is basically a Roku, but for Apple apps, various streaming and digital content.

Can you guess which kind of iPad this is?

There are many different kinds of iPads, and they come in different sizes (but always the same shape). Apple iPad Minis are products that allow people to have all of the fun of an iPad and iPod but in a medium size.

Which thin iPad was released in 2014?

What happens when you marry a MacBook Air with an iPad? You get the iPad Air series. The image you see is the second generation of these incredibly thin devices that can still process faster than most of their competitors.

It's more than a stylus, it's ________.

This stylus knew more than the average sylus. It could detect different pressures and angles, just like a real pencil might. However, this pencil never needed to be sharpened, which attracted artists.

What is this device called?

If you can't miss a beat, you need to see your text messages on your wrist without having to ever pull your phone out. The Apple Watch gives you real time notifications, and makes you more anxious to pull up your phone and write a response.

Can you name this speaker that was made by Apple?

Apple's release of this smart speaker came in 2018 after the Echo by Amazon made a huge splash. While many have tried to master voice commands, Apple did it's best to keep up with the times.

Do you know what these wireless earbuds are called?

While many might say that a wireless earbud is the worst idea ever (you know, because they will get lost immediately), Apple released these in 2016, and the second generation was recently released.

Do you know what generation this iPod touch is?

Released in May of 2019, the 7th generation iPod touch cannot be connected to cellular networks or use any data, which is pretty much the only thing that separates it from iPhones that look very similar.

What is the name of this mouse?

The Magic Mouse functions like any other laser mouse, but it looks so much cooler. While it doesn't appear to have any buttons, it still has the left and right click capability that any other mouse has.

Apple has a few items that are "magical." Can you name this one?

The Magic Trackpad by Apple offers many of the same things that the trackpad attached to MacBooks offers, except it's way bigger. It is basically a mouse that you control with the tips of your fingers rather than your entire hand.

Can you name this mouse made by Apple?

The Apple Mighty Mouse originally came in a wired format that was released in 2005. In 2006, Apple released a wireless version that offered users the ability to use their mouse without any strings attached (or wires, anyway). It was connected through a wireless USB and communicated with the computer as such.

Do you recognize this device by Apple?

The Apple Airbort Express is a router that can give you a secure internet connection wherever you may stay. This is great for those who travel often. However, it does have a lot of functions for home offices, including music sharing.

What kind of Apple display is this?

The Apple Thunderbolt Display has a 27-inch screen for optimal usage. It was first released in 2011, but the monitor was discontinued in 2016. It gave consumers the opportunity to upgrade when purchasing their desktop units.

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