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Do you know the difference between a tractor and a plow or a shovel and a spade? Put on your best farming gloves and let's find out! According to the USDA, there are a whopping 3.2 million farmers in the United States. What's more, agricultural exports were valued at $140 billion—yes, billion—just last year. Whether it's because they're enjoying the freshest milk or just love being in the field, these farmers are dedicated to their work and the communities they help. But running a farm isn't for the faint at heart! Waking up at the crack of dawn and putting your blood, sweat and tears into your job requires a lot of time and hard work. So if you're looking to know if you're ready for a career on a ranch, you've come to the right place. 

This quiz is the perfect opportunity to discover whether you have the basic skills and knowledge needed to be a farming pro. Test yourself on different farming concepts, animals, tools and tricks. Before you know it, you might be planting your next corn crop and feeding your cattle. We hope you enjoy this quiz as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Which bearded and horned farm animal provides milk and is closely related to the sheep family?

With numerous breeds all over the world, the Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that there were 924 million goats in 2011. They are so beloved that some people even keep them as pets.


Need a cold refreshment? Which part of the cow do farmers squeeze to secrete milk?

The udder is made up of four mammary glands, and milk is drained from each gland's teat, the long part that farmers squeeze. Per day, the average American consumes less than two cups of dairy.


Time to wake up! Tell us the animal that's known to crow at the crack of dawn.

Roosters come from similar families as the other options, but they're famous for their iconic "cock-a-doodle-doo" noise. Many farmers probably use that crow as their alarm clock!


Good crops depend on excellent fertilizer. Can you name the machine used to distribute it throughout your fields?

Fertilizer spreaders are a handy-dandy tool for—you guessed it—spreading your fertilizer. Good crops depend on excellent fertilizer so these spreaders are an indispensable tool in your farming machinery.


Tell us the name of the farm building where families usually live.

The farmhouse is the hub of any farm—where families live, eat and return to after a long day in the field. Farmhouses are often closer to the road than other buildings and are typically located near the barn.


Which cool farming gadget is used prior to putting up posts?

Post hole diggers are used to dig holes—who would've known? Whether you're digging yourself into a hole either literally or metaphorically, any farmer would find these helpful.


Which term refers to a group of cows?

The word "cattle" denotes a group of cows, regardless of their gender. "Cow" is often used to describe the female of the species, while other words, such as "ox" or "bull," refer to male variations.


Your neighbor, who only raises sheep, is also known as a ...

Shepherds exclusively raise and rear sheep. Considered to be one of the oldest occupations, shepherding is still practiced all over the world and is enjoyed by many despite sometimes being strenuous.


Which farm animal is also a member of the horse family?

Donkeys, just like horses, are part of a group of mammals that have an odd number of toes. While not as useful for food production as other animals, they are known to guard sheep and are loving pets.


Tell us the name of the important farm building used to store grains.

While sometimes horizontal and small, silos are among the most distinctive farm buildings because they're often so tall, catching the attention of passersby. They are generally made out of metal, cement or steel, though synthetic variations exist.


Which machinery do farmers use to plant seeds?

Seeders are incredibly helpful for seed planting, and some are even used to spread salt. Occasionally found in residential areas, some seeders can also distribute fertilizer for a double whammy.


What's the term used to describe the cultivated plants that are a classic farming staple?

Next to livestock, crops are often the most essential part of any farm. By some estimates, approximately three-quarters of the world's food supply derives from only twelve crop types and five livestock species.


Get the right serving of dairy each day! Dairy farms are known for the cultivation of ...

With approximately 85% of the world's milk sourced from cows, it's no surprise that dairy farms are home to a lot of "mooooos." The average cow produces six to seven gallons of milk each day, so now we know why milk is so prevalent.


Tell us the name of the humpless animal that's also a member of the camel family.

Llamas are a member of the camel family but don't have a hump. While originating in the South American Andes, they are now domesticated worldwide after being imported to the United States in the late 1800s.


Which iconic farming machinery is used to haul other equipment?

Tractors are among the farming world's most well-known equipment and for good reason. They're also great for other tasks, including planting, plowing and clearing land and debris.


Chickens are everyone's best friend ... after dogs. Let us know the body part that chickens use to peck at their surroundings.

Beaks are one of the most distinctive chicken features. If your chickens are free to roam around outside, it is unlikely you will need to trim their beaks because the chickens are already doing it themselves on small rocks!


Time to harvest your crops! Which farming machinery are you using?

Combines allow for crop harvesting through three key steps: reaping, which involves gathering the harvest; threshing, where farmers loosen the crops' grains from their straws and husks; and winnowing, where farmers separate the grains from their casings.


Let us know the machinery you would use to collect hay, straw or corn stalks.

Balers usually come in two sizes, round and square. They're essential for turning raked crop into bales that are used to feed livestock. Just make sure to pack your allergy medication with you the next time you ride one!


Your animals want to eat. Which farming space are you using to help them chow down?

Coming in a variety of styles and sizes, feed bunks are known to increase farming efficiency by helping to feed animals in one designated area. Remember to buy one when you're ready to be a farming expert!


You need to break up soil in bulk! Which piece of farming equipment are you going to use?

A plow is probably one of the first things that came to mind when you thought about a farm. Plows are useful for not only breaking up large clumps of soil, but also for controlling weeds and helping to bury crops.


Your animals are getting a bit rowdy. What's the name of the farming enclosure used to contain them?

Sometimes known as a pigsty or sty, hog pens are used to help farmers manage their pig breeds. These pens also help with soil distribution because pigs are known to dig for food in the enclosure.


Everyone loves good flavor and seasonings. What's the herb that derives from the mentha crop and is known for its unique smell?

Mint, known for its pungent freshness and highly distinct smell, is sometimes used as a natural medicine. Washington is the largest mint-producing area in the world for spearmint and peppermint.


Let us know the name of the popular game bird that has a large, fan-shaped tail.

A common Thanksgiving staple, turkeys are a popular farm occupant. By some estimates, 22 and 46 million pounds of turkey are eaten on Christmas and Thanksgiving each year, respectively.


Which sharp and chiseled tool do farmers use to break hardened clay?

Unlike normal axes, pickaxes have their heads attached perpendicular to the handle. With two unique heads, a pickaxe is versatile and therefore perfect for landscaping purposes. Just watch where you swing it!


Which part of the horse is used for standing and can support horses' weight, absorb stepping shocks and give traction?

Horse hooves are actually made out of a protein known as keratin, which is exactly the material for human nails. Summertime is a difficult season for hooves because the abundance of flies makes horses stomp their feet much more.


With India and China responsible for 50% of its growth and consumption, which crop is one of the most popular in the world?

Rice is among the most produced crops in the world, which explains why it's so popular. About 480 million metric tons of milled rice is produced every year. The Great Wall of China is actually held together by sticky rice.


Some crop pests are actually useful because they consume predators. Which of the following is a friendly crop pest?

Lady beetles are known to eat various harmful crop pests, including scale insects, mites and aphids among others. Not only do they look great, they are incredibly useful. Style and substance!


Tell us which one isn't a type of pesticide.

Pesticides come in many forms to deter specific pests. Potatocides are not a type of pesticide because potatoes don't pose a threat to other crops, while some insects, fungi and herbs can ruin whole batches.


Farmers who move around frequently to find new places to cultivate are known as what type of farmer?

Unlike sedentary farmers who stay put in one area, nomadic farmers are often on the move in search of new cultivation. The climate, overuse of fertile land, and political pressure are among the reasons why farmers are nomadic.


You need to loosen your soil before planting! Which equipment are you grabbing?

A manual rototiller is a powered garden tool that uses your entire body strength rather than your back's muscle power, saving you a lot of pain. During the growing season, it helps ensure proper circulation in pathways and nonplanted areas.


What's another term for "fish farming"?

Aquaculture, also known as aquafarming, is a globally popular type of harvesting that involves raising fish in large tanks. Both saltwater and freshwater fish species are cultivated.


Craving an omelette? Which building do farmers enter to collect eggs?

Broiling houses, sometimes referred to as chicken coops, offer space for hens and chickens to lay their eggs and nest. These broiling houses are sometimes also used for rabbits.


What are subsistence farmers known for?

Subsistence farmers don't usually make a profit from their farming. They produce just enough to feed their families. Increasingly popular among rural populations, subsistence farming is ideally meant to produce food year-round.


Yikes! What's the name of the tiny arthropods known to invade crops?

Mites come in different shapes and are known to munch on and defile crops. Thankfully, farmers have multiple means at their disposal to make sure these creepy-crawlies stay off their crops, including pesticides and natural deterrents.


Which popular farm bean is grown twice as abundantly than other beans in the United States?

Pinto beans are native to Mexico but accounted for 32% of the top five beans that were produced in the U.S. in 2015. They can be eaten as a green snap bean if harvested early, but otherwise require between 90 and 150 days to fully mature.


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