Can You Name All of These Gameboy Color Games?

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Gaming is a massive business! What started out as a pursuit down at your local arcade soon became a pastime that your friends and yourself could play at home. Yes, the moment gaming came into our homes, the lives of kids around the world changed. And maybe you were one of them. But the home console had its problems. Why? Well, unless you had two televisions, Dad was always wanting to watch the Giants take on the Packers, or Mom wanted to catch up with her soaps. Worst still, when they weren't around, older siblings just wanted to spend their time gawking at MTV. Gaming companies quickly solved that problem with the introduction of mobile gaming devices. These handheld consoles meant you could play anywhere. And of all the handheld gaming devices that were released over the years, Nintendo always seemed to be at the cutting edge. If we are honest, black and white eight-bit gaming was a little bit boring, so when the Gameboy Color came along, offering not only amazing graphics but multiplayer as well, kids around the world rejoiced!

Thinking back, what do you remember about those Gameboy Color games? Did you know that over 500 were released for this little handheld console? Let's test your memory then and see if you remember racing Michael Schumacher or helping Persian princes or what about controlling the most lovable Italian plumber ever... Ace this quiz and you probably have a Gameboy Color in your back pocket! So what are you waiting for? Time to Bust-A-Move!

It's all about rescuing a princess in this classic Gameboy Color platformer. What is it?

One of the greatest platform games ever released, Prince of Persia included combat, puzzles and plenty of running and jumping. The Gameboy Color version proved to be as popular as the original.

Cute and deadly, the aim of this game was to destroy the opposition using any means necessary. Can you tell us the game?

A much-loved franchise, Worms Armageddon was released on the Gameboy Color in 2000. It allowed for multiplayer but many critics panned the Gameboy Color version as a rush and different from the other versions. Still a great way to blow up friends, however!

Punch, duck and weave. Name the classic Gameboy Color title featured in this image.

Boxing games have always proved popular on any platform, and in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, the Gameboy Color had its own pugilist title. Much of the success of this title was the fact that it was filled with brilliant characters and tough opponents. It was released in 1999.

One of Nintendo's greatest characters features in this game. Do you know what it is?

Strangely enough, Donkey Kong Country was released in Europe before Japan on the Gameboy Color. It is based on the original game from 1994 for the SNES system. The Gameboy Color version included a brand new stage and another stage which was lengthened from the original. Most agree that Donkey Kong Country is a Nintendo classic.

Identify this game that features a lovable alien, please.

The original E.T. game, released to coincide with the movie in the early 1980s and available on the Atari System, bombed so badly that millions of copies were dumped. E.T. Escape from Planet Earth was a Gameboy Color exclusive first seen in 2001 and let players play either Elliot or E.T. It fared far better!

The game in this image is _________?

Racing games are cross-platform games, and Formula One racing found its way onto the Gameboy Color in the form of F1 Racing Championship. It was only released in Europe in 2000 and included official teams from that period as well as racing tracks. It wasn’t that well received, with many calling it sloppy.

Can you identify this arcade classic that made its way onto the Gameboy Color?

Frogger is an arcade classic that made its way onto the Gameboy Color in 1998. The original game dates back to 1981 and sees players having to get from the bottom to the top of the screen passing traffic and other hazards.

Not based on a movie but an animated TV series (which is based on the movie), can you name this Gameboy Color game?

Not based on the movie but the animated TV series of the same name, Men in Black was first seen in Europe and the USA on the Gameboy Color in 1998. Essentially a shooter platformer, it was not very well received.

Any idea as to the name of this action scroller based on World War II?

The original Wings of Fury was released in 1987 on the Apple II. Many other platforms followed, including the Gameboy Color nearly 12 years later. This was scrolling shooter with a World War II aviation theme.

Name this tactical squad shooter, please.

Now a massive franchise, the first Rainbow Six game was released on PC in 1998. Many other consoles followed, with the Gameboy Color version coming out in 2000. Rainbow Six is a squad-based tactical shooter.

Pikachu! You know the title to the game shown in this image, right?

What would Nintendo be without Pokemon? And the Gameboy Color is no different, with tons of Pokemon games available over the years. One of them, the Pokemon Trading Card Game was released in 1998 in Japan but only 2000 in Europe and the United States. This was a simulation of the Pokemon tabletop trading card game.

Tell us the name of this game, please.

Released in 2000, Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter says exactly what it does on the box! Yes, essentially this is a hunting game which has proved popular over the years.

Any ideas as to what this co-op classic that made its way to Gameboy Color is called?

A coin-op classic, Asteroids has been ported to just about every gaming system in the world. The Gameboy Color received its version in 1999 and space rocks have been shot to pieces ever since!

A favorite with many, can you name this arcade platform shooter pictured here?

Another multiple platform game, Duke Nukem saw the light of day on the Gameboy Color in 1999. Although it was entitled Duke Nukem, it was essentially the second version of the game released on PC. A number of changes were made in terms of enemies and weapons and by the fact that Duke could now hang onto edges.

The game that started a very successful franchise. What is it?

The original Grand Theft Auto was a top view-down game which was made for multiple platforms. Released in 1998, the Gameboy Color version was censored but still was an incredible achievement due to the sheer size of the original game.

This EA Sports series eventually evolved into Fight Night. What is it?

Another superb boxing game, Knockout Kings was a cross-platform hit. There were a number of games in the series, with the 1999 version for the Gameboy color one of the first. Produced by EA Sports, the Knockout Kings franchise included real-life boxers and eventually morphed into Fight Night.

Can you name this game, based on a 1998 Hollywood blockbuster?

Another movie adaptation, the Mask of Zorro was based on the film from 1998. It followed the storyline of the film but sadly, wasn’t very good with many critics giving it reviews below 50%. What is it with movie-based games and their failures?

This one is a breeze! What Gameboy Color game is shown here?

After the success of the ‘80s movie, many Robocop games have seen the light of day. In 1999, the rights to the game were acquired by Titus Software, which released a Gameboy Color version based on the 1988 original.

You probably won't have to worry about the Red Baron in this game, but Woodstock will be there. Can you name it?

Snoopy Tennis, released only on the Gameboy Color in 2001, was a massive hit, with scores consistently close to 80% and above. And what’s not to love about a tennis game with Peanuts characters!

______ is the name of the Gameboy Color game featured in this image.

Before the UFC was the coolest combat sport in the world, it was slightly less popular than it is today. It still, however, had a game franchise which started with Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC had four different game modes on offer including a head-to-head mode against friends.

The Gameboy Color game shown in this image is which of these options below?

Portal Runner was a popular platformer released on the Gameboy Color in 2001. It included characters from the Army Man series.

Based on a classic Chinese board game, can you tell us the Gameboy Color game featured in this image?

A game even your parents would love, Shanghai is a long-running name in gaming, first released in 1986. A Gameboy Color version was available soon after the system was released. And what is it? Well, most of us call it Mahjong and it is a tile-based game where you need to match tile pieces.

Although this game was not that well received, it is part of a long-running franchise found across many platforms. What is it?

Another long-standing franchise, Test Drive games have been published from the early 1980s. Test Drive 6 was released on multiple platforms, with the Gameboy Color version coming out in 2000. It was not well received, with a score on only 5 out 10 from IGN.

Another Hollywood blockbuster-based game. Can you name it?

Movie-based games never really do well do they? And this was no different. The Gameboy Color version only received a review score of 65%. That's certainly too low for any game to go on to be a blockbuster.

Another long-running gaming franchise, this Gameboy Color version saw players having to beat many bosses across different zones. What is it?

First released in 1998 in Japan, Bomberman Quest is just one in a long line of Bomberman games. Set as an action adventure, Bomberman is tasked with exploring areas such as Forest Zone, beating a host of bosses along the way.

The Gameboy Color game added a modern cartoon character to a classic old arcade game. Do you know what it is called?

Based on the Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon, Robot Rampage uses similar gameplay to the coin-op classic, Elevator Action. Characters, however, are from Dexter’s Laboratory. It was first released in 2000. Available only on the Gameboy Color, it generally was well received.

Can you name this Gameboy Color game which forms part of an absolutely incredible Ninentdo franchise?

What is a Nintendo system without Legend of Zelda? Link’s Awakening was the first game available in the Zelda series on the Gameboy Color and was released in 1998. This was an updated version of the original Gameboy classic from 1993. And it was a hit, just like the original.

This sports franchise is still running today. Can you name it?

The Madden football franchise is legendary, and back in in 2000, the Gameboy Color saw its first installment. However, it received far better reviews on other systems than it did on the Gameboy Color.

OK, this one was a little weird but actually a big hit in Japan. Name the Gameboy Color game shown here.

This one is a bit weird. In order to save your father and sibling, you have to train a monkey to box in organized bouts. Yes, that’s Monkey Puncher! A little strange but certainly different. Essentially, Monkey Puncher is a strategy game where the player has to decide on the best course of action in terms of training, feeding, etc. to let their monkey win fights.

The Gameboy Color game shown here is _______?

Another racing game, Xtreme Wheels features motorbikes. It has gameplay similar to the classic arcade game, Excitebike. There are three game modes including a timed challenge which proved popular.

In this game, you going to get some "air" that is for sure. Can you name it?

Tony Hawk’s skating games are legendary. And the Gameboy Color had Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 for those who loved the franchise. This, however, was an adaptation of the game based on the limitations of the device.

This game features one of the greatest and most recognizable gaming characters ever. What is it called?

Talk of Nintendo, no matter what the platform and there will be a Super Mario Bros game. This version, released in 1999, was based on the original game but brought in challenges and multiplayer.

One of the greatest sportsmen of all times lends his name to this game. Can you identify it?

EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 was released for numerous game systems including the Gameboy Color. It was a stripped-down version when compared with others, however. This was due to the limitations of the device.

Identify this game known as Gekitō Power Modeler in Japan.

A role-playing and fighting game combined, Power Quest sees the player take control of a character that then fights with radio-controlled robots against other robots. It’s a fairly interesting concept with the game idea originating in Japan.

A hit across all gaming consoles, the Gameboy Color version saw much content removed. What game are we talking about?

A hit on pretty much every system it was released on, Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus is a beautiful platformer filled with challenging gameplay, brilliant level design and enduring characters. On the Gameboy Color, it was known as Oddworld Adventures. Sadly, many levels were removed from the original game.

Power-ups are crucial in this game if you want to beat your friends! What is it?

What’s not to love about a racing game featuring Looney Tunes characters? Looney Tunes racing was released in North America in 2000 on both the PlayStation and Gameboy Color. As with other similar arcade racing games, power-ups can be the difference between winning and losing. A great game to play with friends!

Platform games don't get tougher than this! What game is shown in this image?

The original Lion King was known as one of the toughest platformers ever released. This version, released on both Gameboy Color and Playstation, was far truer to the actual Disney movie. It was just as hard as the original, though.

This Gameboy Color game features two characters from MAD Magazine. Can you name it?

Mad magazine characters, Spy v Spy made their way to a number of gaming systems from 1984 onward. The Gameboy Color version was released in 1999. Interestingly, this was a split screen game for two players, which was pretty unique at the time.

Name this racing game that features a classic American format.

Who doesn’t like a good racing game? And when it’s NASCAR based, all the better, right? NASCAR 2000 was released in 2000 on the Gameboy Color, the last system to see it. It generally received favorable review scores.

Another classic arcade game ported to the Gameboy Color. Name it, please.

1942 was first released as a coin-operated arcade game in 1987. A Gameboy Color version saw the light of day in 2000 but only just scored over 50% in many reviews, with Gamespot calling the visuals "bland" and the sound "lackluster".

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