Quiz: Can You Name All of These Kids’ Toys From the ’70s?
Can You Name All of These Kids’ Toys From the ’70s?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Analog Toys via Youtube

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While their parents were discussing the Watergate scandal, crying over the death of the King and boogieing it up in disco clubs, '70s kids were hard at play, enjoying some of the unforgettable toys of the decade. It was a time when action figures ruled, artists could unleash their skills on the Magna Doodle or Lite-Brite, future chefs could pop out a cake heated via a light bulb, and the key to uncovering the future of the far-off '80s was only a Magic-8 ball away.

A few decades later, those '70s kids are adults, and many are willing to spend big bucks to recapture a piece of their childhoods in the form of a once-loved toy that has long since been lost or broken. That's why '70s faves like Six-Million Dollar Man Action Figures or the Evel Knievel Stunt Bike are being auctioned off on eBay for hundreds of dollars. It's why the cast of "Pawn Stars" spent a whopping $500 for just the head of a '70s Stretch Serpent—pal to the famous Stretch Armstrong. And it's why former kids of the '70s with rare "Star Wars" figures from childhood that are buried in boxes in the garage—think Luke Skywalker toys with double-telescoping light-saber—can auction off these classics in exchange for enough money for a new car.

Think you can ID the greatest toys of the decade? Prove it with this quiz!

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