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MRE's are rations and pouches of food that keep active military personnel full and energized for the day ahead. This acronym also spells out "Meal, Ready to Eat" because they don't need to be cooked. For most MRE's, all you need to do is add water and mix it for a proper meal.

Aside from MRE's, there are also FSR's, MCI's and RCW's. RCW's stand for "Ration, Cold Weather" and are used during freezing and harsh climates. MCI's stand for "Meal, Combat, Individual" and comes in C-2, C-3 and C-4 rations. "First Strike Rations," or FSR's are used during combat to provide soldiers with a quick burst of energy.

Let's take a look at one of these MRE's. Turkey nuggets are kind of like chicken nuggets, except they are made with turkey. These small and bite-sized foods also have a lot of protein in them and are low in calories.

In this quiz, we're testing your knowledge on everything about MRE's. You'll have a chance to guess the names of popular MRE's, as well as what's in them, types of flavors and more! If you think you have what it takes to ace this quiz, we encourage you to test your knowledge now!

This type of MRE entree contains kidney beans and peppers. Can you name it?

Chili with beans contains beef crumbles, kidney beans, peppers and a variety of spices for a rich and hearty lunch or dinner entree. Soldiers would also pair these MRE entrees with a side of corn bread and cheddar cheese spread.


Many MRE entrees and snacks contains trans fat, but one of these MRE's has no trans fat. Can you spot it?

Cheddar cheese spread does not have trans fat it in, unlike its MRE counterparts in this list. Other MRE's that don't have trans fat includes the First Strike bar and a multigrain snack bread. Cheddar cheese spread was also used to spread over snack breads and crackers for a quick meal.


If a soldier wanted to replicate the taste of hot chocolate, which of these MRE's would he or she use?

The fortified cocoa beverage powder could be mixed with water to replicate a hot chocolate taste. This was commonly consumed as an after-drink, or for breakfast (alongside MRE scrambled eggs and bread).


This MRE entree was commonly paired with tortillas and chips for a hearty meal. Can you name it?

When soldiers wanted to replicate beef tacos for lunch or dinner, he or she would often fill tortillas with MRE beef taco filling. This pouch contains seasoned beef crumbles, spices and sugar. Soldiers would also consume these tacos alongside First Strike bars and Ranger bars as well.


This type of MRE pasta entree has beef and cheese in it. Do you know what it is?

MRE beef ravioli is commonly consumed as a rich dinner entree that pairs well with a fortified beverage drink and a multigrain snack bread. Beef and cheese are also inside every piece of ravioli.


This MRE entree contains pork, sugar and corn syrup and is often eaten for breakfast. Can you name it?

The MRE maple pork sausage patty was often consumed as a breakfast entree, while the other options were consumed as lunch or dinner entrees. Soldiers would also pair this sweet MRE entree with a bread roll, a coffee beverage mix or dried fruits.


Which of the following is not a flavor of First Strike energy bars?

"Strawberry" is not a flavor of First Strike energy bars. Other flavors include chocolate and cran-raspberry. Soldiers would often consume these energy bars as a midday snack, or as a light breakfast entree (alongside a fruit-flavored beverage powder as well).


These spicy MRE nuts were consumed by soldiers for a quick midday snack. Can you name it?

Jalapeno cashews have a spicy kick and a crunchy texture, and are perfect as a midday snack for soldiers. Other types of "quick snacks" include cookies, Ranger bars and First Strike bars.


Which of these MRE's comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors?

MRE pudding powder comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors and was often mixed with water to replicate that creamy and smooth texture. This was also consumed as a dessert and was made with some vitamins like calcium and vitamin D.


Soldiers often enjoyed MRE cookies as a quick dessert, but which of the following was not a typical MRE cookie flavor?

MRE cookies come in a wide variety of flavors, including oatmeal chocolate chunk and chocolate chip, but raspberry is not one of them. There are also sugar cookies as well, which pairs well with a French vanilla cappuccino drink mix.


Which of these MRE entrees contains lemon juice, basil and turmeric?

Chicken pesto pasta was a hearty MRE entree that soldiers enjoyed with a side of crackers, corn bread or a Ranger Bar. This MRE entree also contains a beef base and tomato paste.


Which of these MRE foods has a salty flavor and is best served for breakfast?

Military personnel are able to enjoy bacon for breakfast, which is salty and crispy in nature. Bacon was also best paired with a scrambled egg LRP or a snack bread with fruit-flavored jam.


This MRE entree contains diced beef, modified corn starch and water. Can you name it?

Beef stew was a hearty MRE entree that was consumed by many soldiers for a filling meal. It also pairs well with a white or wheat snack bread, as well as mashed potatoes. In addition to diced beef, modified corn starch and water, MRE beef stew also contains soybean oil, garlic powder and soy milk.


Soldiers could drizzle some MRE hot sauce on meals for a spicy kick. Which of the following is not an MRE hot sauce flavor?

Green pepper, Buffalo and chili lime are all examples of MRE hot sauce flavors. These particular hot sauces were commonly added to MRE tuna, beef brisket and beef chili entrees.


Which of the following MRE entrees has oyster sauce in it?

Asian-style beef strips pack lot of flavor from the bamboo shoots, green peppers, oyster sauce and water chestnuts. This type of MRE entree was also commonly consumed with fried rice and a fortified beverage drink for a hearty meal.


Many MRE's were suitable for vegetarians, but which of these MRE's was NOT vegetarian?

The Mexican rice and chicken LRP could not be consumed by vegetarians because it has chicken in it. "LRP" stands for "Long Range Patrol Rations" and were great for cold-weather climates. These are also known as "Military Overrun Pouches."


LRP's, or Long Range Patrol Rations, were freeze-dried MRE's that needed to be mixed with ________ first.

To enjoy an LRP, all you have to do is mix it with water and let it rest for a few minutes so it becomes an edible meal. Examples of LRP's includes Mexican-style rice and chicken, Oriental spicy chicken with veggies and scrambled eggs with bacon.


Which of the following is NOT an MRE turnover flavor?

Cherry, blueberry and apples turnovers are common in the MRE dessert menu, but not pear. These also look similar to Pop Tarts. Soldiers would often consume fruit-flavored turnovers after their lunch or dinner entrees as a sweet snack.


Soldiers typically flavored their meals with dried pizza toppings. Which of the following is a flavor of these dried pizza toppings?

A wide variety of "pizza toppings" were used to flavor many types of MRE dishes, including mashed potatoes, chili and beef brisket. There are also parmesan and crushed red pepper flavors as well for a spicy kick.


MRE beverage powders came in a lot of flavors, but which of the following was NOT a typical flavor?

You won't find any cherry-flavored MRE beverage powders. Other flavors include grape and tropical punch, which are best served as a drink mix for lunch and dinner MRE entrees (like southwest beef or lemon pepper tuna).


This type of MRE was commonly consumed as a side dish and was mixed with a cheddar cheese sauce. Can you name it?

Potatoes au gratin was commonly consumed as an MRE side dish, alongside hearty entrees like chili and shredded beef. This MRE also includes cheddar cheese sauce and slices of potatoes.


This type of MRE drink was popular with soldiers for its rich coffee flavor. Can you name it?

As the name implies, a mocha cappuccino drink mix contains flavors of both mocha and cappuccino, which are types of coffee. The rest of the answers in the list have no coffee flavors to them. The mocha cappuccino drink mix was also used to give soldiers a quick burst of energy for a long training day or for a day in the field.


Hash brown potatoes are a common MRE side dish that comes mixed with bacon, peppers and _________.

Hash brown potatoes are flavored with onions, peppers and bacon, and are typically crispy on the outside. This type of MRE side dish was commonly consumed as a breakfast item alongside a piece of MRE snack bread with flavored jam.


Which of these fish were commonly served in MRE rations?

Tuna is a common type of fish that is served in MRE rations, because it already comes cooked. Some tuna rations are also already seasoned with lemon pepper. This was eaten as a hearty entree for soldiers, which pairs well with MRE crackers and hot sauce.


If you are consuming sour fruit disks, what type of MRE are you eating?

Sour fruit disks are a type of MRE candy that is both sweet and sour in nature. Other MRE candies include berry candies and chocolate disks. These were often eaten as desserts for soldiers, sometimes along with dried fruits as well.


___________ and milk are in a breakfast-based MRE granola.

MRE granolas typically come with milk and blueberries for a creamy texture and fruit flavor. These are also typically eaten for breakfast with a carbohydrate beverage for a quick burst of energy.


Can you name this MRE that is made with egg noodles and a cream sauce?

Spinach fettuccine is a popular MRE food because of its rich and creamy texture. This MRE is also made with egg noodles, mushrooms and spinach.


The "Vegetable crumbles with pasta" MRE is served with which of these savory sauces?

The taco-style sauce is a rich and flavorful sauce that is served over pasta with vegetable crumbles. Soldiers also consume this meal with a side of corn bread or a hearty wheat snack bread.


Which of the following is not an MRE pound cake flavor?

There are many types of pound cake flavors, but cinnamon is not one of them. Other pound cake flavors include vanilla and applesauce, which is commonly consumed with MRE vanilla pudding.


The MRE entree "rice and beans" are typically served...?

MRE "rice and beans" are typically served Santa Fe-style, which includes many types of savory seasonings. Some of these includes garlic powder, chili powder and chiles. Santa-Fe style rice and beans are also commonly consumed with a carbohydrate fortified beverage.


What type of sauce does the MRE entree of "shredded beef" come with?

BBQ shredded beef is not only popular in the South, but in MRE rations as well. This type of MRE also pairs well with mashed potatoes, snack breads and crackers.


MRE jam flavors includes grape, strawberry, blackberry and ______.

The correct answer is apple. MRE jams are used to spread on top of wheat or white snack breads, and includes apple, blackberry, strawberry and grape flavors.


Can you name this dessert MRE, which tastes similar to apple pie?

Spiced apples are named for the filling of an apple pie, which is served in an MRE ration pouch. These MRE desserts may also be consumed with flavored pound cakes and cookies.


Which of these MRE side dishes comes in a rich garlic flavor?

MRE mashed potatoes typically comes in a rich garlic flavor, which pairs well with meaty main courses. Many soldiers eat these mashed potatoes with entrees like beef chili and shredded BBQ beef.


The "southwest style beef" MRE entree comes with...?

Known for its savory flavors, the southwest style beef entree comes with black beans in a rich sauce. There are also bits of corn and red peppers in every pouch. This type of entree also pairs well with other MRE side dishes like corn bread and mashed potatoes.


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