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Did you know that the very first prototypes of the vending machine didn't dispense food items, but other things? In particular, the early incarnations of this wonderful automated machine are said to have dispensed tobacco, while the earliest kind of the more modern type of vending machine actually dispensed postcards. Imagine that!

These days, vending machines can actually dispense about anything out there, depending on what part of the world you are. Since tobacco was an early supplier, it's but natural that we find cigarettes being dispensed in vending machines today, too, and we can see these kind of machines worldwide. There are also some machines that dispense health items, even contraceptives such as condoms. So safe sex is within reach already these days. Imagine that!

But of course, the most popular kind of vending machine is still the one that dispenses food and drinks. That category alone could produce hundreds, if not thousands, of vending machine varieties. There are machines that pack the usual dried and wrapped snacks, and there are those that sell fresh kinds of food as well. Beverages of all sorts can also be accessed this way, and one could go crazy just trying out all of these snack items readily available through these machines.

So, do you think you can identify these common goodies found inside such machines? It's easy! Open the quiz and let's roll! 

This is said to be the top vending machine drink, ever. Do you know which soda this is?

Coca-Cola, or Coke to most of us, is certainly the most favorite vending machine soda, hands down. Studies show that it has a nearly 50% share of the market in this area, so that’s really a huge number for competitors to chase!


Can you identify this crispy, crispy treat?

Cheetos has its fair share of finger-licking snacks found inside vending machines all over. Depending on your taste, just look for Cheetos Crunchy or the Flaming Hot kind if you’re more adventurous.


How about this energizer?

Energy drinks come in third in a ranking of the most popular kind of vending machine products, so it’s no surprise that people can get their Red Bull fix from a machine as well. It’s actually the most popular brand of energy drink you can get from a machine.


Can you identify this oven-baked goodness?

Ruffles has its fair share of vending machine snacks, but they also have varieties of the healthy and not-so-healthy kind. People swear by the Ruffles Oven Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream, which is considered as “healthy chips,” so try it!


How about this very classic potato chip?

When it comes to potato chips, you can always rely on Lay’s to deliver a good bag. If you like the traditional, get a bag of the Classic one or the Sour Cream and Onion kind. For the more adventurous, they also have Tomato and Basil, Sea Salt Thick Cut or the Dill Pickle flavor.


Can you name this poppin’ snack?

You might be familiar with Act II Butter Popcorn as that microwavable popcorn that comes in a box of several individually wrapped bags. But you can actually get one of those individually wrapped popcorn bags in a vending machine, ready for popping anytime and anywhere!


What about this rather healthy drink?

Vending machines have had their share of bad press because they seem to always carry unhealthy snacks. Snapple Diet Peach Tea addresses that issue, since it’s also available in vending machines as a healthier beverage option.


Can you identify this vending cookie?

When you’re craving good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies, trust that there will be a Famous Amos Double Chocolate Chip tucked inside a vending machine somewhere. This product is ever-present in many snack machines.


Which other famous soda can you get from a vending machine?

Cold beverages, including sodas like Pepsi, count as the fourth most popular kind of product sold in vending machines. Who could resist a cold can of Pepsi, especially on a hot day?


Just add water and you get this full midday meal. What is this item?

Instant noodle soup products have also made their mark inside vending machines, and college students swear by them whenever it’s time to rush a meal while rushing paperwork. The Maruchan Instant Lunch kind is among their favorites, and these products come in various flavors such as Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, and even California Vegetables.


It’s soda you can take, even if you’re not sick. What is it?

We all know that our favorite carbonated drinks were invented by scientifically-inclined people, and Dr. Pepper is one of them. Thanks to a pharmacist in Waco, Texas, we can now enjoy a can of this carbonated cold drink, available in any beverage-selling machine in the U.S.


It’s usually orange-flavored. What is this fruity drink?

Minute Maid is a line of juice products, but it’s more recognizable for the orange juice variant. And this variant is also available in vending machines, as well as the other juices from this brand like fruit punch, apple juice and even lemonade.


Their chocolate factory is in Pennsylvania. What’s this bar?

Perhaps many American kids’ earliest memory of buying a chocolate bar from a vending machine involves a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar and some quarters or dimes. This classic product is still being widely sold worldwide in machines and in stores, so many more kids are still enjoying it as we speak.


They once called this drink the “uncola.” What is it?

During the counterculture era of America, it was a smart PR thing to brand 7-Up as unlike any cola out there, and unlike the usual dark-colored carbonated drink, so they pitched it as the “uncola.” Anything “anti” during those years was considered a hit, so 7-Up hit the jackpot with that slogan back then.


Athletes want to drink this. What is it?

Gatorade is sold as a thirst-quencher that’s good for active people on the go. This is why you also see many athletes featured in their ads as spokespersons of the brand, such as Michael Jordan in the ‘90s, plus it’s also the official drink of many sporting leagues.


Which chocolate bar is this yummy vending treat?

It’s no secret that people flock to vending machines to get a quick energy fix from their favorite candy bars. And those who like Snickers bars are in luck, because many candy-carrying machines carry this brand all around.


These chips had Mexican origins. What are they?

Doritos traces its origins inside the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, particularly in a Mexican restaurant there that had to improvise using tortillas. Thus, the tortilla chip was born, and Doritos now come in many flavors like Jalapeño, Spicy Nacho and Cooler Ranch, available in many vending machines out there.


Snowboarders like this soda! What is it?

There are different kinds of sodas or soft drinks, and it’s interesting to know that Mountain Dew is classified as a citrus soft drink kind. PepsiCo manufactures this one, and its direct competitor is its longtime rival company Coca-Cola is named Mello Yello.


If you don’t have PB&J, you can get these in the vending machine instead. What is it?

The Hershey Company makes a lot of products that are within your reach, packed within vending machines distributed widely. And when it comes to peanut butter treats, it’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that still rakes in the most coins.


It’s a little gooey in the middle. What is it?

Pop Tarts can come in a huge box filled with 12 or so pastries, but they can also come in smaller packaging to suit vending machine specs. There are many flavors to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with blueberry, cherry, raspberry or strawberry.


It comes in rainbow colors. What is this candy?

If you’re craving some fruity flavors in your chewy candy, then grab a pack of colorful Skittles from a vending machine. You can have the original pack that’s red in color, or you can try the different varieties such as the Skittles Sour, Tropical, Wild Berry and the other ones as well.


Pop a bubble with this one. What is it?

If you’re not into so much candies or chocolates, then you might want to try some gum, which is also carried by many kinds of vending machines. The ever-present Wrigley’s Gum is there, and you can choose from their many variants like Juicy Fruit, Double Mint, Peppermint or Winterfresh.


It’s the top soda drink, but “lighter.” What is it?

The proliferation of “healthier” kinds of sodas or carbonated drinks also entered the vending machine market. So for those who are looking for their top soda pick but in lower-calorie form, go for Diet Coke in cans.


For those who want it brewed, they can also get this from a vending machine. What is it?

It’s no surprise that in a survey of the 10 most popular products found in vending machines, coffee tops the list of favorite beverages. That’s because it’s easier to have a vending machine with different types of freshly brewed coffee in there, or even iced coffee varieties, than plugging in a traditional coffee maker to brew a pot. Thank your office admin department for that!


It’s your fave spread in a vending spree! What is it?

If you’re craving some Nutella spread, Nutella & Go! is a quicker alternative if you’re outside and hungry already. This is actually a snack pack featuring everyone’s favorite spread, plus some pretzel sticks to dip and swirl in it – and bite!


Nature lovers might prefer this vending snack. What is it?

There has been a call to have more vending machines carry more healthy kinds of snacks, and the Welch’s brand addressed this need by making their Welch’s Fruit Snacks line available inside vending machines. Now, it’s easy to get one you like; choose from the usual Mixed Fruit kind, the Apple Orchard Medley, the Strawberry kind, the Island Fruits type or even the Berries ‘n Cherries kind.


When you’re just plain thirsty, this plain beverage would do! What is it?

While vending machines are attractive for the various flavored and sweetened beverages they sell, the very simple bottled water comes high in a list of favorite vending machine drinks to buy lately, simply because many people are realizing that they need to cut down on their sugar. So many brands of bottled water out there benefit from this trend, even if the existence of plastic bottles is something being debated about in environmental sectors today.


Baseball stadiums should carry this item in their vending machines. What is it?

Baby Ruth is one of the most popular candy bars out there that are available in many baseball stadium vending machines. Its association with legendary New York Yankees player Babe Ruth helps with that popularity.


They melt in your mouth, they say. What is it?

A pack of M&M’s will obviously be present in many vending machines nationwide, and internationally. The lovable small candy-coated chocolate candies come in their original milk chocolate kind, the peanut variety and also the peanut butter kind.


What do you call these individually wrapped candies that come in one long pack?

Chewy candy lovers automatically reach out for the taffy candy shaped like a box called Starburst Original in a vending machine. One long stick-like shaped packaging contains several of these fruit-flavored chewable candies.


It’s tough but also healthy. What is it?

Beef jerky is indeed a kind of healthy vending machine snack that many Americans love eating. Depending on one’s brand loyalty, they can get brands like Jack Link’s, All American Smoked Jerky and Trail’s Best, to name a few.


Have a break, have one of these vending choco treats. What is it?

The global food brand Nestlé is now the owner of the snack called KitKat. While it’s simply a chocolate-covered wafer, you can head to Japan to try their out-of-this-world KitKat flavors not readily available elsewhere. They have Matcha KitKat, Strawberry Cheesecake Kitkat, Tokyo Banana KitKat, Edamame KitKat, of course Wasabi KitKat and even a Sake KitKat!


This homey relative’s crumby products are found in many vending machines. What is it?

Grandma’s cookies come in many varieties, and they’re found in many snack machines. Take your pick from chocolate chip, peanut butter and even oatmeal raisin cookie.


When you want a turnover, this is what you turn to. What is it?

If you’re a fan of the pocket sandwich pastry called the turnover, then you canget Hot Pockets varieties available in many vending machines out there. Many flavors are available.


For simple snacking, open this simple snack. What is it?

Crackers are also an ever-present kind of vending machine snack, and many people still pick them for their simplicity and nutritional value as well – depending on the flavors, of course. You can get a pack of Keebler crackers, like the Cheese and Peanut Butter kind, or the Lance crackers, like the Whole Grain Cheese kind.


If you want a healthy snack bar, get this one. What is it?

Granola bars are recommended by nutritionists as healthy snacks, something that many vending machines don’t have. But for those who do, they usually carry the Nature Valley brand, like the Apple Crisp or Chewy Trail types.


Craving chewy caramel candy? Then get one box of this classic! What is it?

The original Milk Duds delighted American children when it first came out in the 1920. More than a century later, it’s still a chewy choice for many kids and kids at heart who love some caramels in their mouths.


What do you call this very tasty snack?

The very established brand of fig roll is called the Fig Newtons, and it’s available in many vending machines. Nabisco is the company that owns the trademark for this term.


For health nuts, a pack of this would be great. What is it?

Mountaineers, hunters and just about any outdoor-loving person out there pack some trail mix with them wherever their adventures take them. And if they run out, they can head to the nearest vending machine to get some packs, like Mr. Nature or Kar’s.


Sometimes they’re dried and packed, sometimes they’re freshly baked. What are they?

Pretzels come in various forms, but they can all be found inside different kinds of vending machines. The ones packaged like chips tend to be dried and smaller, such as the Snyder’s pretzel type, while there are vending machines that carry freshly baked pretzels, too.


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