Can You Name All of the 2019 Katy Perry Music Videos?

By: Jessinia Ruff
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Can You Name All of the 2019 Katy Perry Music Videos?
Image: UGM/Capitol Records

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Hinting to a new album, Katy Perry released three singles in 2019 with a new '70s look. Do you know all of her groovy tunes?
Harleys in Hawaii Can you name her newest single set to a tropical backdrop?
"Harleys in Hawaii"
"Harleys in Hawaii" was released in October 2019. On Instagram, Perry posted the video with the caption, "What do you get when you rent a motorcycle for a weekend with your boyfriend in Hawaii? A love song of course."
"Con Calma"
"California Girls"


Small Talk The puptastic pair star in the music video for which song?
"Last Friday Night"
"Chained to the Rhythm"
"Small Talk"
Katy Perry showcases her best friend, her pup Miss Nugget Perry, at The Mutt Ball. The '70s theme is over the top with several outfit changes, including dog outfits for Nugget and a dog suit for Perry.


Never Really Over Calling all heartbroken hippies, what song is this?
"Never Really Over"
This song "Never Really Over" is all about the hippie vibes and "raising your vibrations" as Perry puts it. Her heartbreak is tangible in this liberating music video, her first new single release of 2019.
"Wide Awake"
"Thinking of You"
"Hey Hey Hey"


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