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When it comes to an Australian vacation, you've probably written down all the sights you want to see, the beaches you want to hit and the walkabouts you have planned. However, those of you who have been to Australia know that their snacks are beyond superior to those of the United States (well, some of them anyway). 

If you're obsessed with snacks from around the world, you've probably had the chance to sample some of Australia's most common favorites. You probably even vowed to bring an empty suitcase on your next visit, just so you can fill it with these delicacies to enjoy when you get back home. Who could resist Iced VoVos and Tim Tams galore? How could anyone live without Mint Slices or Cherry Ripe? If you often ask yourself these questions, you just may be an Australian snack master who can spout off all of the ingredients in these down under delicacies. 

If you are in love with Australia and you think you know a thing or two about their snack selections, it's time to see how many you can name. Take this quiz to learn more about the snacks in Australia and (possibly) claim the title of Australian snack master. 

Can you name this chocolate bar that has air bubbles in it?

Aero bars can be found around the world, but in Australia, they are pretty common. These little bars of chocolate have air bubbles that will disappear if you allow the candy bar to melt, so eat it quick!

Do you know the name of this Australian drink that's made with chocolate powder?

When you consider the different ways people make chocolate milk these days (or buy it), you don't really consider Milo, unless you've been to Australia. This powder turns milk into a chocolate malt, but it can also be sprinkled on ice cream.

What is the name of this cracker snack found in Australia?

We admit that naming a cracker "Shapes" probably isn't the most creative marketing technique. However, these are common Australian snacks that come in a variety of flavors. They're basically the Ritz of Australia.

These look as delicious as they taste. What are they?

If you're looking at this from an American perspective, you might think that Mint Slices look very much like SnackWell's cookies, and you wouldn't be far off. They're delicious and ... well, minty ... all at the same time.

Chocolate covered cherries come in many forms, but do you know the name of these?

What happens when you mix cherries and coconut and then cover it in chocolate? We know that it's the stuff dreams are made of, and this candy is no exception. You may need a suitcase just for these guys.

In Australia, bread plus butter plus sprinkles equals what?

Fairies sprinkle their joy wherever they go, and if you make some fairy bread, you may find that you are in sugar heaven. While this fad has made it to the United States (known as unicorn bread), fairy bread has been around for a while in Australia.

This is how you get Cheeto fingers in Australia. What are these snacks called?

Very similar to Cheetos snacks that are found in the United States, Cheezels are basically corn chip tubes covered in cheese dust. The powdered cheese is similar to that of Cheetos, in that it gets all over your hands.

Australians sure do like their candy to look like animals and bugs. Do you know the name of these snacks?

If you love a Caramello bar, you will probably love Caramello Koalas. These little chocolate snacks are made by Cadbury, the makers of Caramello bars in the United States, but they are shaped like koala bears.

You can find this candy in Australia, Switzerland and Brazil. Do you know what it is?

If you ask us, this candy bar sounds absolutely spectacular. It has caramel fudge and crispies in it (like the inside of a Nestle Crunch). Chokito is basically a party in your mouth, so don't forget to enjoy the chewing.

If you're in Australia, you might find these at the market. What are they?

Scotch Fingers are basic shortbread cookies that give you the ability to dip in coffee, milk or even chocolate to enhance the flavor. They are sturdy biscuits that people often buy to add to other recipes.

These Australian snacks have movie trivia on the wrappers. What are they?

Fantales are a pretty basic candy, but they have something for you to do when you open them. Each caramel covered in chocolate has a little piece of movie trivia on its wrapper, and these wrappers change every two years.

Can you name this candy bar from Australia?

Violet Crumbles are large candy bars made in Australia. They are much like the Crunchie bars that you might find in Britain. Both feature honeycomb toffee covered in chocolate, but the chocolate on the Violet Crumble is darker.

Chocolate covered fruit is nothing new, but can you name this Australian snack that covers dried fruit with chocolate?

FruChocs are exactly what they sound like: dried fruit covered in chocolate. To be more specific, they are dried fruit paste covered in chocolate. They're available in apricot, peach, strawberry and other flavors. We are wondering why they don't make them in the United States.

What are these cookies called?

Anzac biscuits were actually popularized during World War I. Loved ones at home sent them to soldiers in the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. They don't have eggs, so they hold up well during shipping.

You can find these dipped cones at the movie theaters in Australia. What are they?

Choc Tops are large, and they can be a bit pricey, but people love to eat them while they watch movies. They are ice cream cones dipped in chocolate, similar to the Drumsticks found in the United States.

Can you name this carbonated lemon drink found in Australia?

Solo is basically carbonated lemonade. It gives you the sugar you need, along with the citric acid. While there are many different brands of this soda, Solo stands out among the crowd.

These come in many different variations. Do you know what they are?

Lamingtons are basic sponge cake cubes that are covered in chocolate, then rolled in coconut. If you make these at home, you might be inclined to fill them with various fruity jams to give them a little more sugar flavor.

What is the name of this candy bar with licorice flavoring?

Choo-Choo Bars are popular among children in Australia. Their packaging has a train with frightening looking farm animals on it that appeal to little children who aren't afraid of dead-eyed creatures.

Do you know what this sugary snack is called?

A Polly Waffle is everything you've ever dreamed of, if texture is what you're all about. It is marshmallow wrapped in wafer and covered in chocolate. You might be able to get some on Amazon, but if not, you're going to have to go to Australia.

Do you know what this chocolaty snack is called?

The idea for this candy bar was first realized when layers of excess chocolate gathered under the machines at Cadbury. It only made sense to make a candy bar out of that, which is exactly what Cadbury did.

When you're ready for something a little gross with a lot of carbs, you'll have one of these. What is it?

A spaghetti sandwich is one thing, but when its canned spaghetti on a toasted sandwich, you might need an iron stomach to take this one down. This is definitely not recommended for those with gluten sensitivities.

Here's an Australian take on Cheetos — can you name this one?

Twisties look like Cheetos. Twisties smell like Cheetos. Twisties have cheese dust like Cheetos. However, Twisties aren't Cheetos ... they're Twisties. Of course, the packaging looks very much like Fritos.

What is this snack that looks like a cake?

It's not whipped cream, it's meringue ... layered with fruit ... and delicious. Few restaurants in the United States offer this on their dessert menus, but in Australia, that is a different story altogether.

For your daily limit on sodium, you might eat this Aussie snack. What is it?

Well, you probably don't want to hear this, but a common snack (or even breakfast meal) is Vegemite spread on buttered toast. This salty snack is often served with avocado or egg added on top.

We have Funyuns; Australians have these. What are they?

Funyuns that taste like cheeseburgers? Sign us up! These delicious salty snacks give you the sodium you need for about five days, but they are great if you're craving something savory.

They look like cinnamon rolls, but they're savory. What are they?

It's a baked roll, but instead of cinnamon and sugar, it is filled with cheese and Vegemite. The salty taste gives you the snack fulfillment you've been looking for. It's not great for you, but it's great for your taste buds.

Do you know the name of this sweet biscuit?

Clotted cream and scones are a great treat to have with your afternoon tea. They're basically cream cheese on scones, served with jam. They're perfect for anyone who is way into high calorie breakfasts as well.

The idea of after-school snacks is not lost on Australians. What would you call this one?

Meat pies are very much like mincemeat pies. They are full of protein and carbs and (if made properly) have a flaky crust that you just can't get away from. Some people top these off with ketchup to add to the delicious flavor.

Do you know the name of this delightful Australian snack?

Fry's Turkish Delight is a rose flavored Turkish Delight (like a fancy gumdrop), covered in milk chocolate. If you aren't sure about what that may taste like, consider getting a pack on your next Aussie trip. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Can you guess the name of this snack bar that is made with trail mix?

A Picnic bar is a snack that is high in protein. With peanuts, chocolate, caramel, nougat and so much more, this bar is like a little meal ... a sugary meal, but a meal all the same.

What is the name of this oddly shaped snack bar?

A Curly Wurly bar is probably a little different than you might think. Long ago, there was a comparable candy bar in the United States, known as the Marathon bar. However, the Curly Wurly is still going strong in several countries, including Australia.

Here's a savory snack with a pinwheel design. Do you know what it is?

Cheese and bacon scrolls are pretty simple, but super delicious. They are biscuit dough wrapped around cheese and bacon. Who would have thought something so pure and simple would be such a great hit in an entire country?

This little cracker sandwich calms the salt cravings. What is it?

Vegemite is a pretty popular product in Australia. You can put that stuff on basically everything. Aussies tend to like their Vegemite on carbs, including crackers. A Vegemite worm is a cracker sandwich made with butter and Vegemite. When you squeeze the sandwich, the filling comes through the cracker holes like — you guessed it — worms.

When an Australian is going for chips, what do they usually grab?

Samboy chips are among the most popular chips sold in Australia. They are available in some interesting flavors, including Atomic Tomato and Chicken. While they are not sold at large chains, they can still be found at independent retailers.

Do you know these cookies filled with candy bars?

What happens when you make little cookie bowls and fill them with melted Snickers or Twix bars? Pods happen, and your mouth sings with joy, and you get cavities ... but they're worth it.

This is Australia's version of the gummy worm. What is it?

So, you know what a gummy worm tastes like, but if you've never had a Killer Python, it's time to pack your bags and head down under. These juicy little snacks are great for kids and adults alike.

What is this snack that looks like an animal?

Freddo Frog is another Cadbury candy that Australians love to eat as snacks. Freddo doesn't just have humanlike features; he is also wearing clothes (to keep things innocent, of course). This snack appeals to adults and kids alike.

This treat has chocolate and honeycomb. What is it?

Bertie Beetles are small chocolates in the shape of a beetle. As you bite into one, small pieces of honeycomb toffee crunch in your mouth. It's sure to tame any sweet tooth and give you a pinch of diabetes.

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