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The Bible is full of stories with great characters, interesting locations and of course fantastic events. But these elements won't be the same without mentioning a few items here and there. Do you know these Biblical thingamajigs?

Whether the item played a central role in the Biblical story or was merely utilized as a "side prop," so to speak, they still helped push these holy narratives forward. These items can be handheld things that heroes and villains used, or they can be big items that played a pivotal part in the narratives where they were found.

Many of these things might seem ordinary. In the Bible, you can read many references to household items, kitchen tools, food and beverage selections, clothing and other common items. But in the overall scheme of things, their presence becomes important when these items become symbolic. For instance, a kind of leaf can symbolize peace or a type of animal can symbolize evil or good things. In deeper analysis, these items convey more poignant meanings than their obvious physical presence. They were obviously designed to carry philosophical concepts to help deliver the holy tale. 

If we mention these items, will you know them? Pray that you can tell what they are. Let's try and find out!

Noah was ordered by God to build one. What's this not-so-secret project?

Since God planned to cleanse humanity via flooding, He ordered Noah to build a wooden ark to prepare for it. He was also tasked to get one pair of male-female animals of all kinds. Plant samples were also included in the ship's manifest.


They said Baby Jesus was born in here. What's this structure called?

The birth of Jesus alone contained many items that historical scavengers can trawl through. One of the most important relics is called the manger where Jesus was born. A manger is a box-like container where people place barn animal food like hay.


Moses communicated with God in a very fantastic way using which "device?"

Moses had a unique direct line to God in the Old Testament via the burning bush. He heard God talking though it while the bush remained unharmed and undamaged even if it was being "consumed" in flames.


One of Jesus' most popular miracles involved turning which liquid into wine?

The Wedding at Cana miracle was the first time Jesus performed holy actions which convinced people of His holy lineage. The wedding reception ran out of wine to serve; Jesus prayed and blessed the water they had and turned that into wine.


Eve picked this one despite God's warning. What was it?

Different Bible versions have their own interpretations of what the forbidden fruit was; the most popular choice was always an apple. However, Bible scholars don't really have a consensus as to what this fruit really was.


Jacob gave his favorite son, Joseph, this colorful garment. What was it?

The subject of the Andrew Lloyd Weber-Tim Rice musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" is the Genesis story of Joseph's life as connected to his coat. The garment triggered Joseph's brothers, who ended up hating him. This eventually led them to sell their own brother to slavery.


During a preaching session, teacher Jesus multiplied what kind of carbs?

Jesus fed a multitude of people listening to his teachings one day. In that miracle story, someone brought only five loaves of bread to eat. Jesus prayed over the bread basket and it later multiplied enough to feed the listeners.


Lot's curious wife was turned into a pillar of which mineral?

Lot was a man whom God wanted to save as He punished the sinful city of Sodom. As they made their way out of the chaos, they were ordered not to look back at what was happening. But Lot's wife got curious; she glanced back and got turned into a pillar of salt as a result.


The little boy David used which item to defeat the giant Goliath?

Children used to play with strips of leather-like contraptions known as slings; they placed small stones or pebbles in the middle and swung it around. The objective is to throw the stone far and hard. One such stone hit the giant soldier Goliath when David used his sling to knock him out.


In the New Testament, Jesus was sentenced to death by being nailed onto which item?

Jesus was sentenced to death by getting nailed on a cross. In the religious context, this image is now called the "crucifix." This kind of sentencing and punishment were commonplace during the Roman Empire; that's the reason why there were two other criminals on crosses beside Jesus that time.


Devious Delilah discovered that Samson's secret strength was due to which bodily item?

The story of Samson's betrayal included having his long locks cut by Delilah. His enemies paid her off to do the deed once she discovered the source of his strength. God still repaid Samson's devotion by giving him his strength back when he needed it the most.


Judas Iscariot sold out his master Jesus for pieces of which metal?

Judas was fairly easy to buy during the time of Jesus; he was able to betray the Son of God for a measly 30 pieces of silver. His name now became synonymous with someone who betrays a person for personal (often monetary) gain. The silver referred to here is said to be in the form of coins.


What kind of seafood did Jesus multiply in a miraculous act?

The gospel writers detailed how Jesus performed the miracle of feeding 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fishes. He prayed over the small meal brought by the disciples to Him. The food didn't run out as they passed along the basket to everyone.


Which golden item symbolized false idolatry in the Old Testament?

The golden calf is a symbol of greed and false idolatry in the Bible; a specific chapter in Exodus details this symbolization. When Moses was busy communicating with God, the people he led out of Egypt collected all their gold items and melted it to become the calf image they started to worship.


Moses carried down the commandments printed onto which items?

The Bible detailed how Moses received two sets of stone tablets from God; they both contained the Ten Commandments. Moses threw the first set in a fit of anger when he saw decadent people worshipping a golden calf. God printed out a second set for him when he came back up the mountain.


The body and blood of Jesus were symbolized by the Last Supper items of bread and which drink?

The Catholic church uses bread and wine to symbolize the body and blood of Jesus during the Eucharist. Ingesting these food items symbolizes the faithful's devotion to Jesus. However, one must go through the act of confession first to be cleared to take the "meal."


John the Baptist's head was placed on what kind of dinnerware?

The young Salome was the one who requested John the Baptist's head on a silver platter, but it was her mother Herodias' idea. John opposed Herodias' marriage status which resulted in his arrest and imprisonment by her new husband Herod.


What nature-related items did people lay down in Jesus' path when He returned to Jerusalem?

The Lenten season's popular symbol is the palm branch displayed during Palm Sunday mass. Jesus' believers welcomed him to Jerusalem by placing these branches on the road before He passed by. He was riding on a donkey when He arrived on that road.


The impenetrable walls of Jericho crumbled due to which particular item?

God was Joshua's military strategist who detailed how their army would invade Jericho successfully. His soldiers marched around the walls blaring their trumpets for six days. On the seventh day, they marched and blew their trumpets; Joshua gave the command to shout, which made the walls crumble down.


As an additional punishment during His sentencing, Jesus was made to wear which painful item?

Jesus' enemies were teasing His title of being the "King of the Jews." In mockery, they fashioned a wreath-like crown made of twigs with thorns and forcefully placed it on Jesus' head. The thorns pierced Jesus' skin, which added to His misery during the whole crucifixion process.


What "assisting device" did Moses use as he walked the chosen people out of Egypt?

Moses' iconic image of raising his staff to part the Red Sea was immortalized in film and in the arts throughout the centuries. This walking stick was blessed by God several times during the exodus. Moses used it to help the Israelites in various stages of their journey.


Whenever someone was anointed, which substance was used for the ritual?

God handed Moses a fixed formula for creating anointing oil as detailed in the Book of Exodus. Its holy ingredients include myrrh, cinnamon, calamus, cassia and olive oil. God wanted this concoction as the only sacred anointing oil formula; whoever changes or misuses it will be punished.


Which of these storage items is said to house the Ten Commandment tablets?

God instructed Moses to create the Ark of the Covenant, a chest used to store the Ten Commandment tablets. Its cover featured two cherubim facing each other. They formed a gap in the middle which God apparently used to communicate with Moses.


Baby Jesus received three gift items from The Magi: gold, myrrh, and what else?

Jesus reportedly received gold, myrrh, and frankincense from the Magi who visited Him upon His birth. Myrrh and frankincense are used to make perfume and medicine. Frankincense comes from the Boswellia sacra tree while myrrh comes from a related tree source called Commiphora myrrha.


Pharaoh's men pursued the exodus crowd using what mode of transportation?

Upon realizing that he made a mistake letting Moses and the Israelites go, Pharaoh sent his troops after them. They were riding their chariots when Moses parted the Red Sea. The Israelites were saved but Pharaoh's troops perished when God told Moses to return the Red Sea back to normal.


Jacob dreamt of this item connecting the earth and heaven. What was it?

Some accounts called it a ladder while others called it a stairway. Nonetheless, Jacob's dream featured this item that connected the earth and the heaven; he saw angels climbing up and down this connecting passageway. God also delivered him a message in that dream.


These wafer-like flakes fell from the heavens to feed the people in the exodus. What did they call it?

Manna is not mentioned in the Bible alone; the term also appeared in the Qur'an. But in the Bible, there are different descriptions of this item. What's unanimous in these accounts is the conclusion that manna is definitely edible and miraculous.


During His travels, Jesus met a Samaritan woman beside which fixed thing on the ground?

A lucky Samaritan lady chanced upon Jesus near a well one day. He commanded her to give Him drinking water; she was reluctant at first because of their racial differences. When she obliged, Jesus ended up giving her "living water."


In Genesis, Pharaoh's right-hand man Joseph framed his little bro Benjamin by planting which item in a sack?

Jacob's favorite son Joseph wanted to test if his brothers had already changed. When he planted his silver cup in Benjamin's sack of food, they all banded together and pleaded for mercy. Joseph then realized that his brothers weren't the same anymore since that time they sold him to slavery.


Baby Moses floated down the Nile River via which kind of vessel?

Some interpretations say it was a reed basket while others say it was a wicker basket. But what's sure is the fact that baby Moses was placed inside a basket that could float down the river Nile. His mother sent him away because Pharaoh wanted every newborn Hebrew boy to be killed.


This Roman soldier's long item pierced Jesus while He was nailed on the cross. What was it?

The Book of John detailed how a Roman soldier speared the side part of Jesus' body to see if He was already dead. They were planning to break His legs as a procedure they did with crucified people. When they discovered that He already died, they didn't touch his body anymore.


Esau was forced by Jacob to sell his birthright for a serving of which food item?

Twin brothers Esau and Jacob led a competitive life which their father Isaac was sometimes oblivious about. Since Esau was a bit older, he held the birthright in the family. Jacob tried to swap that for a bowl of lentil stew one day when Esau went home hungry and exhausted.


His rod grew buds, fruits and flowers during a crucial time after the exodus. Who owned this rod?

Aside from the Ten Commandments, it is said that Aaron's rod was also kept inside the Ark of the Covenant. While Moses' own staff or rod exhibited powerful acts, God also blessed Aaron's rod to perform miracles. It was his rod that turned into a serpent when they had a meeting with the Pharaoh.


Biblical figures set up this thing whenever they want to honor God. What was it?

Biblical people often showed their devotion to God by setting up burnt offerings for Him. Lamb was often used for these rituals. But Abraham was tested by God one time to sacrifice his own son Isaac as a burnt offering; Abraham passed that test with flying colors.


In Bethany, a female devotee anointed Jesus' feet with which viscous thing?

Mary, Lazarus' sister, was said to have anointed Jesus' feet with a kind of expensive perfume when He revisited them in their home. This was the same Lazarus that Jesus raised from the dead. Judas apparently got mad that the sisters wasted money to buy an expensive item like that.


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