Quiz: Can You Name More Than 11 of These Celebrities Who Appeared on M*A*S*H?
Can You Name More Than 11 of These Celebrities Who Appeared on M*A*S*H?
By: Allison Lips
Image: Wiki Commons by CBS Television

About This Quiz

In real life, unless you're attending a USO show, you're unlikely to run into a celebrity in a war zone. However, the TV show, M*A*S*H, wasn't real and managed to last longer than the actual war during which the series was set. For 11 years, the 4077 Mobile Army Medical Unit served in Korea, treating patients and welcoming visitors. While most weren't famous faces, a few were already known and others would become famous after their M*A*S*H appearance.

Over the course of 256 episodes, Hawkeye Pierce, Margaret "Hot Lips" Holihan, Maxwell Q. Klinger, Father Mulcahy, and the other doctors and nurses who passed through the 4077th through the years did the best they could to save as many lives as they could in tough conditions. It didn't matter to them that the person on their stretcher was a famous person making a special appearance or an extra hoping that their M*A*S*H scene would be their big break. 

If you're a huge M*A*S*H fan, you're going to love this quiz. How many celebrities will you know? Will you remember their appearance? Or will you realize that you've seen every episode and still can't tie the celebrity to their M*A*S*H appearance? The only way to find out how well you know these M*A*S*H guest stars is to take the quiz! 

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