Quiz: Can You Name the Actors and Actresses From These Classic Christmas Movies?
Can You Name the Actors and Actresses From These Classic Christmas Movies?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Liberty Films (II)

About This Quiz

Christmastime is always such a fast time -- it arrives unexpectedly, and it leaves us faster than it arrived! That's why we would really like to start things a bit early sometimes, so we could all be prepared for the incoming December rush of things. 

And what better way to prepare us for some holiday cheer than to do a movie marathon of classic Christmas movies? Hollywood is so enamored by this spectacular season, if you haven't noticed, so there is now a viable cinematic treasure trove of great movies with Christmas themes.

And since diversity is key in Hollywood, there is also a diverse pot of topics, themes and narratives to choose from, which all touch upon Christmas. You have comedies that are set during Christmas vacations, action-packed films that take place during the yuletide holidays, feel-good family-friendly movies to warm the hearts of moviegoers in the middle of cold yuletide winters, and practically everything else you can think of, story-wise.

So, are you ready for that Christmas movie marathon? If you are, then we're so sure you can name these great Tinseltown actors in yuletide movies. Ho-ho-ho, enjoy the quiz!

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Perhaps his is the most recognizable face during Christmas movie marathons, year in and year out. Who is this?
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He starred as this titular Dr. Seuss character. Who is this?
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Everyone knows this precocious child character! Who played him?
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This gigantic actor played a supposedly “small” creature. Who is this?
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This British debonair played the British prime minister here. Who is he?
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In this Christmas couples’ story, she played one of the women in the couples. Who is she?
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He played the unassuming dad fulfilling a contract of sorts. Who is he?
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He played the Santa image in this classic film. Who was this great thespian?
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Familiar with this kid who wants a BB gun? What’s his name?
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This funnyman is unforgettable in this Christmas movie. Who is he?
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Who is this crooner-slash-actor popularly heard every Christmas season?
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He "bah humbug-ged" his way with the puppets. Who is he?
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This legendary Hollywood actor also appeared in Christmas movies like this classic. Who is this man?
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The singer-performer-actor whiz was the star of this Christmas film. Who is she?
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He’s the unlikely action hero who played the lead in this movie. Who is he?
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When he’s not being The Terminator, he appeared in Christmas movies, too. Who is he?
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When she’s not handling time-traveling husbands, she faces family Christmas reunions. Who is she?
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This legendary comedian played the younger comedian’s elderly dad in this film. What’s the elder’s name?
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Before she sang "Tonight, Tonight," she appeared as a kiddo first in this Christmas classic. Who is this girl?
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This comedian supplied the irony in this Dickensian tale. Who is he?
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Before he became Captain Jack Sparrow, he played this titular character first. Which actor is this?
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She played opposite James Stewart in yet another Christmas movie classic of his. Who is she?
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Even the "Legally Blonde" actor also had a legally Christmas movie. Who is she?
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These two bandits also came with Kevin in the sequel. Who are these actors?
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Before covering one’s "Blind Side," this lady had a love affair "While You Were Sleeping." Who is she?
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This dancing debonair co-starred with the singing debonair Bing Crosby here. Who is this?
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This "Father of the Bride" also starred in this kooky Christmas comedy. Who is he?
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The 1961 film version starred this famous Mickey Mouse Club vet. Who is she?
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This caped crusader’s Christmas film featured her as the fabulous feline frenemy. Who is she?
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Even the former Mr. Angelina Jolie had a Christmas movie. Who is this guy?
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Yes, there was a Christmas-themed western, too, and of course he was in it. Who is this legend?
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Before he wielded a wand as Severus Snape, he wielded a gun as Hans Gruber. Who is he?
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These two ‘80s comedians hit it off well in this Christmas film. Who are they?
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Jamie Lee Curtis' mom once partnered with Robert Mitchum in this Christmas film. Who is she?
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This ‘80s-‘90s pop diva appeared in "The Bishop’s Wife" remake. Who is this singer-actor?
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This fabulous French actor also had a Christmas tale to tell. Who is she?
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She headlined "Christmas in Connecticut." Who is she?
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After being "Pitch Perfect," she starred in this Christmas tale. Who is she?
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This famous ‘80s crush appeared with puppet figures in "Gremlins." Who is she?
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