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The greatest battles have been fought by land, air and sea. We want you to brush up on significant sea clashes with this history challenge. The intriguing nautical fortresses of the past and present that we include in this quiz are sure to float your boat!

After engaging this epic ship-battles challenge, you'll gain a better appreciation for the sea vessels that protect the world's shores. Warships are designed to move with ease, speed and accuracy to best respond to national security threats or to maintain order. Nineteenth-century ships were engineered to fight the War of 1812, the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War and piracy. Yes! Sea piracy was a major concern in colonial times when rogue private contractors set out to intercept the transference of material goods or slaves that were regularly transported by way of the high seas. If you imagine a world without next-day delivery service and airplanes, you'll start to understand why piracy was such a lucrative business back in the maritime day. 

Territories continue to protect financial as well as national interests using well-armed frigates with scopes strong enough to detect enemies on land and in the air, as well as in the oceans. Airplane carriers, oil tankers, amphibious attack vessels and an assortment of other watercraft comprise the world's fleet of ships that have battled things out at one time or another.

It's time that you nail the names of battles that these mighty boats helped to fight. So set sail after a scroll. Bon Voyage! 

USS Abraham Lincoln, a Navy aircraft carrier, fought in which of these wars?

USS Abraham Lincoln was commissioned in 1989 and ported initially in Everett, Washington. It's a 97,000-ton nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, participated mostly in security operations at sea.


Builders Blohm+Voss constructed SMS Kaiser Karl der Grosse, and it clashed in what melee?

SMS Kaiser Karl der Grosse was one of five in the Kaiser class fleet of ships that were released between 1896 and 1900. When it was constructed, the warship's electric machines and triple-piston expansion engines were considered highly technological hardware.


The Wakamiya was a Japanese seaplane carrier involved in the ________?

The Japanese Wakamiya warship facilitated the first-ever sea-launched air strike during the Siege of Tsingtao on September 5, 1914, during World War I. Farman aircraft from the vessel aided in securing Tsingtao, a German naval base in China.


The Dunkerque was outnumbered in the only battle action it saw. Name the conflict?

The Dunkerque was considered a battlecruiser and not a battleship. Both the HMS Hood and the HMS Ark Royal bombarded the Dunkerque at Mers el Kebir in Algeria during World War II.


Choose the skirmish where the British secured the Young Anaconda vessel?

Young Anaconda was an American ship classified as a privateer and was sunk by the British and later set ablaze. The British initially tried to seize the 300-ton ship before it sank during a failed tow attempt.


Is it difficult for you to guess the war fought by the Argentine Navy frigate Almirante Brown?

President Carlos Menem of Argentina sent the Almirante Brown along with three other warships to Iraq to assist the United States during the Persian Gulf War. The Almirante Brown is the first non-NATO ship to serve with a United States Carrier Strike Group.


Bretagne was a battleship named for the Brittany, France province and fought a sea fleet in ________?

The Lorraine and the Provence were sister ships of the French Bretagne, all of which were laid down in 1912. The Bretagne was completed in 1916 and was commissioned to restrain the Austro-Hungarian fleet in the Adriatic Sea during World War I.


There have been at least four Italian carriers with the name Caio Duilio. A so-named battleship commissioned in 1915 clashed with enemies in ________?

Italian Duilio-named vessels also include the Caio Duilio destroyer commissioned in 2009 and SS Duilio, the first super cruiser produced by Italy which set sail from Naples to New York on October 29, 1923, for its maiden voyage.


The Drazki frigate signified Bulgaria's attempt to modernize its war arsenal. When did Drazki see action?

Belgium produced 2,000-ton Drazki concepts for the Wielingen class of warships in the late '70s. The Drazki and others in its class can be outfitted with short-range air-defense missiles and other anti-ship artillery.


Germany sank HNMS Eidsvold during which struggle?

German destroyers packing five-inch guns successfully sank the Eidsvold along with its torpedoes and 8.2-inch guns during the war. The 4,000-ton Eidsvold was intended to serve as a guard ship of the Norwegian coast.


American military muscle sank the Akitsushima at Coron Bay in September 1944. This event happened during what major conflict?

The Akitsushima was a Japanese seaplane tender during the war. The vessel is one of several at the shipwreck diving sites of Coron Bay in the Philippines. Licensed divers are allowed to swim through the underwater 486-foot wreckage to view its four engines in the engine room.


USS Lynx was engineered at Georgetown in D.C. for the Navy. Can you guess the altercation?

The 80-foot topsail ship was built specifically for the War of 1812 but was commissioned at the very end of the war in 1815 and saw little to no action. USS Lynx's primary mission, after that, was to patrol the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Mexico regions to combat rampant piracy.


Select the conflict when a mine impaired USS Brush?

USS Brush, with its five-inch guns, patrolled North Korea's eastern coast targeting North Korean supply vehicles and the bridges they traveled. A section of the USS Brush exploded on September 26, 1950, when the vessel hit a mine.


Newburyport, Massachusetts produced USS Pickering in 1798 to engage in the ________?

USS Pickering went to service against the France fleet in the West Indies at the start of the Quasi-War. The ship disappeared after departing from Newcastle, Delaware bound for Guadeloupe on August 20, 1800.


USS Cyclops is one of the U.S. Navy's most well-known "mystery ships." Determine the exact battle the vessel fought before disappearing?

USS Cyclops vanished after leaving Barbados on March 4, 1918; the ship was expected to arrive at Baltimore, Maryland on March 13. Before the vessel set sail on the mystery voyage, the ship's captain, George W. Worley, had complained of engine damage.


Launched on August 21, 1821, USS Grampus targeted an entire empire. Tell the tussle?

The 171-ton USS Grampus fought in the War of 1812 and helped battle the Spanish Empire as part of a fleet with four other vessels that comprised the United States Navy's West Indies Squadron.


A U.S. president had something to say about the disappearance of the 509-ton USS Wasp. Do you identify the correct war?

A monumental fight with HMS Reindeer defined USS Wasp's career. The Wasp was in service for a brief time in 1814 before vanishing at sea. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt said of the USS Wasp: "How she perished none ever knew, all that is certain is that she was never seen again."


USS Porpoise conducted several anti-piracy patrols. How well do you know the brawl it fought in?

USS Porpoise was classified as a brigantine and began service patrolling piracy in 1936. Before and after the ship's 1847 stint in the Mexican War, it was used for anti-slavery missions until 1852.


In 1949, USS Buchanan was loaned to Turkey after it battled in ________?

USS Buchanan became the Gelibolu when it was loaned to Turkey in 1949 after serving in the Second World War. The 1,620-ton Benson-Livermore-class destroyer won 15 battle stars for service in engagements such as the Battle of Guadalcanal.


USS Forster fell into North Vietnamese possession. Which war did the ship fight in?

The North Vietnamese captured the USS Forster when the North seized South Vietnam on April 30, 1975. At the time of capture, the vessel was being serviced at the Saigon Shipyard. The ship was renamed to become RVNS Tran Khanh Do and has been used as a training vessel.


USS New Jersey became a tourist attraction in October 2001. When was the vessel armed and ready for war?

An Iowa-class battleship, 45,000-ton, 16-inch gunned USS New Jersey is a memorialized ship ported at the waterfront in Camden, New Jersey. It was the only Iowa-class ship recommissioned for service in Vietnam.


The aircraft carrier USS Forrestal was stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin when tragedy struck. When did this take place?

On July 29, 1967, a rocket misfire caused a conflagration to erupt on USS Forrestal that took 18 hours to extinguish. The late U.S. Senator John McCain was aboard the ship at the time.


USS Oriskany was named for a Revolutionary War battle. When did this ship see action at sea?

From September 1952 to May 1953, USS Oriskany engaged in one battle-cruise mission in the Korean War. However, the vessel saw most action during the Vietnam War. On October 26, 1966, a fire engulfed several decks on the USS Oriskany.


USS Bonhomme Richard is an assault ship used in the ________?

Expansive storage space aboard USS Bonhomme Richard made the vessel a critical transport resource for supplies during the War in Afghanistan. USS Bonhomme Richard was sent to the Kandahar region in southern Afghanistan on December 1, 2002.


SS American Victory, a cargo vessel, was engineered toward the end of what massive battle?

On June 20, 1945, California Shipbuilding Corp. set SS American Victory off to World War II as a cargo ship. After the war ended several months later, American Victory was used to transport supplies to countries affected by war.


USS Olympia was designated flagship on May 1, 1898. Do you guess the skirmish?

The USS Olympia has been stationed at Philadelphia's Penn's Landing on the Delaware River. The cruiser was instrumental in securing America's victory during the Battle of Manila Bay in the Philippines in May 1898.


CSS Albemarle was assembled in a cornfield near Edwards Ferry. Quickly pick its fight?

When it was launched, CSS Albemarle was not finished. The 158-foot ram vessel was used to save Confederate troops engaged in battle with Union gunboats. Union ships retreated after the Albemarle rammed and sank USS Southfield.


In 2002, a crane lifted the 120-ton turret of USS Monitor from a watery grave. Guess the monumental battle?

On December 31, 1862, USS Monitor sank near North Carolina's coast during a massive storm. Swedish-American engineer John Ericsson crafted the ship as the first marine vessel fueled by steam.


USS Merrimack eventually became CSS Virginia. When did it fight?

USS Merrimack, constructed at Elizabeth River, was recommissioned as CSS Virginia on March 8, 1862. The well-armored and highly weaponized ship destroyed wooden vessels commonly used in Union fleets.


What is the name of the battle that the Novorossiysk helped fight?

The Russian Novorossiysk was formerly an Italian Conte di Cavour-class battleship. Leader of a Soviet fleet in the Black Sea, the 29,000-ton Novorossiysk sank in the port of Sevastopol a few hours after a mysterious explosion.


USS Maine was lifted from Havana Harbor in 1912. Do you notice when it sank?

While protecting American interests during the Spanish-American War, USS Maine sank after sustaining a massive blast in Havana Harbor on February 15, 1898. Experts could not determine whether the explosion was due to inadvertent shipboard ignition or from a Spanish mine.


SS Ohio is known for rescuing the island of Malta during what conflict?

SS Ohio arrived at Malta on August 15, 1942, with 12,000 tons of much-needed supply fuel. Despite sustaining damage from three bombs and a projectile plane crash, the tanker completed its transport mission with the power support of HMS Ledbury and HMS Penn.


There have been seven ships total with the name USS St. Louis. The vessel commissioned in 1938 fought in ________?

The USS St. Louis referenced here is the World War II light cruiser. USS St. Louis also manifested as a World War I cruiser, a Cold War cargo vessel, a Spanish-American War steamer and an American Civil War gunboat.


USS Sacramento was assigned to defend Pearl Harbor in August 1941. What other task did the vessel engage in?

As Japanese aircraft bombed Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USS Sacramento returned fire. The ship helped bring down enemy aircraft, and its crew assisted soldiers trapped in neighboring U.S. ships.


SS Sapulpa Victory is one of four carriers that were christened with an Oklahoma name. The ship was commissioned in 1944, and it sailed to battle in which war, among the choices?

SS Sapulpa Victory was designed to be faster that the Liberty ships that carried supplies to the Allies during the war. The 455-foot-long Sapulpa cruised at 15 knots and was one of 534 vessels of the Victory class.


Those who served on USS Maryland called the ship "Fighting Mary." How well do you know the battle brawled?

USS Maryland's primary function during the Second World War was to protect supply lines. The ship was not as fast as the more innovative vessels at the time. USS Maryland sustained damage as it returned enemy fire during the Pearl Harbor melee.


USS Tangier was launched as a cargo ship in September 1939 and waged war during ________?

The United States Navy acquired USS Tangier in July 1940 and transformed the vessel into a seaplane tender. Engineers outfitted the Tangier with necessary repair equipment in Oakland, California before putting it into service.


Do you remember when gunboat USS Wheeling clashed with combatants?

During the Spanish-American War, USS Wheeling was responsible for monitoring the waters of the North Pacific. After that, the 990-ton, Colt-machine-gun-carrying Wheeling sailed the seas of the Caribbean during the First World War.


Crew members dubbed USS Vestal "Mighty V." Try to ID the melee?

When USS Arizona exploded during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, adjacent USS Vestal was pushed overboard. The vessel managed to sit upright again before firing at enemy combatants.


USS Hoga patrolled Hawaii during which war?

USS Hoga's 15-man crew raced to save survivors and those wounded after the USS Arizona exploded at Pearl Harbor from the 1941 surprise strike. The vessel's role during the attack earned the Hoga U.S. National Landmark Status on June 30, 1989.


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