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"You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true!" Thank you, James Blunt, for telling us what we already know! While we're all beautiful people in our own ways, we can all admit that we have an arsenal of tools at our disposal ready to be used when we need them. Whether you're like Beyonce and you "woke up like this" or you need a few products to help you nail your look, this quiz will test your beauty knowledge.

Now we all know the basic tools that can help us pull off our desired looks. For those constantly having a bad hair day, there are options for that! If you want to put waves in your hair, there's something for that. If you need to dry your hair and stop it from being a frizzy mess, there's a tool for that too! But can you name every tool we throw at you?

Will you be mastering your way through these questions for a beautiful look by the end or will you look like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? There's only one way to find out! Take this quiz and see how many you know!

Save this razor for your face - not your legs!

Not everyone is born with thin, perfectly shaped eyebrows. If that's the case for you, an eyebrow razor could be your answer. Eyebrow razors are designed to thin and to shape your eyebrows. Just be careful not to remove too much, or you'll end up drawing them on!


They are meant for more than just cleaning your ears.

Most commonly associated with cleaning the interior of your ears, cotton swabs have a lot of uses in the beauty department. From mixing custom colors to touching up flaws, cotton swabs are a great tool to keep inside your makeup bag.


You can get ready a lot faster when you blow your hair around with this tool.

There's nothing worse than having to leave home in the morning with wet hair. First available to the public in 1920, commercial blow dryers have come a long way over the years. Thankfully, they do not take up half of our bathrooms anymore. Handheld models can now be purchased for as little as $10.


It has handles like scissors, but it doesn't cut.

The handy, scissor-like end on eyelash curlers make it easier for you to perfect your lashes. Simply grab the handles with your finger and gently crimp to get eyelashes your friends will envy!


You would use this tool to help get rid of knots.

Tangles and knots happen to the best of hairdos. With the use of a detangling comb, removing those stubborn problems is a breeze. The detangling comb's wide teeth help to painlessly dislodge any crazy moments your hair might be having.


It sounds like it could be a golf club, but it's for your hair.

A flatiron is quite different from a putting iron! With the flatiron in your bathroom, you will always have a way to evenly heat and curl your hair. Although the flatiron cannot give you tight curls, it's great at straightening and creating long, loose curls.


Your legs will feel silky after you strip the hair away with these tools.

To get smooth legs that last for weeks, wax strips are a great alternative to shaving. Waxing kits come in many different varieties, however, wax strips are the easiest to apply and to remove.


Give your skin a drink of water with this beauty tool.

Even though you try your best to drink the right amount of water every day, your face sometimes needs a little boost. Take the hydration direction to your skin with a facial steamer. It will open up your pores and leave you with a natural glow.


Instead of using a curling iron, you can use these to get bouncy curls.

Although hair rollers are not used as often as they used to be, they are still available. Many folks still prefer to allow their hair to dry around rollers or to be left overnight to curl.


If you want to blend your foundation thoroughly, you need one of these squishy tools.

One of the easiest ways to flawlessly blend your foundation, blush, bronzer, or contour is to us a makeup sponge. There are many different sizes and types of makeup sponges available. Beauty professionals recommend trying a number of them until you find the one that works best for you.


You can smudge away your dark circles and blemishes with this sort of brush.

After cleansing and moisturizing your face, it's common to begin with concealer. Using a high-quality concealer brush can make your chosen product spread much more evenly than using another kind of brush. Concealer brushes are smaller than powder brushes or contour brushes.


Their special shape makes them ideal for tweezing stray eyebrow hairs.

When you need to spruce up your eyebrows, the slanted tweezers are the beauty tool for the job. The slanted end allows you to get as close to your skin as you can before you pluck out any stray eyebrow hairs that might need to go!


Your eyes simply pop after you use this spatula-shaped tool.

Eyeshadow applicators are extremely handy to have in your makeup arsenal. Their small spatula-shaped ends make it easy to get your favorite eyeshadow color in all the right places.


This beauty tool will keep your tools from being dull.

Another one of the most overlooked beauty tools is the cosmetic sharpener. Keeping your lipliners and your eyeliners sharp will help to ensure you get a clean line every time you apply them.


Help your hair get smooth, combed curls with this tool and a blow dryer.

There are many different types of hairbrushes out there, but one of the best brushes for easy styling is the round brush. The circular design of the brush allows you to curl your hair while your dry it!


If you are looking for voluminous hair, this beauty tool can get you there!

When you're in the mood to take your hair to new heights, a lift comb can help to get you there. You can recognize the lift comb by its unusual shape, and you can use it to either tease or add volume to your locks.


You need this tool to keep your tools fresh.

If you are working with dirty makeup brushes, you'll never get the perfect coverage or the perfect blend. You can increase your brush life and keep things hygienic by using a brush cleaner.


When your hair isn't growing fast enough, you can get a set of these.

Sometimes, our hair will not grow fast enough for the next important event. Thankfully, hair extensions are more available than ever before. With more colors than you can imagine on the shelves, it only takes a few minutes and a skillful friend to instantly have longer hair.


It might be small, but it makes a big, smiley impact!

One of the smaller brushes in any makeup brush kit is the lip brush. Only slightly larger than a fine eyeshadow brush, the lip brush can be used to apply both lip liner and an even coat of lipstick or gloss.


With this kind of brush, your loose powder will never look more flawless.

You can recognize a kabuki brush by its stumpy handle and its thick, crowded bristles. The tightly bound kabuki brush is perfect for applying loose powders like foundations and blush because it spreads the powder very evenly on the skin.


It's an ancient tool that was recently rolled back to life, and it helps improve your circulation.

Dating all the way back to ancient Japan, facial rollers have made a big beauty comeback over the past few years. Said to improve circulation and to reduce puffiness, facial rollers can be purchased in a variety of different materials. Jade and rose quartz are currently the most popular.


You'll need reflect in one of these lighted places to get your makeup in all the right places.

No matter how steady your hands are, having a lighted vanity mirror makes applying your makeup a lot easier. Sometimes with a magnifying mirror, a vanity mirror helps you see as closely as you need to see so you can get the sharpest possible lines.


This basic tool takes care of your smile.

You may not consider your toothbrush a beauty tool, but they help keep your most basic fashion accessory, your smile, looking its best. The first commercially available toothbrush hit the market in 1938.


Your skin can really suck with or without one of these.

Our day to day activities can make it hard to keep our skin as clean as we possibly can. To remove the makeup, the sweat, and the stresses of our days, using a pore vacuum can extract any impurities that might be causing your skin to become dull and acne-ridden.


When you're on the go and need to check your eyeliner, this beauty tool is handy to have in your bag.

With a compact mirror in your bag, you never have to worry about putting your lipstick on sideways. Portable, light, and ready to show you how good you look no matter where you are, you should always carry a compact mirror.


It's very little, but it holds your updo together.

Whether you use a bobby pin to get your hair out of the way when you're applying makeup or you are rocking an elegant updo, you can thank a French inventor named Luis Marcus for the help. Bobby pins have been helping keep hair in place since 1899.


Smooth out a broken nail on the fly with a little, sandy stick.

Emery boards are great to keep tucked away in your pocket or your backpack. Emery paper is a rough, sandy paper that is glued to a cardboard form. Should you break a nail, they make filing away any imperfection a snap!


You'll rest well when using this beauty aid.

Falling asleep at night can be difficult when you have a lot on your mind, but using a sleeping mask can help. Research has shown that using a sleeping mask not only helps you rest easier by blocking out light, but it also reduces the dark circles that come along with sleeplessness.


Sand away life's rough spots with this special stone.

When winter is taking its toll on your heels, try using a pumice stone. Pumice stones come from volcanic rock, and they are a great natural way to exfoliate any problem dry spots like your elbows or your feet.


All other beauty tools pale in comparison to the importance of this one.

Even if you do not follow a strict beauty routine, you should make sure to apply sunscreen every day. No matter what the weather, your skin will thank you for protecting it from the sun's harmful rays.


It's a kind of trimmer that can help you avoid hangnails.

Removing your cuticles with a cuticle trimmer has a couple of different purposes. Not only does trimming your cuticles help your nails grow faster, but the special attention can also help you to avoid getting painful hangnails.


You might keep these tools in a jar on your bathroom countertop.

In the beauty world, one of the absolute necessities is a jar full of cotton balls. From removing your makeup to dabbing your lipstick, inexpensive cotton balls have an endless array of uses.


This scratchy, beauty sponge doesn't grow in the sea.

A great natural alternative to plastic body scrubbers is the loofah. The loofah might act like an exfoliating sponge, but it actually grows in pods on vines. It's a member of the tropical cucumber family.


You would wear this beauty tool when you are changing your hair color.

Whether you are highlighting or changing your entire hair color, the use of a hair cap can aid the process. In addition to keeping messy dye off of your clothes, it allows you to pull out small sections of your hair to add your favorite color.


A hair tool with helpful fingers, this beauty tool helps you hold large sections of hair.

Claw clips are a great beauty tool to keep in your supply bag. If you want to create an easy dramatic hairdo or if you want to section off your hair for dying, claw clips are versatile and relatively inexpensive.


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