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Some days you wake up and it's like "I am straight up looking fine today" and you are just ready to take on the world. Other days you get up and you are just not feeling it at all but you still need to get out there and do your thing. What are you going to do? You can't just apply some kind of real-life filter to yourself. Or maybe you can, sort of. The world of makeup and beauty supplies is there for a reason! Because sometimes you just aren't feeling that natural look and want to give yourself a little twist or an edge you wouldn't normally have.

The crazy thing about the whole entire universe of beauty tools is that there are just soooo many of them. Like too many, even. Hundreds of brushes and tweezers and combs and clippers and files and... It's exhausting. If you're down with beauty tools though, maybe you consider yourself an expert. Maybe you know everything we're about to throw at you. Maybe you could name each and every one of these items based on nothing more than a single sentence description! If you think you have what it takes, then let's go on a beautiful trip through this quiz and see.

This tool moves skin back away from your fingernails to help them grow stronger. What is it?

A cuticle pusher is a pretty simple tool found in any manicure set. If you want to make sure it gets the job done right, you really need to use something to soften your cuticles ahead of time.

If you're worried about damaging your hair when you try to detangle it after coming out of the shower, you should use this tool. What is it?

A wet brush is designed to help you detangle your hair whether it's wet or dry. The idea behind the brush is that it gently loosens knots and tangles so you don't have to worry about breaking your hair which is most likely to happen when your hair is wet and weak.

This tool is used for cutting nails when regular clippers just won't get the job done.

Nail nippers look a lot like wire cutters or stubby, little scissors. If normal nail clippers won't work, you can use nail nippers for a trim. Why wouldn't clippers work? Maybe your nails are too thick.

You can use this to help spread some color through your hair. What is it?

A tint brush is designed specifically to help you spread color through your hair when it's being dyed. It usually has a long, pointy end on the handle that gives you better control than a thicker handle would for delicate work.

When you want a tool that uses heat to help straighten your hair you should reach for this. What is it?

A flat iron is a perfect tool for straightening out your hair. Sometimes they're just called straightening irons and they work by breaking down hydrogen bonds in your hair. Who knew chemistry was involved in straightening hair?

This tool grinds and shapes your nails. What is it?

Nail files are useful for gently shaping your nails. The modern file isn't a super old invention, but people have been using things like rough stones to file their nails for hundreds of years.

This handy little tool is used to pluck hairs. What is it?

if you want to pluck a stray eyebrow hair, you're going to need those tweezers. These may be some of the oldest tools in use today. There's evidence even the ancient Egyptians had tweezers over 5,000 years ago.

This tool is used to help enhance the look of your eyelashes by coating them with a colored substance. What is it?

You need a mascara brush if you plan to brush on some mascara, right? In the late 1800s, you could buy something called "mascaro" if you wanted to darken your eyebrows or mustache without making them greasy.

It's kind of gross but sometimes you get a buildup of rough skin on your feet and need this tool to help get it all off. What is it?

A foot rasp is a heavy duty file that can help scrape rough spots off your foot, like calluses. They're pretty common when you get a spa pedicure but if you're in the market for some DIY you can buy your own and do it at home.

What's the pencil-like wand with a thin end you might use when you want better control over how you apply something like a gloss?

Not a lot of people use lip brushes which can help you apply lipstick or lip gloss. They're actually really good to use though because they give you a lot more control for a smoother, cleaner look when you're done.

If you're noticing an issue with blackheads then this little appliance will suck them right out of your face. What is it?

A pore vacuum is pretty much just what it sounds like. Usually, you steam your face first to soften any gunk and open your pores, then you press the tiny vacuum tip against your skin and it literally just sucks all the dirt and oil out as you move it around.

Use this tool when you want to look like your eyes are bigger without actually using makeup!

Eyelash curlers have been around for almost 100 years already. You can get them either heated or not heated but you need to be careful with the heated ones because, you know, you could burn your eye.

Use this tool to evenly sweep something like bronzing powder or a tinted moisturizer onto your face.

A fan brush has that wide, flat shape so you can get some soft definition when you're applying whatever to your face. It's also super good for clean up because you can use it to brush away any extra powder gently without leaving smears and smudges.

When your eyeliner pencil has been ground down to a useless nubbin, this tool will get it back in shape with just a few turns. What is it?

A good cosmetic pencil sharpener can save a junky eye or lip pencil. You should always check the angle of the little piece of plastic next to the blade to see how far in it lets you push a pencil, that way you'll know how sharp you can get it.

Getting the perfect manicure at home means you need to use this tool that has four different functions for your nails. What is it?

A buffing block is a four-sided tool for doing manicures. Each side has a different function for helping shape your nails including one to file, one to buff, one to polish and one to shine. If you use them in order you can go from rough nails to perfectly finished nails in no time.

When you need to see how you're looking or if your makeup has been applied correctly on the go, you obviously need this tool.

A compact mirror is a great tool to have in a pinch to check how your makeup is holding up, or at least it used to be. When you think about it, having your phone handy with a forward facing camera can do the same job if you don't have a mirror.

When your makeup is already done but you see some excess oil that you want to get rid of without ruining everything else, you should use this.

Blotting paper is pretty handy to have around if you find you have issues with excess oil on your face sometimes. Back in the day, people used to use it when they were writing letters because it sucked up all the excess ink, which kept things nice and tidy.

If you're low key looking to get that brighter smile, you can use these items before bed every night for a few weeks.

Whitening strips can be picked up over the counter at any drug store. They work by exposing your teeth to some peroxide gel that's in the strip which will eventually bleach away certain kinds of stains and make your teeth one or two shades lighter.

When you want to soften the edges of a new haircut, you can use these scissors that look like they're half a comb. What are they?

Thinning shears are scissors with a normal blade on one side and a blade of teeth on the other. They can help thin out especially thick hair and, even if your hair isn't that thick, a good stylist can use them after a normal cut to make it look like your hair grew that way naturally.

If you're doing your nails and make a bit of a mess with the polish, it's pretty easy to clean up with this tool that gives you greater control than just using nail polish remover. What is it?

A corrector pen is a lot like a Sharpie for nail polish. There's a solvent inside the pen but the shape gives you a lot of control over where it goes, so you can make precise corrections and clean up those little smears without ruining the whole nail.

Sick of straight hair? Use this toasty tool to change your look by adding some curls.

Curling irons are obviously used to curl your hair and they are insanely old. Modern ones you can plug in are obviously pretty new but people have been using things like tongs heated over an open flame to help style their hair for literally thousands of years!

You can use this handy tool to both style your hair and dry it at the same time! What is it?

A hot air brush can be an alternative to a flat iron or a curling iron when dealing with your hair. There are different styles depending on what you want but the general idea is that it brushes your hair while also shooting out hot air like a blow dryer. It's like the spork of hair care.

If you need to file your nails, this lightweight double-side little file will probably work. What is it?

An emery board is a lightweight type of nail file, usually cardboard, and it's covered in pieces of emery. Emery is basically just tiny little fragments of a rock called corundum. They're good in a pinch but they never really last that long.

When you want your makeup to look all customized and professional you may have to start making your own colors on a tool like this one.

A mixing plate or palette lets you have a lot more control over the colors you're using because you can mix your own shades, just like you would if you were painting. The upside is fun custom stuff, the downside is more to clean up.

This tool is great for cutting hair while ensuring that the finished look has some texture to it. What is it?

A styling razor can be used to cut hair when you want a more natural look. They're also sometimes called shaping razors or feather razors because some of them are designed to look a bit like a feather.

This little device will chew right through your fingernails to keep them trimmed to the right size. What is it?

A good pair of nail clippers is key to the start of any manicure. For most of human history we probably just used knives for nail trimming, which likely lead to a lot of bloody fingers. The modern nail clipper was mostly perfected in the 1940s.

It looks like a thick, electric toothbrush and it's meant to exfoliate and rejuvenate you. What is it?

A facial brush really is a lot like an electric toothbrush. They use abrasive bristles to brush away dead skin, tighten pores and help you better absorb whatever else you may be putting on your skin after. Just be careful it's not so abrasive it actually damages your skin.

You can give your hair more volume when styling by teasing it up with this comb that looks like it has a tiny comb on the handle. What is it?

A tease and lift comb is basically two combs for the price of one. The long, thin tines at the end are good for separating your hair. You can also get ones called rat-tail combs that do much the same thing but have a less appealing name. Unless you like rats.

If you're tired of carrying around 100 different things, this all-in-one tool can take the place of a lot of makeup applicators. What is it called?

When you're not super into having a different brush for each and every little thing, then a multi-tasking brush is your friend. It's meant to be versatile so you can use it for powders, blushes, and bronzers.

This super versatile, disposable and relatively cheap little tool helps you apply all kinds of makeup. What is it?

You can't go wrong with a bunch of makeup sponges. They come in all shapes and sizes but you need to remember to give them a quick wash every now and then or swap them out for new ones because they can only handle so much abuse.

These tiny tools help you get a precise trim to ensure the absolute best nail care possible. What are they?

Manicure scissors are mostly like normal scissors but much tinier. They need to be small like that to give you the control and precision to trim around fingernails without actually hurting yourself like you would with larger scissors.

There's a loop on each end of this tool that you press into your skin to force blackheads to pop out. What is it?

That little, looped tool that gets squished into your pores to force out pimples and blackheads is called a comedone extractor. Youtuber and dermatologist Dr. Pimple Popper sells her own brand of them if you're interested in that sort of thing.

This device lets you pierce your face with a whole bunch of tiny, little needles! Fun! What is it?

Dermarollers, or facial needling rollers, are little wheels covered in super tiny needles that you roll over your face. They're supposed to help clear up acne scars and age lines but they can make you bleed a bit.

Need to exfoliate in the shower? This roughly textured sponge will help you scrub off dead layers of skin. What's it called?

A loofah, sometimes called a luffa, is actually made from a kind of cucumber. Yeah, you can get plastic ones, but the real ones are made from the dried out centers of a member of the cucumber family. You need to make sure they're dried and stored properly because they hold tons of bacteria.

These tools are probably the most important ones you have for any beauty techniques and you were born with them! What are they?

It sounds kind of weird but your fingers are 100% the most useful tool in the kit. Nothing gives you that precision or control the way your hands will, even if you're just holding a tiny brush or pencil. Trust those instincts!

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