Quiz: Can You Name the Capri Sun Flavor From a Picture of the Pouch?
Can You Name the Capri Sun Flavor From a Picture of the Pouch?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Youtube by Rudolf Wild Ltd

About This Quiz

Straw in hand! It's time for a refreshing look at some of the most classic flavors from everyone's childhood!

Capri Sun originated in Germany in 1969 as Capri Sonne. The company began with just two flavors, Orange and Lemon, in the now iconic stand-up pouch. It was first sold in 10-pack boxes in 1973 and by 1979 was enjoying widespread popularity around the world. The company now offers an array of beverages, from sports drinks to flavored water and from fruit juices to fruit and vegetable blends.

Capri Sun was first introduced in the United States in 1982 when it won the award for "Packaging of the Year." In 2004, the company proudly announced that it had sold 5 billion of its juice pouches worldwide and that mind-blowing figure jumped to 6 billion in 2014. The Capri Sun pouch has earned much respect and further added to its legendary status in 2010 when the pouch made its way to the International Space Station thanks to the European Space Agency - respect, indeed!

Many persons can recall Capri Sun as a distinctive taste from their childhood. Whether you grew up on the good stuff or you discovered Capri Sun as an adult, do you think you can identify these iconic flavors from the picture on their pouch? Take the quiz and see how you do!

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