Can You Name the Capri Sun Flavor From a Picture of the Pouch?

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Straw in hand! It's time for a refreshing look at some of the most classic flavors from everyone's childhood!

Capri Sun originated in Germany in 1969 as Capri Sonne. The company began with just two flavors, Orange and Lemon, in the now iconic stand-up pouch. It was first sold in 10-pack boxes in 1973 and by 1979 was enjoying widespread popularity around the world. The company now offers an array of beverages, from sports drinks to flavored water and from fruit juices to fruit and vegetable blends.

Capri Sun was first introduced in the United States in 1982 when it won the award for "Packaging of the Year." In 2004, the company proudly announced that it had sold 5 billion of its juice pouches worldwide and that mind-blowing figure jumped to 6 billion in 2014. The Capri Sun pouch has earned much respect and further added to its legendary status in 2010 when the pouch made its way to the International Space Station thanks to the European Space Agency - respect, indeed!

Many persons can recall Capri Sun as a distinctive taste from their childhood. Whether you grew up on the good stuff or you discovered Capri Sun as an adult, do you think you can identify these iconic flavors from the picture on their pouch? Take the quiz and see how you do!

Although red is the color that often springs to mind when we think of berries, they can actually be found in a range of colors. For instance, bananas, eggplants and cucumbers are all berries, but they are not typically red.

Cherries are a wide variety of fruits described as drupes or stone fruit (for their single hard seed). Cherry may be the dominant flavor in the Capri Sun Wild Cherry pouch, but there is also some pear, grape and apple in the mix.

Pacific Cooler often gets ranked among the best-tasting of all the Capri Sun flavors. The reason behind that could be its unique blend of some of the most common and most loved fruits: apple, orange, grape, pear and pineapple!

When they first came on the scene, colas were actually flavored with the kola nut. The plant, which is native to the hot and humid rain forests of Africa, is noted for the high caffeine-content in its leaves, as well as in the kola nut.

Both purple and white grapes are featured on the Capri Sun Original Grape pouch. Purple is the original color of grapes while white grapes (which are actually green in color) are due to mutation. Other grape colors include pink, yellow, crimson, black, orange and dark blue.

Capri Sun invites you to "ride the wave" with its Surfer Cooler flavor, which gets its unique taste from pear, orange and pineapple juice. Other flavors in Capri Sun's Cooler line up include Pacific, Mountain, Splash and Coastal.

Like others in the Capri Sun Super-V line, the Apple Juice Drink contains one combined serving of fruit and vegetable with zero preservatives added. Capri Sun fans might be aware that after being reformulated, the Super-V line was reintroduced as Capri Sun Fruit and Veggie Blends.

“A burst of sweet juicy goodness” is how Capri Sun describes its Organic Grape Juice Drink. Like the other four flavors in this range, the ingredients in this Capri Sun flavor have been certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The garden strawberry was developed in Europe in the 1700s. The kiwi or kiwifruit is native to Taiwan and China and is sometimes referred to as the Chinese gooseberry. Interestingly, while the kiwi is a berry, the strawberry is not technically considered to be one!

According to the company's website, Capri Sun Original Orange is its most popular flavor! It is also one of the two flavors first produced by the company back in 1969 when the company was known as Capri-Sonne. The other flavor was lemon.

Just like many of the other Capri Sun flavors, the grape variety of the 100% Juice line has apple juice among its ingredients. Even if you didn't spot the apple wedges on the pouch, that distinctive taste is hard to miss!

Organic white grape, apple, orange and pineapple juices all combine to bring on the great taste of Capri Sun's Organic Tropical Punch Juice Drink. No wonder it is described as having "a punch of summer flavor!"

Berry Rapids is just one of the six flavors in the Capri Sun Roarin' Waters line, and each one has a name as refreshing as its taste! Along with Berry Rapids, there are also Tropical Tide, Grape Geyser, Wild Cherry Waterfall, Fruit Punch Wave and Strawberry Kiwi Surf.

Lemonade is often depicted as the quintessential beverage for hot summer days. The lemon fruit, however, is not the only place you get its refreshing flavor from. There are limes, as well as some varieties of basil, mint and thyme which all mimic lemon's awesome flavor!

The berries used in Capri Sun Summer Berries are listed as cherry, strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry. If you detect any other awesome fruity flavors in the taste, they are probably from the lemon and apple, which are also included.

The refreshing taste of watermelons is unmistakable in Capri Sun 100% Juice Watermelon Fruit drink. Considering how great watermelons taste, it might come as a surprise to some persons to find out that the fruit actually contains over 90% water!

Capri Sun invites you to "Cruise the coast" with its Original Coastal Cooler flavor. Its refreshingly fruity taste is the ideal choice for a day spent lounging at the seaside. Just don't forget your sunscreen!

The word "tropical" is normally associated with hot and humid weather - perfect for a cool, refreshing drink! Quick geography lesson: the tropics are the region of Earth located between the Tropic of Capricorn (which is north of the Equator) and the Tropic of Cancer (which is south of the Equator).

Lemon Lime Rush comes from a range officially called "Capri Sun Sport Flavored Water Beverage." Like other sports drinks, all four Capri Sun Sport flavors contain electrolytes to help replace those lost in sweat when you are active.

All of the flavors in Capri Sun's Roarin' Waters range have names that really tie into the "Roarin' Waters" theme. Apart from Tide, there are also Wave, Surf, Geyser, Rapids and Waterfall. Now that’s cool!

Their distinctive flavor and the deep pink color they impart might explain why strawberries get put to so many different culinary uses. Strawberries are also quite nutritious as they are good sources of both Vitamin C and manganese.

It is more than size which sets the Capri Sun Big Pouch drinks apart from the rest. The large pouch is designed with a re-closable cap, instead of a straw, which might make adults feel "more adult" while enjoying their favorite childhood flavors.

The Capri Sun 100% Fruit Punch Juice offers drinkers three-quarters of a cup of fruit juice in every pouch. It also contains one combined serving of fruit and vegetable. Even more great news is that it comes with no added sugar!

The Original line of Capri Sun Juice Drinks is, by far, the most extensive in terms of the number of flavors offered. Out of this wide range, a total of five of the Originals get the word "Cooler" in their names - perhaps as a testament to just how refreshing they are!

The term "punch" is derived from the Sanskrit word for "five," alluding to the fact that the original punch contained five ingredients. A punch typically has at least one fruit among its ingredients and can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Blackcurrants became hugely popular in the United Kingdom after they were heavily promoted during World War II as an excellent source of Vitamin C. In fact, just one serving of raw blackcurrants provides over 200% of the recommended daily adult intake of vitamin C!

Not all countries that sell Capri Sun products offer the Big Pouch line. For those that do, Orange Lemon is one of the more popular flavors. Its refreshing taste gets a boost from the apple juice it contains along with the orange and lemon for which it is named.

China holds the title of largest kiwi producer in the world with Italy and New Zealand coming in at second and third, respectively. Both China and New Zealand have honored the kiwi by making it their national fruit.

The Capri Sun Mountain Cooler is big on flavor. In fact, its mountain of flavor might make it difficult for you to discern that this is one of the company's apple juice variations - until you take a look at the pouch, that is!

The "dragon" in Capri Sun Original Mystic Dragon Juice Drink actually refers to the dragon fruit juice in its ingredients. If you ever wondered what are the other fruits lending their flavors to this popular drink, they are banana, grape, apple and strawberry.

Capri Sun uses awesome apples in quite a few of its flavors, which might explain why they're all so yummy! For the Capri Sun Apple 100% Juice, the company says there is actually three-quarters of a cup of real apple juice in each pouch.

"Exotic" Mango-Passion Fruit and "punchy" Blackcurrant are the two flavors offered in the Capri Sun Fruity Water range. As for the Mango-Passion Fruit version, major props to you if you guessed that there is a little apple juice in there as well!

The star fruit, or carambola, is native to Southeast Asia. The fruit most often has a very distinct cross-section resembling a 5-point star, but the points can number anywhere from 4 to 8.

Humans have cultivated grapes for more than 7,000 years. There is evidence that the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all grew grapes, which they ate raw or used to make wines.

Naturally flavored Capri Sun Sport Fruit Frenzy is designed to help replace lost electrolytes. That's a good thing since optimal electrolyte levels help our bodies to maintain fluid balance and control blood pressure.

The Capri Sun Original Mango Juice Drink gets a citrus boost in its flavor from the lemon. According to the manufacturers, this Capri Sun will "liven up your taste buds in no time," for whatever adventure you're about to embark on.

Hydration and electrolyte replacement are the main aims of the Capri Sun Sport line, which comes in four popular, refreshing flavors. Customers can choose from Grape Blast, Orange Shock, Fruit Frenzy and Lemon Lime Rush.

An urge to go surfing might accompany the taste of the Capri Sun Roarin Waters Fruit Punch Wave Flavored Water Beverage. It's a mix of natural fruit flavors with no artificial ingredients added in!

The name "wild cherry" is given to several different varieties of cherries. One of them is the sour cherry, which is native to parts of Asia and Europe. The sour cherry made its way to the Americas along with the very first European colonists to settle there.

Lemons are originally from South Asia, but they were introduced into North Africa, then Spain and the rest of Europe from around 1200 CE. Both the juice and peel of the lemon fruit have a wide variety of culinary uses, as do the leaves that are often used in tea preparation.

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