Can You Name the Celebrities Committing These Fashion Faux Pas?

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Celebrities and fashion go hand in hand. When we watch award shows, we watch just as much for the fashion as the awards themselves. After the shows are over, we watch fashion commentators talk about who got it right and who got it wrong. 

Celebrities famously get it wrong sometimes. Lady Gaga, who was fashion's award-show darling this season, really got it wrong in 2010 with her infamous meat dress at the 2010 MTV Music Awards. She wasn't the only pop diva to make an awkward statement on the red carpet. Songstress Celine Dion wore a too-big fedora and backward suit to the Oscars one year. Some of the men can cause double-take moments too, and not in a good way. In the early '90s, Jon Bon Jovi channeled his inner Prince with a purple velvet tux with too-long leather lapels and cuffs. 

It happens. We all win some and lose some when it comes to our fashion choices, even celebrities armed with personal stylists and glam squads.

We've put together some images of fashion missteps that celebrities have made. Have a look and tell us the names of the stars who made them. Show us how much of a celebrity fashion expert you are! Enjoy!

Can you name the Icelandic pop star who had this "Swan Lake" moment?

For ill or for nil, Bjork's "swan dress" for the 2001 Oscars was a standout on the red carpet. Over 18 years later, the notorious dress was featured in the Met Gala "Camp" exhibit.

Who is this Oscar-nominated actress who channeled her inner school girl at the Women in Film 2013 Crystal Lucy Awards?

Laura Linney has gotten it right many times on the red carpet. This event wasn't one of those times. Her dress reminded some of a novice who'd gotten out of the convent for the night.

Do you know the name of this "Shakespeare in Love" actress?

Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow had one of the best Oscar dresses when she won for Best Actress in 1999. But in 2002, even an Alexander McQueen dress couldn't save her gothic-Renaissance-serving-wench look.

"The Simple Life" star went a little skimpy with this ocean-blue number at the 2003 MTV Awards. Can you name her?

Glamour Magazine called this particular look "cringeworthy" in 2013. Socialite and former reality star Paris Hilton must have thought she was headed to the beach instead of an award show.

Do you know this "Underworld" star?

At the 2018 Toronto Film Festival, Kate Beckinsale remembered her vampire roots in a little black cocktail dress with one extra-long flowy sleeve. Fashion pundits didn't know what to make of it.

Who is this supermodel?

There are times when even being a part of the fashion world can't save you from fashion mistakes. The beige bodysuit with just tights underneath from 2018 made her look like she'd just left a dance studio.

Can you tell who this beauty mogul is?

Reality star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian had many shaking their heads when she arrived at the 2013 Met Gala with Kanye West. The flower-print gown was just too much of a good thing.

Who is this grunge rocker?

Hole band leader Courtney Love's ripped asymmetrical dress just didn't work for many. This 2000 Golden Globe look landed the singer-turned-actress on more than one Worst Dressed list.

Do you recognize this hip-hop artist at her 2012 "Pink Friday" record signing in London?

Nicki Minaj could never be accused of being boring or shy when it comes to her fashion choices. The Barbie-meets-Hello-Kitty ensemble sparked Seventeen Magazine to place her on one of their Worst Dressed Celebrities lists.

Can you tell us who this R&B/pop diva is?

One ... two ... three ... Cha ... cha ... cha ... Christina Aguilera channeled her inner dancing flamingo with this pink dress. She made this questionable choice for MTV's 2003 Video Music Awards.

What's the name of this "Posh" lady attending the 2007 MTV Movie Awards?

Former Spice Girl and fashion icon Victoria Beckham missed the mark in a leather zebra-print dress. The bright-pink bra peeking out didn't get the approval of the fashion world, either.

This "Ironman" didn't have a solid look at the 1989 Oscars. Who is he?

Even having co-presenter Cybill Shepherd on his arm didn't help Robert Downey Jr.'s doomed Mariachi look. The Marvel superhero's loud tuxedo didn't sing and was just a head-scratcher.

Can you name this "Twin Peaks" actress?

At the 2003 Golden Globe Awards, Lara Flynn Boyle made a statement on the red carpet when she arrived. It was probably not the one she wanted to make. Not many got the prima-ballerina thing.

Who is this powerhouse singer who got Worst Dressed at the third Fashion Los Angeles Awards in 2017?

In singing and fashion, Fergie is known for her eclectic style. But with this ruffled matador mini, she got it wrong.

This "Scary" look is brought to you by whom?

"America's Got Talent," but Mel B didn't have a talent for picking an outfit for the show's live broadcast on August 15, 2017. The peacock-inspired bodysuit looked more appropriate for the Ice Capades than for a fashion moment.

Who is this megastar "from the block?"

At this year's Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez underwhelmed fashion critics with the sparkling gown from Ralph and Russo she chose for that evening. The hat just threw people for a loop too.

Can you name this actress wearing a "Monster" of a dress?

Charlize Theron knows how to rock an Oscar gown. But this past show, even the Dior she wore to the ceremony didn't work for her. The fashion pundits found her less than impressive.

This singer went the wrong direction with this suit. What's his name?

You would think wearing a Gucci suit is a fool-proof way to get on a Best Dressed list. That wasn't the case for Harry Styles when he donned a white Gucci suit with black flowers on it. He even said he regrets it.

Who is this footballer?

World-class footballer David Beckham made a lot of right moves on the football field and on the fashion stage. Except for that time he sported cornrows to meet Nelson Mandela, which he admits was a bad idea.

Full "Disclosure" is that this outfit was a fashion no-no. Who wore it?

In the '80s, many people went big or went home when it came to their fashion choices. But Demi Moore's 1989 Oscar look still didn't fly. Bike shorts and a corset top were too much even then.

Maybe this artist would like to forget this outfit. Could you name him for us?

CeeLo Green likes the unique and unusual when it comes to music and fashion. This "Goldfinger" look from the Grammy Awards in 2017 wasn't either of those things in a good way for many.

Can you tell us who this Australian actress is?

Nicole Kidman seldom gets it wrong on the red carpet. The 2004 Golden Globe Awards seemed to be an off year for her with this flapper-inspired number. It didn't translate well to the 21st century.

Maybe she should have talked to her "Girls" before she wore this dress. Who is she?

In 2014, Lena Dunham tried to dress to impress with this Giambattista Valli dress at the Emmys. The poufy pink gown with the flowing train didn't quite do it for the style watchers, though.

Even billionaires make fashion mistakes. What's this one's name?

Kylie Jenner is a fashion-forward business mogul and is considered an influencer. But her pink jumpsuit from the 2019 Grammy's ceremony went nowhere fast with fashionistas in the know.

This pop singer's look at this year's Grammys didn't go over like a "Firework." Can you name her?

Katy Perry's pink Ottoman pouf was not her best look at this year's Grammys. It was a Scooby moment for more than one fashion observer who didn't understand what exactly she was going for.

Who is this unusual singer?

Cyndi Lauper has always wanted to have fun, but this American Music Awards look back in 2012 didn't get her fun fashion reviews. The half-leather, half-plaid jacket just didn't work.

Do you know this member of "The First Wives Club"?

Diane Keaton may have tried to give a shout-out to her "Annie Hall" days with the suit she wore to the 2004 Academy Awards. The long jacket, wingtips, bowler hat and gloves were just a lot.

Do you recognize this Latina powerhouse?

Before the 2001 Grammy Award ceremony, Shakira's stylist lied to her beautifully when she told her this gold gown with matching gold boots would work with the fashion critics. They didn't.

Can you tell us who this French rose is?

Marion Cotillard going understated for an Oscar luncheon in 2015 was understandable. The random green teardrop on her dress right in the middle of a royal blue, black and grayish Christian Dior dress wasn't.

What's the name of this singer who made you want to "Scream?"

Janet Jackson made the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show memorable more for her controversial wardrobe "malfunction" than her actual performance. The plastic-looking bustier with the red bra underneath was odd even before that.

The "Paparazzi" love her. Who is she?

Lady Gaga's 2015 Oscar gown wasn't the biggest offender for the fashion police. The super-large red gloves that extended up to her forearm were. Was she doing dishes before the ceremony?

Can you tell us who this morning-show host is?

Kelly Ripa's Christian Siriano gown from the 2018 Oscars landed her on Marie Claire's list of "The Worst Oscar Dresses of All Time." The large pink-and-green bow on the black dress made it pop but not in a good way.

Do you know this singer-songwriter?

Bebe Rexha's velvet black gown for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards didn't earn her rave reviews with the fashion world. The black tulle fanning out over her shoulders and arms didn't make the statement she wanted.

Who is this supermodel?

You would think supermodels and hosts of fashion shows would always get it right. Heidi Klum was definitely out with her Golden Globes dress this year. The bright flowers on a black dress didn't cut it.

Can you tell us who this star athlete is?

Serena Williams is Superwoman on the tennis court. But this look off the court may have been her kryptonite. At a Berlei event, she wore one of their sports bras, but the tulle skirt and fishnet tights were just a confusing pairing.

Could you tell us the name of this former NFL star?

Michael Strahan must have been remembering his days as a New York Giant with the blue suit. The navy-blue tie and lapels on top of the royal-blue suit didn't work for the 2016 Oscars or the fashion critics.

Do you remember this "Charlie's Angels" star?

For the 2002 Oscars, Cameron Diaz said she was going for a "casual" and comfortable look. The fashionistas were not having that, so they came at her for this peach number with red flowers and random purple belt.

Do you "Believe" you know her?

Cher is nothing if not bold and daring for her fashion choices. Her Oscar outfits always gave people something to talk about. At the 1998 Oscars, they talked about the beaded hat with matching dress by Bob Mackie, just not in a good way.

Can you name this "Empire" star?

At the 2017 Oscars, Terence Howard may have been going for regal and understated. Still, the fashion police didn't see it that way, and they cited him for wearing a dressing gown instead of a formal jacket.

Can you tell us who this "Malibu" singer is?

Take your pick from Miley Cyrus's outlandish looks. This white bodysuit from the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards caused a splash because she seemed to have forgotten pants or a skirt.

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