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Have you ever been to Manhattan? No, not the one in New York. How about Atlanta? But, not the one in Georgia. Maybe you've traveled to Nashville, but never set foot in Tennessee? Or, perhaps you've flown to Charleston, but never set foot in South Carolina. Confused yet?

Back when they were naming towns and cities (do they still do that?), some were so beloved that they eclipsed the boundaries of their original state and became a new place in a new state ... with the same name. You can fly coast to coast and find a Portland in both locales. Love St. Cloud? There's a cold-weather version and one that's in a state that's a bit warmer year-round. How do you feel about Las Vegas? Did you know there's two of them – though wildly different? 

There really is nothing new under the sun, including place names. Of course, imitation is supposed to be the highest form of flattery. If that's truly the case, then the cities in this quiz might want to take a bow! 

You know this locale as "Music City," but only in Tennessee, probably not in Wisconsin. What city are we referencing?

It's hard to believe as iconic as Nashville, Tennessee, is that there could be more than one city with this name in the country, but it's true. Nashville, Wisconsin, is a small town of roughly 1,000 people – a far cry from Nashville's nearly 700,000 residents and more than 15 million visitors in 2018.


Oregon or Illinois: One of them was the inspiration for this Simpsons' city. What is its name?

Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons," finally let fans in on a secret. The Springfield where the cartoon cast lives was named in honor of Springfield, Oregon. There's also a Springfield in Illinois and roughly 30 others throughout the country.


Virginia's is home to a national cemetery; Texas' is home to the Cowboys. What city name do these locations share?

Arlington is a significant city in both of these states. Arlington, Virginia, right outside Washington, D.C., is home to Arlington National Cemetery. Further south, in Texas, Arlington is home to AT&T Stadium, where the NFL's Dallas Cowboys call home.


Purdue University calls this Indiana city home, a town that shares its name with Louisiana's fourth-largest city. What's the name?

Spend a day in Lafayette, Indiana, and you probably won't go far without seeing or hearing something about the Purdue Boilermakers. Travel 900 miles south to Louisiana, and the mood will turn Mardi Gras festive in Lafayette, home to the state's second-largest celebration.


This city in Georgia boasts the world's busiest airport, a far cry from a city of the same name in Texas with only 5,000 residents. Where are we?

If you've ever done much flying, chances are you've found yourself at Atlanta, Georgia's Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It's probably less likely, though not impossible, that you've found yourself in Atlanta, Texas, a small town near the Texas-Arkansas border.


Climate isn't the only thing that separates this popular Colorado capital from its sister city in North Carolina. What place are we referencing?

Both Colorado and North Carolina have their own Denvers. In Colorado, it's the state capital; in North Carolina, it's just outside Charlotte, perched along the picturesque Lake Norman.


Singer/songwriter Pitbull calls this Florida city home, but we're guessing he's never been to this western mining town. What name do they share?

If you've ever listened to a Pitbull song, you know he's proud of the "305," the area code that represents his hometown of Miami, Florida. Out west, the town "Miami" means something different in Arizona, the site of lucrative mines in the late 1800s.


The first shots of the Civil War were fired from Fort Sumter in this South Carolina town, which shares its name with West Virginia's state capital. What is it?

Fort Sumter, the place where the Civil War officially began, sits on an island in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. West Virginia's state capital bears the same name and, fun fact, is the only U.S. state to have been formed because of that same war.


New Jersey's largest city shares a name with a city just outside Ohio's largest. What's their name?

Newark is not only New Jersey's largest city, but a major hub for shipping (just watch your tracking number sometime!). Newark, Ohio, on the other hand, is not quite as large, but its residents know a thing or two about sizable cities: the state's capital of Ohio is practically next door.


This city is the "Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula" in Washington, and it's also a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. What town are we talking about?

You'll find an Aberdeen on both the East and West coasts of the United States: on the east side of Grays Harbor in Washington and near Chesapeake Bay in Maryland's largest city of Baltimore.


ESPN's home is in this Connecticut town, separated from a town of the same name in Rhode Island by only 130 miles. What is it?

If you're lucky enough to get a job at ESPN's headquarters, you'll find yourself in Bristol, Connecticut. That's roughly 130 miles west of Rhode Island's own Bristol, named after Bristol, England.


The Oregon Trail began in this Missouri town, three hours from a town of the same name in Kansas. What city is it?

Missouri and Kansas both have ... Independence (both the freedom and the place name). Missouri's Independence marked the start of the Oregon Trail, while Kansas' version was named in honor of the Declaration of Independence.


Iowa and Florida don't share much in common except this city's name, which seems more appropriate for a tropical setting. What is it?

When you think of oranges, think of Iowa. Yeah, we don't think that sounds right either. But, both Florida and Iowa are home to a city known as Orange City. Orange City, Florida, earned its name for the groves of citrus fruits in the area, while Orange City, Iowa, was named in honor of William III of England, also known as William of Orange.


Wynonna and Ashley Judd hail from this small eastern Kentucky city, which shares its name with a Wisconsin locale. Which of these is it?

Ashland, Kentucky, isn't famous for many things, but being the hometown of the Judds is certainly one they cherish. Ashland, Wisconsin, is a port city along one of the Great Lakes – Lake Superior.


Oklahoma and Kansas share this town name, and both share it with a Native American tribe. What is it?

Both Oklahoma and Kansas have a Shawnee within their borders, which is appropriate given the presence of the Native American tribe of the same name historically located in the area.


Wyoming took this name from the New York version which, surprisingly, was named for a creek. Which of these is it?

Neither Buffalo, Wyoming, nor Buffalo, New York, are named for the animal buffalo. Rather, Buffalo, New York, is named after a nearby creek, and Buffalo, Wyoming, is named after Buffalo, New York. Phew! That's a lot of Buffaloes!


Missouri and Arkansas both bear a city with this name, which they share with a local mountain range. What is it?

One Ozark in the Ozark Mountains wasn't enough, so now there are two! Both Missouri and Arkansas have a city named Ozark, fitting as both cities are located in the Ozark Mountain range.


The early days of the railroad helped name this Texas city, in honor of a surveyor's hometown in Virginia. What name do they share?

There's no place like home! At least one railroad surveyor thought so. Working in Texas, he named a local area Roanoke after his Virginia hometown of the same name. Roanoke is a Powhatan word that means "to rub smooth."


New York and Ohio: Both states share a city named for George Washington's Virginia plantation. Which of these is it?

George Washington's Mount Vernon plantation in Virginia has been the namesake for many things through the years, including cities in both Ohio and New York. You can also visit the grounds of Mount Vernon itself in – you guessed it – Mount Vernon, Virginia.


The Liberty Bell is at home in this Pennsylvania town, which shares its name with a city in Mississippi. What do they have in common?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – the "City of Brotherly Love." We don't know how loving Philadelphia, Mississippi, is, but we do know it was named for its more northerly neighbor in Pennsylvania.


You may recognize this place for its connection to Archie and Jughead more than its status as a place in Illinois and California. What city are we referencing?

Archie and the gang from the comic series hailed from Riverdale, believed to be situated somewhere in New York. But, no worries, there are plenty of other Riverdales, including these two in Illinois and California.


This South Dakota town is home to a giant motorcycle rally; head east and you'll find another in Michigan. What place are we talking about?

Sturgis, South Dakota, is a trip on the bucket list of many bikers who probably have never heard of Sturgis, Michigan, located near the border of its home state and Indiana. Rev your engines, boys (and girls)!


Alabama and Mississippi: These neighboring states have more in common than a border. They share which of these city names?

Birmingham, Alabama, has a special place in history as a key site in the civil rights movement. Birmingham, Mississippi, is its lesser-known sister city in a neighboring state. The two are separated by just two hours!


Creedence Clearwater Revival named a song after this California city, not the New Jersey one. What's its name?

The song is "Lodi" and it was named after Lodi, California, by the group Creedence Clearwater Revival. No word whether CCR ever visited Lodi, New Jersey, but we're OK with both cities laying claim to it!


This city is a "Twin City" in Minnesota and a suburb in Texas. What is it called?

Head north to Minnesota and you'll find one-half of the pair known as the "Twin Cities" in St. Paul. (Minneapolis is the other, if you wanted to know.) Further south, you'll find another St. Paul, this time just north of Dallas.


These cities in Iowa and Massachusetts aren't named for a former U.S. president; they just sound that way. Which name is it?

While the Clintons (of Bill and Hillary fame) live in Chappaqua, New York, there are some other Clintons sprinkled throughout the country, including cities that bear that name in Iowa and Massachusetts. No relation, though.


Most people think of Pennsylvania when they hear this city name, but this differently spelled city is at home in Kansas and California. What is it?

Perhaps the most famous Pittsburgh (with an "H") is located in Pennsylvania, but Pittsburg (without the "H") can be found in two U.S. states: Kansas and California. The Pennsylvania version actually started without an "H," too, before being added in 1911.


This name shared by New York and Kansas has resulted in nicknames of "Big Apple" and "Little Apple," respectively. Which name is it?

Manhattan is one of New York City's boroughs, so yes, you can find it in New York City. The other Manhattan is located in Kansas, and is home to Kansas State University. Playing off the "Big Apple," Manhattan, Kansas, has been referred to as the "Little Apple."


North Carolina and South Carolina share part of a state name and this city name, though it's pronounced differently. What city are we talking about?

Both North Carolina and South Carolina have a Beaufort, but the similarities end there. In North Carolina, residents pronounce it "BOW-fert," as in "bow and arrow," while South Carolinians pronounce theirs "BYOO-fert," similar to "bugle."


This city sits alongside the Ohio River in Pennsylvania and the Big Wood River in Idaho. What name do they share?

Not only is there a Bellevue in Pennsylvania and Idaho, but there are Bellevues in a load of other places, including Washington, Nebraska, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan. Popular choice!


Thomas Jefferson built a home in this Virginia city to escape visitors to Monticello. A city in North Dakota also bears this name. What is it?

Apparently, Thomas Jefferson wasn't much of a people person, or maybe he just didn't have much use for tourists. Either way, he created an escape for himself in Lynchburg, Virginia, a town that also shares its name with a city in North Dakota.


Iowa calls this city its capital, but New Mexico just calls it by which of these names?

It may be hard to believe, but a Des Moines does exist outside of Iowa. Des Moines, New Mexico, is a tiny town by comparison, sitting near an extinct volcano known as Sierra Grande.


Rudd's Ferry, Tennessee, eventually became this, named after its more popular Georgia location. What is it?

Nothing says "Southern charm" like Savannah, Georgia, a feeling that Rudd's Ferry, Tennessee, may have been trying to emulate when it changed its name to Savannah, Tennessee. Of course, James Rudd's wife being from Savannah, Georgia, may have also influenced that decision.


Believe it or not, cities with the same name in both New Mexico and Nevada have been featured prominently in several movies. What name do they share?

You know Las Vegas, the one in Nevada frequently referred to as "Sin City," but do you know Las Vegas, New Mexico? You might! The former has been the site of many movies, but the latter is no slouch either, serving as the setting for parts of "No Country For Old Men," "Due Date" and "Wyatt Earp."


You can stand in both Virginia and Tennessee at the same time in two cities that bear the same name. What is it?

The state line between Bristol, Tennessee, and Bristol, Virginia, runs down – appropriately – State Street, where you can stand with one foot in each place. They're both named Bristol, though, and are considered sister cities.


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