Can You Name the Disney Movie from Its Opening Scene?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Feature Animation

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Disney movies are among some of the most successful and popular films around the world. It doesn't matter if they're animated or not; Something about these films always seems to bring people's emotions to the forefront.  Another great thing about these movies is that they transcend all age groups; There's something that everyone can relate to in every movie. Even if the last time you saw a Disney movie was because your niece or son desperately wanted to see it,  we're pretty sure you were eventually ensnared by what was going on on-screen. 

Today we're going to put your knowledge of Disney movies to the test. We're not going to make it easy by making it incredibly obvious. Instead, we're going to show you a still shot of a Disney movie's opening scene. Your job is to guess which movie that image belongs to. So, if you usually miss the beginning of movies, you may be in trouble. But don't despair, we do have hints in place to help you if you get stuck!

If you think you're enough of a Disney fan or movie buff to correctly guess the names of these movies based on a picture of their opening scene, take our quiz!

"Moana" begins with a story of how the heart of Te Fiti was stolen by the demigod, Maui, both of which were lost to the sea. Moana goes on a journey to find them and save her village.

"Lady and the Tramp​" begins with a beautiful dedication to dogs, followed by a walk through the snow-laden trees to the house of the Dear family. It follows the love story and adventures of a mutt and a pure-bred pooch.

Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke starred in this movie adaptation of a series of books by P.L. Travers. It combined live-action sequences with animation.

We are taken to World Wide Studios where Kermit the frog gives an opening speech and vote of thanks as he introduces "The Muppet Movie." While the movie was originally owned by Jim Henson's production company, the rights were eventually transferred to Disney.

At the beginning of the Halloween special movie, "Hocus Pocus," a witch flies over forests and lakes on her broomstick to get to the home of Thackery Binx. This 1993 film still airs annually on TV.

A twist on the tale of "Sleeping beauty," "Maleficent" begins with an introduction into the marvelous fairy world and one extraordinary fairy, Maleficent. The 2014 film starred Angelina Jolie.

The 1997 movie, "Flubber," is a remake of the 1961 film, "The Absent-Minded Professor." The movie is about a professor who inadvertently creates a gooey substance that flies through the air while trying to create a new source of energy.

A mouse is trapped by the infamous Scar who warns him that "life isn't fair." The mouse escapes when Scar is disturbed by a bird. So begins the 1994 musical that went on to become a Broadway musical.

Viewers are taken on-board a cruise where lovers, Elizabeth and Nicholas Parker, wed in the opening of "The Parent Trap." In 1998, Disney remade the 1961 film that originally starred Hayley Mills as both Susan and Sharon.

Laborers sing while cutting ice and preparing it for trade. An excited young boy learns how to do the same. The film, which follows sisters Elsa and Anna on a journey to mend their relationship, is based on a Hans Christian Andersen story, "The Snow Queen."

In this 2017 sequel, young Henry attempts to reunite with his father, William Turner. This is the fifth movie in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

The 1950 animated version of "Cinderella" begins with a narration of the Cinderella story. Viewers are told how Cinderella became a servant to her stepmother.

"Freaky Friday" begins with a showcase of photographs of mothers and their daughters, from ancient history to modern times. This version, starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, is a remake of the 1976 film that starred Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris.

Mia (Anne Hathaway) and her best friend, Lilly, ride their scooters to another dreaded day at school where Mia is invisible to her boy crush. Little does she know that she's actually a princess.

At the beginning of this 1991 film, the story of how a handsome young prince was turned into a beast is told through pictures. Although the story was originally a French fairy tale, it got the modern Disney treatment and became the first Disney film to use computer-generated 3D animation in the ballroom scene.

"The Mighty Ducks" begins in a courtroom where a lawyer receives the sentence of community service. The film goes on to tell the story of a kids' hockey league. A year after the film came out, the Anaheim Ducks, an NHL team, was born.

It is morning at the Szalinski house. Amy is occupied on a telephone call while younger brother, Nick, plays with an invention. And then dad shrinks them...oops! There were eventually two sequels to this film.

Alice sits atop a tree making flower crowns while her sister sits reading a book out loud. Little did she know she'd end up in an alternate universe in this film based on the stories of Lewis Carroll.

Beneath the ocean lies beautiful coral, various species of fish, a kingdom populated by mermaids and a beautiful castle belonging to King Triton. In this 1989 adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of the same name, Ariel (a mermaid princess,) does everything she can to become a human.

Au contraire to the popular destructive nature of dinosaurs, parent dinosaurs happily and peacefully sow the land and raise a family at the beginning of this 2015 animated Disney film.

A baby is abandoned on a doorstep by a hooded figure who rings the doorbell and leaves. Thus begins the time-traveling tale of Lewis. This was the first Disney film with John Lasseter as the head of Disney animation.

A black panther is startled when he hears the unfamiliar sound of a baby crying in the jungle. Following the sounds of the cries, he discovers a baby in a broken canoe. "The Jungle Book" (and it's many film adaptations) is based on a book of short stories by Rudyard Kipling.

An Arabic man sings about the desert as he travels on his camel into the city. He then invites viewers to "come a little closer to see." "Aladdin" is actually a single tale from the book, "A Thousand and One Nights," where the vizier's daughter, Scheherazade, tells her husband (the king) stories for 1,001 nights to avoid being executed.

Two toddlers of contrasting backgrounds and personalities are read the story of "The Princess and the Frog." Tiana, the lead character, was the first Disney princess of African-American descent.

What first looks like a normal pigeon pecks at some grain left on the ground. The creature then shows its two heads and is chased away by a bus full of monsters. "Monsters University" is a prequel to "Monsters, Inc."

A cute pup plays alone, with a chew toy, in a cage waiting to be adopted into a family. The last remaining pup, he is finally chosen by a little girl. This 2008 film about a dog that thinks he's a superhero is considered the first film in the Disney Revival.

Several statues are seen as the narrator draws the attention to the strongest man in ancient Greece, Hercules, before he is cut short by an engraving on the statue. This was the 35th animated film by Disney.

Baby Dory is trained by her parents before she is allowed to hang with the big kids. During the training she constantly becomes distracted. Ellen DeGeneres starred as the voice of Dory in this sequel to the hit, "Finding Nemo."

Inside her castle, the evil queen summons the magic inside the mirror to ask him once more, "Who is the fairest of them all?" This 1937 film was not only Disney's first feature-length animated movie, but also the first feature-length celluloid animated film.

Soldiers on the Great Wall of China light up a signal when they are attacked by an infamous group of bandits. The 1998 film, "Mulan," tells the story of a girl who dresses as a man to fight as a soldier in her father's place.

"The Black Cauldron" opens with a chilling narration about a wicked king whose spirit was trapped forever in a cauldron, turning it as evil as he was. The film, loosely based on two books by Lloyd Alexander, was the most expensive animated film ever made at that point in history and nearly bankrupted Walt Disney Animation.

Despite the blizzard, storks fly to drop off baby animals to their respective parents. One baby happens to be an elephant with extraordinarily large ears. This 1941 film follows Dumbo (and his best friend, a mouse named Timothy) on a journey to find Dumbo's mother while becoming a circus success.

A poor llama sits drenched in the rain crying while the narrator, who is also the emperor, tries to explain the scene. The theme of this Disney comedy is essentially: selfish guy turns a new leaf after learning that it's good to be a nice person.

The voice of a race car can be heard as he motivates himself for a big race before being brought out onto the race track. "Cars" won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Film in 2007 and spawned a franchise that includes an entire themed area at Disney California Adventure.

The story of how the sword became placed in the stone is told in song form by a narrator as pictures depict what is being said. This 1963 film was based on a 1938 novel of the same name.

A clownfish couple moves into a new coral home and neighborhood. While adoring their eggs and reminiscing, the neighborhood is attacked. "Finding Nemo" tells the story of a clownfish, named Marlin, who searches for his son, Nemo, with the help of the ocean community.

A woodcarver sings as he paints his new puppet, Pinocchio. After naming the puppet, he begins dancing with it. "Pinocchio," the 1940 film, is based on an Italian children's book called, "The Adventures of Pinocchio."

In 1910 in Paris, a group of privileged cats and their owner travel in a horse-driven carriage to their home. The 1970 film was originally supposed to be part of the "Wonderful World of Color" television show as a two-part, live-action episode, rather than a feature-length animated film.

A pet Dalmatian gives his thoughts on his owner and scouts out the window for potential partners for his owner and himself in the opening scene of this 1996 remake of "101 Dalmatians." Glenn Close starred as Cruella de Vil.

Young Merida encounters a will-o-the-wisp while fetching an arrow that she shot into the woods, and it changes here life. Merida is, in a sense, the anti-princess, because she wishes not to become married.

Viewers are shown a heart-wrenching story of how an old man met and lost his lover and best friend. This late aughts Pixar-animated film actually was the first ever animated film to open the Cannes Film Festival in 2009.

A bunny rabbit partakes in a school play along with her classmates, who decide not to follow the life roles decided for them by society. 2016's "Zootopia" earned both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, among many other awards.

The animals of the forest awaken and begin their daily rituals when they receive news of the birth of the new prince. "Bambi," made in 1942, showed the lead character, Bambi, and his friends overcome the challenges of living in the forest; from hunters to fires and everything in between. It was the fifth animated Disney film (that was also feature-length.)

At an English harbor, several men sign up for a journey to the New World with the popular Captain John Smith. The 1995 film is a very fictionalized version of real life indigenous woman, Pocahontas, and here encounter with John Smith.

A family becomes stranded in a jungle after their ship catches on fire. Simultaneously, two gorillas welcome their new baby gorilla. Unfortunate events intertwine the two. The 1999 adaptation of the story was the first animated feature film version of the book.

The story of Rapunzel is retold with a small twist. Rapunzel gains healing powers as a baby when her dying mother is treated with a magical golden flower. "Tangled" was one of the most expensive animated films ever made.

A rat who believes he is a chef steals a recipe book while the rest of his family focuses on just eating the food available. This 2007 film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

On the pages of a bedazzled book, the story of "Sleeping Beauty" is written. People from across the kingdom gather for the celebration of the newborn princess, Aurora. This 1959 film was the last Disney fairy tale adaptation until "The Little Mermaid" in 1989.

A mad alien scientist is on trial for creating a new alien called Experiment 626, which destroys everything in its path. The film about an odd friendship between Lilo (a little girl) and Stitch (the alien) was nominated for an Academy Award in 2002, but lost to "Spirited Away."

On a quiet night in Bloomsburg, London, the Darling siblings play in their room while their nanny prepares them for bedtime. "Peter Pan" was turned into a Broadway show (starring Mary Martin) in 1954, but first, it was an animated film in 1953.

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