Quiz: Can You Name the Disney Movie from Its Opening Scene?
Can You Name the Disney Movie from Its Opening Scene?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Walt Disney Studios

About This Quiz

Disney movies are among some of the most successful and popular films around the world. It doesn't matter if they're animated or not; Something about these films always seems to bring people's emotions to the forefront.  Another great thing about these movies is that they transcend all age groups; There's something that everyone can relate to in every movie. Even if the last time you saw a Disney movie was because your niece or son desperately wanted to see it,  we're pretty sure you were eventually ensnared by what was going on on-screen. 

Today we're going to put your knowledge of Disney movies to the test. We're not going to make it easy by making it incredibly obvious. Instead, we're going to show you a still shot of a Disney movie's opening scene. Your job is to guess which movie that image belongs to. So, if you usually miss the beginning of movies, you may be in trouble. But don't despair, we do have hints in place to help you if you get stuck!

If you think you're enough of a Disney fan or movie buff to correctly guess the names of these movies based on a picture of their opening scene, take our quiz!

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Which Disney movie, with some music by Lin Manuel Miranda, is this?
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Which doggone cute Disney movie is this?
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Which mixed live-action and animated Disney movie is this?
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Which spooky Disney movie is this?
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Which Robin Williams Disney movie is this?
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Which movie-turned-musical Disney movie is this?
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Which Hans Christian Andersen-inspired Disney movie is this?
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Which mother-daughter Disney movie is this?
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Which Disney movie, starring Anne Hathaway, is this?
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Which Disney movie (that spawned a sports franchise) is this?
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Which Rick Moranis Disney movie is this?
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Which Disney movie about a girl's marvelous adventures is this?
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Which fairy tale-inspired Disney movie is this?
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Which alternate-history Disney movie is this?
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Which animated Disney movie is this?
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Which Rudyard Kipling-inspired Disney movie is this?
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Which Disney musical movie is this?
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Which computer animated Disney movie is this?
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Which Greek-inspired Disney movie is this?
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Which swimmingly cheerful Disney movie is this?
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Which circus-themed Disney movie is this?
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Which Pixar-animated, Disney-released movie is this?
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Which ocean-themed Disney movie is this?
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Which Disney live-action remake is this?
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Which anti-princess Disney movie is this?
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Which festival-ready Disney movie is pictured here?
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Which award-winning Disney movie is this?
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Which comedic Disney fairy tale is this?
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Which food-centric Disney movie is this?
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Which Disney film is shown here?
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