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It's the territory test you've been waiting for! Here is the European country quiz that puts all others to shame. Correctly match the correct country to three hints. You thought you knew Europe's land jewels until you take this test. Don't worry. At the end of it all, you'll be well-versed with some "favoloso" Euro-knowledge.

We deliver history facts, geography trivia and more. Learn which European territories crowd among major waterway peninsulas. The Scandinavian peninsula is a slice of Northern Europe that includes Norway, Sweden, Finland and a small portion of Russia. Head south, closer to the equator and you'll find warmer Mediterranean zones like Greece and Sicily, which barely grazes mainland Italy. 

Regional foods are also a big part of this exam. Would you recognize a plate of nalesniki if you saw one? By the end of this geography exam, you'll know what it is and which country makes it. And don't forget about the many languages and dialects that make Europe such a fascinating place to travel. We've padded your hints with foreign words to stimulate your brain even more!

Indeed, you have a lot of miles to cover on this, your digital journey through Mama Europe. And we will equip you with all the hints you'll need to make it through. So scroll through and make it happen!

This country uses the krone monetary unit, a blue cross appears on its flag, and it constitutes the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula. Can you name the European country?

King Harald Harfager of Denmark conquered Norway in 970. Norway and Sweden were unified in 1319, and in 1380, Denmark and Norway were consolidated with Copenhagen as the undisputed capital of the Danish-Norwegian territory.


Berlin, east-west reunification of 1989 and rouladen all describe which of these European countries?

Easy-to-prepare rouladen is a classic German dish of rolled cuts of meat. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, then fry the rolled meat with oil in a frying pan. Remove the pan juices, cover the pan with foil, then bake for two hours. Thicken the juices with flour and serve with the meat.


Can you identify the European country that lies on the western edge of the Balkan Peninsula, is bordered by Macedonia to the west, and declared its independence in 1912?

There is a traditional code of living in Albania called Kanun. All clanspeople are expected to adhere at all times to these ethical laws that strongly encourage citizenry to safeguard any citizen, friend or foe, who seeks protection.


"La Marseillaise," Bonaparte, and baguette bread are associated with which of these countries?

Napolean Bonaparte often suffered chronic symptoms of stress while he and his troops engaged in fierce battle. Specifically, during the Leipzig and Dresden campaigns, he experienced vomiting and severe stomach pain.


Which European country is known for pizza, the Colosseum and Sicilia?

In A.D. 70, Emperor Vespasian decreed construction of the Roman Colosseum, which is an amphitheater of Flavian distinction. When the grand project was completed in A.D. 80, Titus sanctioned its commencement with a 100-day celebration.


Can you choose the European country with these attributes: "Wooded Land," Sint Eustatius, and Amsterdam.

Sint Eustatius is a Netherlands municipality located among the northern Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The small island has a population of 3,200 people and stretches approximately eight square miles.


Chocolate, luxury watches, banks are well-known characteristics of which European nation?

For more than 140 years, the Swiss have been the chocolate innovators of the world. In spite of the vast chocolate selection the Swiss have managed to figure out, the United States produces more chocolate annually.


Which European country is famous for Warsaw, the zloty, and nalesniki?

The Warsaw Convention, or the "Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Transportation by Air," was proposed in October of 1929 during a conference in Warsaw, Poland. The proposal aimed to promote growth and safety within the international aviation industry.


Island country, Valletta, Gozo are features associated with which of these European countries?

The Maltese Islands are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, roughly 60 miles from the coast of southern Sicily, Italy. Malta is the largest of the islands; Comino and Gozo are other uninhabited islands.


Can you identify the country with the following traits: Plato, Aegean Sea, Zeus?

There are 227 islands inhabited of the 600 island structures of various sizes that surface the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Aegean Sea islands are classified into seven categories: Dodecanese, Crete, Northeastern Aegean Islands, Cyclades, Islands of Argosaronic, Evia, and Sporades.


Kalemegdan, Boze Pravde, Belgrade are elements linked with which European republic?

Kalemegdan is a popular tourist attraction in Serbia. The complex includes Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park. The Serbs took over the area in the 7th century, giving it the name "Beograd."


Triglav, bujta repa, Borut Pahor describe which of these European countries?

Before the country gained independence in 1991, Slovenia was included in the former Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). When the Iron Curtain fell, Slovenia was the wealthiest component of the SFRY, having established the strongest financial ties with Western markets.


Which territory borders Switzerland to the west, contours Austria to the east and gained independence in 1866?

Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest country in Europe, measuring 62 square miles. The country is comprised of the Rhein Valley region, which includes its capital, Vaduz, and mountainous terrain full of greenery during the summer and spring, but snow-filled throughout other seasons.


Riverdance, Dublin, Carrauntoohil are features of which place?

Carrauntoohil is Ireland's highest mountain peak in County, Kerry, in the country's southwest region. The peak rests among Macgillycuddy's Reeks Range near Killarney National Park's perimeter.


Rupjmaize, Riga, and the lat monetary unit are characteristics of what territory?

Rupjmaize is a whole-grain black rye bread that originates in Latvia. The bread is often paired with strong cheeses and smoked fish. The bread has been a staple food of the Latvian diet since the early 20th century.


Can you identify the Nordic country tied to these attributes: Borgholm Castle, Vanern, Gotland?

Sweden's Lake Vanern is the largest freshwater lake in the European Union. The lake spans 5,650 square kilometers and has a coastline that measures 4,800 kilometers. Lake Vanern includes more than 22,000 island structures.


Which of these countries is known for Bjork, Althing, and kaestur hakarl?

Althing is the name of Iceland's parliament. It was founded circa 930 and is one of the oldest governing bodies in the world. In early times, 39 Icelandic chieftains converged to ratify laws, plot expeditions to foreign lands and formally acknowledge marriages, among other matters.


Belgium is to the east, Germany is to the west and France is to the south. Do you know which nation is described?

For much of the 18th century, Luxembourg was controlled by Austrian Habsburgs before the French Republic seized power in 1795. Then in 1815, the territory was absorbed into the German Confederation. The London Conference of 1867 designated it a region of "perpetual neutrality."


The leu monetary unit, Bucharest, and Nadia Comaneci describe which of these countries?

In 1948, a law was passed in Romania suppressing the reach and influence of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church. The church's governing body was absorbed into the Romanian Orthodox Church, its rival. The Greek Catholic Church's property was placed under communist state ownership.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christoph Waltz and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart all have which European place in common?

In 1955, a State Treaty recognized Austria's independence and a subsequent constitutional law affirmed the country's "perpetual neutrality." Austria entered the European Union in 1995.


Irn-Bru, Glasgow, Forth Bridge are features of what country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean?

The Forth Railway Bridge, which straddles Scotland's Firth River in Queensferry, was the first all-steel cantilever bridge that stretched for miles and was the world's longest bridge when it first opened in the 1880s. The bridge is featured in Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 film, "The 39 Steps."


Do you know the European territory that can be described with the following elements: Canary Islands, Catalonia, paella?

Catalonia is Spain's autonomous region situated in the Iberian Peninsula's northeast zone. The community includes Tarragona, Barcelona, Lerida, and Gerona provinces. Approximately 6 million people live in Catalonia, which constitutes roughly 16 percent of Spain's total population.


Do you recognize the realm that is connected to the Dnieper River, Kiev, and the hryvna monetary unit?

Ukraine's territory measures 232,200 square miles, roughly the size of Britain and Germany combined. The country's geographical landscape consists mostly of plateaus and low-lying plains.


What is the name of the Baltic state that includes Lake Vortsjarv, the island of Saaremaa and Suur Munamagi knoll?

Saaremaa is Estonia's largest island. It measures 2,673 square kilometers. Roughly 15,000 citizens live in the island's capital, Kuressaare. Each year, Estonia produces an elaborate festival called "Opera Days" which is staged at Kuressaare Castle.


When in this country, you may want to sample these staple dishes: shopska salad, banitsa, and lukanka. Where do these dishes originate?

Bulgaria is situated on the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, and the Black Sea rims its eastern border. The country's capital city is Sofia. Between 1990 and 1999, Bulgaria had eight governments.


Russia is to the east, Ukraine is to the south and Minsk is the capital of what European republic?

Belarus gained independence in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. President John F. Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, lived in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, between 1960 and 1962.


Cepelinai, skilandis and rugine duona are national foods from which Baltic state?

The remains of the first humans to walk the region known as Lithuania date back to 10th century B.C. Lithuania emerged as a state in the 12th century. Mindaugas was crowned king of the territory on July 6, 1253.


Can you identify the name of the correct European country with these three hints: Copenhagen, Viggo Mortensen, Tuborg?

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city, is home to Hotel D'Angleterre, a five-star luxury hotel with a rich history that spans more than 250 years. Denmark's literary master, Hans Christian Andersen, stayed at the hotel, as well as Winston Churchill, Michael Jackson, Walt Disney and Bill Clinton.


The Island of Comacina, the Congo in Africa, and Ruanda-Urundi were once colonized by which densely populated nation in Europe?

Belgian-controlled Ruanda-Urundi are the east African nations Rwanda and Burundi. Belgium administered the twin territory between 1922 and 1962. Although Belgium is a small European country, the nation wielded tremendous colonial power on the African continent for much of the 20th century.


Most of this republic's population inhabits the southern region; the country borders Russia to the east, and there is a gulf that goes by its name. What is the name of the country from these hints?

The Soviet Union and Finland entered a 1948 agreement called the Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Assistance, which laid out Finland's desire for neutrality. Yet, the presence of Soviet forces stationed at the Porkkala naval base muted this aspiration until the military's 1956 withdrawal.


Lisbon, Tagus River, Iberian Peninsula describe the country of ________.

Lisbon, Portugal's capital city, is intersected by the Tagus River, which is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula. Lisbon is one of the few places in Europe where the sun shines for nearly 300 days a year.


Guess which nation is linked to fish and chips, Big Ben, Queen Elizabeth II.

Big Ben is England's world-famous tower clock. Sir Charles Barry designed the clock, which was finished in 1854. The first bell weighed 2 tons more than was expected and it developed a crack that measured 4 feet during testing. The defective bell was re-molded and cast into another.


This place's anthem means "hymn," goulash is a native dish, and the Danube River flows through much of the region. Can you guess the European nation?

Hungary has had a strong Armenian presence that dates back prior to the start of the first Hungarian Kingdom roughly 1,000 years ago. During King Stephan's rule between 1001 and 1038, Armenians primarily occupied the area of primal Transylvania.


Krk is an island, Dinara is a mountain, and Sabor is the government of which Balkan Peninsula country?

Samobor is a quaint resort town 15 miles west of Croatia's capital city of Zagreb. The town's history dates back to the mid-13th century. Crystal-cutting is a local trade there with well-established roots.


The capital city of what Eastern European republic is Chisinau? The nation used to be called "Bessarabia," and divin brandy hails from this part of the world.

Moldova is a small Eastern European country locked between the Ukraine and Romania. In 1812, the Russian Empire annexed Moldova. In 1918, Moldova reunited with the Romanian territory it shared during the Middle Ages. In 1940, Russia re-annexed the country, which gained independence in 1991.


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