Quiz: Can You Name the European Country From Three Clues?
Can You Name the European Country From Three Clues?
By: Tasha Moore
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About This Quiz

It's the territory test you've been waiting for! Here is the European country quiz that puts all others to shame. Correctly match the correct country to three hints. You thought you knew Europe's land jewels until you take this test. Don't worry. At the end of it all, you'll be well-versed with some "favoloso" Euro-knowledge.

We deliver history facts, geography trivia and more. Learn which European territories crowd among major waterway peninsulas. The Scandinavian peninsula is a slice of Northern Europe that includes Norway, Sweden, Finland and a small portion of Russia. Head south, closer to the equator and you'll find warmer Mediterranean zones like Greece and Sicily, which barely grazes mainland Italy. 

Regional foods are also a big part of this exam. Would you recognize a plate of nalesniki if you saw one? By the end of this geography exam, you'll know what it is and which country makes it. And don't forget about the many languages and dialects that make Europe such a fascinating place to travel. We've padded your hints with foreign words to stimulate your brain even more!

Indeed, you have a lot of miles to cover on this, your digital journey through Mama Europe. And we will equip you with all the hints you'll need to make it through. So scroll through and make it happen!

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This country uses the krone monetary unit, a blue cross appears on its flag, and it constitutes the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula. Can you name the European country?
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Berlin, east-west reunification of 1989 and rouladen all describe which of these European countries?
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Can you identify the European country that lies on the western edge of the Balkan Peninsula, is bordered by Macedonia to the west, and declared its independence in 1912?
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"La Marseillaise," Bonaparte, and baguette bread are associated with which of these countries?
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Which European country is known for pizza, the Colosseum and Sicilia?
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Can you choose the European country with these attributes: "Wooded Land," Sint Eustatius, and Amsterdam.
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Chocolate, luxury watches, banks are well-known characteristics of which European nation?
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Which European country is famous for Warsaw, the zloty, and nalesniki?
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Island country, Valletta, Gozo are features associated with which of these European countries?
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Can you identify the country with the following traits: Plato, Aegean Sea, Zeus?
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Kalemegdan, Boze Pravde, Belgrade are elements linked with which European republic?
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Triglav, bujta repa, Borut Pahor describe which of these European countries?
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Which territory borders Switzerland to the west, contours Austria to the east and gained independence in 1866?
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Riverdance, Dublin, Carrauntoohil are features of which place?
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Rupjmaize, Riga, and the lat monetary unit are characteristics of what territory?
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Can you identify the Nordic country tied to these attributes: Borgholm Castle, Vanern, Gotland?
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Which of these countries is known for Bjork, Althing, and kaestur hakarl?
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Belgium is to the east, Germany is to the west and France is to the south. Do you know which nation is described?
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The leu monetary unit, Bucharest, and Nadia Comaneci describe which of these countries?
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christoph Waltz and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart all have which European place in common?
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Irn-Bru, Glasgow, Forth Bridge are features of what country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean?
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Do you know the European territory that can be described with the following elements: Canary Islands, Catalonia, paella?
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Do you recognize the realm that is connected to the Dnieper River, Kiev, and the hryvna monetary unit?
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What is the name of the Baltic state that includes Lake Vortsjarv, the island of Saaremaa and Suur Munamagi knoll?
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When in this country, you may want to sample these staple dishes: shopska salad, banitsa, and lukanka. Where do these dishes originate?
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Russia is to the east, Ukraine is to the south and Minsk is the capital of what European republic?
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Cepelinai, skilandis and rugine duona are national foods from which Baltic state?
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Can you identify the name of the correct European country with these three hints: Copenhagen, Viggo Mortensen, Tuborg?
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The Island of Comacina, the Congo in Africa, and Ruanda-Urundi were once colonized by which densely populated nation in Europe?
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Most of this republic's population inhabits the southern region; the country borders Russia to the east, and there is a gulf that goes by its name. What is the name of the country from these hints?
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Lisbon, Tagus River, Iberian Peninsula describe the country of ________.
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Guess which nation is linked to fish and chips, Big Ben, Queen Elizabeth II.
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This place's anthem means "hymn," goulash is a native dish, and the Danube River flows through much of the region. Can you guess the European nation?
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Krk is an island, Dinara is a mountain, and Sabor is the government of which Balkan Peninsula country?
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The capital city of what Eastern European republic is Chisinau? The nation used to be called "Bessarabia," and divin brandy hails from this part of the world.
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