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You could probably name quite a few reasons that a sports family becomes so dominant in their respective sport. The easiest reason is that they grow up in the sport if their parents or grandparents had successful careers. Another reason is genetics, as some players are just born to be all-world athletes if their parents were built in a similar fashion. However, these reasons don't fully describe why some families can start a sports dynasty while others are one generation athletes. 

One of the main qualities you'll find in all sports families who make it to the top is hard work. If you ask most athletes trying to follow in the footsteps of their parents or siblings, they will tell you it took dedication day after day to the sport, working on all of the small details to get better despite having a Hall of Fame parent. 

How well do you know the top sports families who dominated the upper levels of their sport? Will you be able to identify these families from sports ranging from hockey to NASCAR to football and soccer? Take this quiz and find out!

If you're up for a challenge, start your family legacy by getting a perfect score on this quiz!

You wouldn't want​ to catch a hook from this family. Who are they?

Muhammad Ali was as well-known for his fights outside the ring as he was for the fights inside. The boxing legend's daughter, Laila Ali, decided to follow in his footsteps, posting an undefeated record during her boxing career.

Every member of this family made an MLB All-Star game. Do you know who they are?

Although all three Alomars made a career out of baseball, Roberto Alomar had the most success in the Majors. He was elected to 12 All-Star Games and won the World Series twice.

These two big men made a name for themselves in the NBA. Who are they?

Marc Gasol played alongside his brother as they represented Spain on the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Basketball Teams. They won silver medals during both tournaments.

This is a family full of professional basketball players. Who are they?

Rick Barry had an outstanding professional career, making it into the Hall of Fame in 1987. His sons never found the same success as their father, but all five of them played professional basketball on some level.

These brothers were the best technical wrestlers in the business. Do you know what family they belong to?

Bret Hart went at it with Owen Hart at WrestleMania 10. In a WWE classic match, the two brothers threw blows back and forth until Owen reversed a victory roll by Bret to win the match.

These sisters won a lot of Grand Slams, often together. Who are they?

Venus Williams would probably be regarded as the greatest female tennis player of all-time if not for her sister, Serena. As a team, the sisters have won 14 Grand Slam doubles titles, which is the third most all-time.

These brothers made their first Pro Bowl together in 1992. Who are they?

Because of injuries, Shannon Sharpe's career outlasted that of his brother, Sterling. Shannon was also lucky enough to be part of three Super Bowl-winning teams, an accomplishment his brother never achieved.

These three brothers all have a World Series title. Who are they?

All three of the Molina brothers made MLB careers at the catcher position. The youngest brother, Yadier, has had the most success, earning nine All-Star appearances and nine Golden Glove Awards.

This family can shoot the lights out in the gym. Who are they?

Stephen Curry, the two-time NBA MVP, is the most recognized member of the Curry family. Under his guidance, the Golden State Warriors won three NBA titles.

This father stayed around hockey long enough to play with his two sons. What's their family name?

The father of the Howe family, Gordie, earned the nickname "Mr. Hockey" during his professional career. With the ability to do anything on the ice, he set numerous NHL records which were later broken by Wayne Gretzky.

These brothers defined an era of boxing. Who are they?

The Klitschko brothers held every major world heavyweight title during their prime years in the ring. Often considered the better of the two, Vitali retired in 2013, having never been knocked down in the ring.

This son overcame his father's tragic death to follow in his footsteps. Who are they?

Sandro and Valentino Mazzola were two of the greatest Italian soccer players to ever rise through the ranks. The father, Valentino, died with the rest of the Torino football team in the Superga air disaster while his son was still young.

These brothers co-founded the Tampa Bay Lightning. Who are they?

Under the leadership of the Esposito family, the Tampa Bay Lightning signed the first-ever professional female NHL player, Manon Rheaume. She played in pre-season games in 1992 and 1993.

This father and son played together on the Mariners. Who are they?

Ken Griffey Sr. played in three All-Star games and won two World Series during his time in the Majors. Nicknamed "The Kid," Ken Griffey Jr. managed to outdo his father in individual accolades, but he never won a championship in MLB.

These two brothers could strike out anyone. Do you know who they are?

Both Perry brothers achieved the highest honor awarded to a pitcher when they each won the Cy Young Award. Gaylord won the award twice, while Jim was given the honor once.

This family was the only all-brother outfield in MLB history. Who are they?

In 1963, all three of the Alou brothers stood in the outfield together for the San Francisco Giants. Not since that fall have three brothers played in the same outfield together in a Major League game.

This father and son won separate Super Bowls as defensive ends. What's their family name?

Chris Long performed a rare feat in 2016 and 2017 by winning Super Bowls on two different teams. The 2017 Super Bowl pitted the Philadelphia Eagles against Long's former team, the New England Patriots.

The lineage of this baseball family goes from grandfather to grandson. Do you know who they are?

Sam Hairston, the grandfather of the family, had the shortest MLB career, playing only one season​ in the Majors. His son and grandsons had considerable more success, each playing for over 10 seasons.

These twins won Super Bowls with two different teams. Who are they?

Tiki Barber and his brother, Ronde, are identical twins. Both brothers attended the University of Virginia together before entering the 1997 NFL draft.

This racing family goes three generations deep on the track. Who are they?

The Andrettis are famous for a racing curse that has followed the family. Despite their success in multiple racing leagues and events, the family hasn't won the Indianapolis 500, the biggest event in racing, since Mario Andretti first won the race in 1969.

These three brothers all played center field. Who are they?

None of the DiMaggio brothers had the same success as Joe, but not many players in MLB have had his kind of success. Spending his entire career with the Yankees, Joe DiMaggio won nine World Series while earning three AL MVP awards.

The son in this family tried to live up to his father's legacy. Who are they?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. never found the same success as his father on the track despite racing for nearly 20 years after his father's death. For fans of the family, however, it was good enough to have an Earnhardt on the track.

Both of these guys made it to the NFL as quarterbacks. Can you name their family?

Both Matt and Tim Hasselbeck played college football at Boston College. Matt was a sixth-round pick in 1998, while Tim went undrafted in 2001.

These brothers won a combined 19 Stanley Cups. Who are they?

Both Henri and Maurice Richard made it into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Maurice was elected to the Hall in 1961, and Henri earned his way into the Hall in 1979.

This is a family full of elite NFL quarterbacks. Who are they?

Archie Manning, the father of Peyton and Eli, was a star quarterback for a Saints' team that struggled to make the playoffs year in and year out. His two sons, however, both won two Super Bowls during their time in the league.

No one is going to beat this father and son in home runs. Who are they?

Barry Bonds finished his career as the all-time leader in home runs. Many critics consider that record tainted, though, because of Bonds' association with steroids.

These brothers played each other in the Super Bowl. Who are they?

The Harbaughs are the only two brothers to ever meet each other as head coaches in the Super Bowl. In the game, John Harbaugh got the best of his younger brother, Jim, when the Ravens defeated the 49ers 34-31.

This family will forever live in boxing glory. Who are they?

Both Spinks brothers found success in the ring, but Michael finished his career with the better record. For his first 31 matches, Michael went undefeated. His only loss came in the final match of his career against the rising Mike Tyson.

This father and son both finished their MLB careers with 319 home runs each. Do you know who they are?

Both Prince Fielder and his father, Cecil, led their leagues in home runs at least once in their careers. However, Cecil was the only one to finish his career with a World Series title under his belt.

This family mastered the art of speed on the track. Who are they?

You can't make your way around a NASCAR track without hearing the name Richard Petty. That's because he was one of the most accomplished drivers in the history of the sport, a trait he took from his father and passed to his sons.

The father of this family was a former first-round​ draft pick in the NBA. Who are they?

Mychal Thompson may have been a top draft pick and a two-time NBA champion, but his son has already matched his father's success. Klay currently has three NBA titles and has been selected as an All-Star four times.

Four brothers from this family made it to the NHL. Who are they?

The Staals come from a family of sod farmers in Ontario, Canada. The four brothers have been paired together on various teams during their time in the NHL.

Both the father and son of this family are Hall of Famers in hockey. Who are they?

Bobby Hull and his brother, Dennis, are best associated with their time playing for the Black Hawks. Bobby's son, Brett, never played for the Black Hawks, but he sure enjoyed humiliating his father's former team when they met on the ice, scoring 92 career goals against the Black Hawks in the regular season.

This football family goes four generations deep. What's their name?

The Matthews family are all descendants of Howard Matthews. Strangely, Howard played multiple sports including baseball and boxing, but he never played football where his family would make a name for themselves.

The father of this family managed both of his sons for the Orioles. Who are they?

None of the Ripkens reached the same level of fame as Cal Ripken Jr. He was a 19-time All-Star who set the MLB record for consecutive games played at 2,632 games.

These brothers carved out a place for themselves in the tennis world. Who are they?

Patrick McEnroe was never quite the same player as his brother, John, but then again, not many players were. John reached the number 1 ranking in the world in 1980 and finished his tennis career with seven Grand Slam titles.

This family mastered the knuckleball as they dominated in MLB. Do you know who they are?

Both Phil and Joe Niekro played pitcher where they earned 539 wins between the two of them. This marked the most wins by two brothers in the history of baseball.

This father signed his son to the Clippers. What's their name?

Austin Rivers' time with the Clippers was surrounded in controversy. Some of the star players on the team, mainly Chris Paul, believed Doc Rivers was too easy on his son, which is one of the reasons neither player is on the team anymore.

This family has left quite the impact in the NBA. Who are they?

Many analysts view Bill Walton as the greatest college basketball player of all-time. His son, Luke, never lived up to his father's legacy on the court, but he did win two titles as a player for the Lakers and another title as a coach on the Golden State Warriors.

No one could coach an NFL defense like the members of this family. Who are they?

Buddy Ryan, the father of Rex and Rob, created the Bear defense in the '80s as he helped the Chicago Bears win the 1985 Super Bowl. His sons became respected defensive coordinators in their own rights, each with long NFL careers.

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