Can You Name the Fast Food Restaurant from a Snapshot of a Commercial?

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Commercials are forms of audio, visual, or a combination of the two marketing methods that are used to advertise a company's product or products. They can be done through different forms of media such as television and radio.

The commercial form of advertising is often employed to increase sales and consumption of products from the company using the method. They do so by branding the products in such a way that it sticks (or is supposed to stick) in the customer's mind. 

Commercial advertising can be used by just about any company whether it be religious organizations, governmental agencies, political parties, or fast food restaurants. 

Last year alone, 40.4% of advertising was via television and it's no wonder because we've all been bombarded by fast food ads. 

The fast food world is notorious for the kinds of commercials they air. Sometimes they're hits, such as the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald's ad, and sometimes they're such big misses that we wonder what they were thinking; take for example Jessica Simpson in that Pizza Hut commercial. The question is, have you been paying enough attention to these fun, tasteful, and sometimes downright scary advertisements enough to name the fast food chain from just a snapshot? Let's find out with this quiz! 

To commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2008, Burger King released a new product; a-not-so-successful whopper holder which allowed consumers to eat burgers while engaging in other activities.

To promote their Pizza Box Office, a movie rental service offered by Domino's, the company has their staff dress up as zombies to deliver "the movie" and the pizza simultaneously.

Starring Jack Box, the official mascot, the Jack in the Box food chain released several hilarious and successful commercials, two of which featured Jack visiting his cousin Jim in prison in 2009 and his mother Patty in 2010.

Although not an official sponsor of the Super Bowl, Pizza Hut decided to celebrate the game's golden anniversary with the creation of a gold-flaked pizza. In 2017, another ad was created featuring George Takei repeating his favorite line "Oh My" while ordering and receiving a pizza from Pizza Hut.

Two guys are seated in a car feasting on Sonic's one-dollar popcorn chicken while debating the ever so popular mystery of which came first; in this case the popcorn or the chicken?

This controversial ad, released in 2008, showcases Burger King traveling the world over to find individuals who have never tasted the whopper. They then carry out a taste test comparing the Whopper to the Big Mac of the McDonald's company.

This fifteen-second ad created in 1994 features two nuns who go on a wild roller skating adventure after trying the Devil Wings from Red Rooster.

Several interviewees show up to their interviews well-clad but with their lipsticks smudged all thanks to the picture of McDonald's sundae in the waiting room magazines.

Again, to advertise their Pizza Box Office service, several men dressed as S.W.A.T officers deliver pizza to an ordering customer.

It is a well-known fact that girlfriends like to steal not only the hoodies of their boyfriends but their food as well. To resolve the latter, Taco Bell offers an affordable one-dollar griller for both to enjoy.

A lawyer yells about being hungry. But not for justice. Instead, he craves the new, bigger than talons of justice, Quesalupa from Taco Bell.

The Noid, a 1980s character created by Domino's, runs around trying to turn pizzas cold before they get delivered. But he is no match for the Domino's pizza delivery guy.

In this jab at Donald Trump's border wall, two volleyball teams representing Mexico and Texas play over a wall. This was to introduce the franchise's new Tex Mex burger.

In this plot twist, McDonald's turns a parody video making fun of their McNuggets into a real advertisement.

Considered distasteful to some, the ad featured call center workers speaking with their mouths full of KFC's new zinger crunch salad.

In this commercial, Jack visits his mom Patty and talk about giving his thrifty mom two croissant sandwiches for just $3. His dad barges in and asks the mom to call the doctor because it's been more than four hours since he's laid an egg.

A tragic experience for the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, when he catches on fire when sparks from the scene land in his gelled hair.

In this 1987 ad, the moon sits atop a Big Mac playing the piano and singing about having McDonald's for dinner.

A giant Wendy's burger floats in the air as various individuals walk, fly, and drive by while each takes a nibble of the burger.

Considered a creepy ad, individuals wake up to see the King of Burgers lying on their beds offering them breakfast from Burger King.

In the most famous ad the world-over, a group of individuals of various ethnicities sing the lyrics to the catchy 1971 tune "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke."

Featuring now-President Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana Trump squabbling over the right and wrong way to eat pizza, this 1995 ad became known as "Sexual S*ut" because of its sexual connotations.

In this controversial ad, a boy who has just lost his dad goes to McDonald's and orders a sandwich that his mom says was also his dad's favorite: he ends up feeling better. The British ad got so many complaints that it was pulled from TV.

Run for eight months, Wendy's popular commercials involved a man wearing a red wig with braids. The wig-wearing individual advises others that eating at Wendy's is a better choice than following the crowd.

This ad shows the growth of a tree from a seedling to a fruit-bearing plant to promote McDonalds's new and fresh apple slices snack.

A play on the life of KFC founder, Colonel Sanders, an old man dressed in white walks for miles sharing fried chicken from his bucket.

In memory of the tragic 9/11 attack, the Budweiser horses travel cross country to pay their respects at the 9/11 scene.

This interesting cartoon shows the transition from traditional farming to modern, advanced farming where many chemicals are used. After some reflection, the farmer decides to return to the traditional way.

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird shoot baskets from various distances to win Michael Jordan's Big Mac from McDonald's.

In this 2004 ad, a group of partygoers goes around talking about getting "Kitchen Fresh Chicken" from KFC.

A man fed-up of being fed "chick food" expresses his frustration in song while he joins a group of men who too are frustrated. They then head over to Burger King to get a Texas Double Whopper all while singing a tweaked version of the "I Am Woman" song.

Three elderly folks sit at a table staring at a burger with buns and a tiny beef burger in between. During this time a narrator compares the Wendy's burger to the Big Mac and Whopper.

A guy totally in love with bacon decides to marry the meaty strips. On the wedding day, Jack in the Box presents the bride as a new bacon burger. This ad received some negative reviews given its taboo marriage.

The Spong Monkeys are furry, rodent-like puppets who appeared in many of Quiznos's commercial ads where they sang; the ad was considered hilarious to some and creepy to others.

As part of the 2012 London Olympics, the King of Burgers grills the first ever Olympic Burger using fire from the Olympic flame.

A curious young lady asks google "Where's the beef from?" only to learn that Wendy's uses American ground beef to make their burgers.

A few months after its Nashville Hot Chicken, KFC introduced its new regional flavored chicken, Georgia Gold, using a new Colonel Sanders dressed in gold.

In this 1963 ad, the happy hamburger clown, Ronald McDonald, makes his first-ever appearance adorned in his striped suit and wearing a cup for his nose and tray with McDonald's products as his hat.

Produced in Korea, this ad shows a man who slithers across the floor to an unattended burger swallowing it whole like a snake.

A group of construction workers responsible for patching the holes made by Superman takes a lunch break to consume a triple bacon burger from Carl's Jr.

Two ladies obsessed with avocados go beyond just having it in their subs. They make jewelry, clothing, and even their cars out of the fruit.

While fishing with his grandfather, a young boy uses a fry as bait and instead of catching fish, humans follow the fry bait into the water.

Used in a series of Pizza Hut commercials from 1993 to 1997, the Pizza Head Show featured Pizza Head (a slice of pizza with the latest available toppings) and his nemesis Steve (a pizza cutter) who would constantly try to throw him in harm's way.

Just in time for prom, KFC releases its new chicken corsage with Baby Breath flowers and of course a KFC drumstick for just twenty dollars.

A shrimp blogger travels the world blogging different types of shrimp until he finds the perfect shrimp at Taco Bell and decides to keep it to himself.

To present its ammonia-free beef, McDonald's launched its Manly Man Beef campaign in China with this ad promoting all the qualities of a man.

In a high school of bacon students and microwave bullies, a coach advises the bacon teens that microwaving is wrong and that the best way to get nuked is in an oven at Wendy's.

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