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To create a perfect garden, you need to start with a perfect toolshed. And to compose the perfect toolshed, you need to first take this quiz! Gardening is not only soothing, calming and beautifying, it's also wonderful for the environment and is truly steeped in tradition and history. Many of the tools that we will explore in this quiz have been around as long as gardening itself, while others are more modern and innovative. 

Sure, you have a watering can. It's made of plastic, metal or ceramic. It helps you to effortlessly water your plants, both indoors and outdoors. It's a gardening tool that is so simple and essential that we're not going to even bother to ask you about it. But do you know what a hori hori is? (You see, you just got excited about taking this quiz.) 

What makes gardening tools so remarkable is really just how timeless they are. Take for instance the humble wheelbarrow. There have been some tweaks here and there through the ages to make the wheelbarrow perform even better, but it's essentially a perfect tool, and if you purchased one from 50 years ago, you might just find that it does the job. If not, put it in your garden for display and plant vegetables in it. We just gave you an idea, didn't we?

Enough of the small talk. It's time to take a relaxing stroll down the winding paths of this quiz. When you're done, you're going to be hell-bent on taking a trip to Lowe's and buying a CobraHead weeder.  

This is used to bring oxygen to the soil.

An aerator is designed to aerate the soil, of course. Did you know that lawn aeration increases the uptake of water, oxygen and nutrients?


A machine with rotating perpendicular blades which churn up grass and dirt.

The rotary tiller is either gas or electric powered. It's a cultivator that is used before planting to mix soil with fertilizers.


It has four sturdy prongs attached to a long handle with a "T" or "D" shaped end.

A spading fork is found in almost every garden storage shed. It performs a variety of tasks around the garden, and can be used to till large areas of soil and break up dirt clods.


It has many thin prongs and is quite useful for vegetables.

The potato fork is a specialized garden tool that is perfect for lifting potatoes and other vegetables. It's also a great tool for general garden maintenance.


It features a long handle with a flat, perpendicular blade at the end.

The garden hoe is one of the most famous garden tools that there is. Due to its versatility, it's found in almost every garden shed.


The blade of the tool is heart-shaped, with "ears" to bring soil back onto recently planted seeds.

A Warren hoe is a specialized hoe that is great for making seed drills and earthing up vegetables. It features a heart-shaped blade with "ears," designed to bring soil back onto recently planted seeds.


Perfect for cutting flower stems and breaking up soil before planting seeds.

A little pruning knife is just the thing for delicately pruning flower stems and small branches. It's also great for breaking up soil before planting seeds.


Great for breaking up compact soil, spreading fertilizer and removing shallow weed roots.

A hand cultivator is ideal for breaking up compact soil, spreading fertilizer and removing shallow weed roots in tight areas. It can also loosen soil and spread compost when preparing to plant shrubs and flowers.


It's driven into the edges of turf, giving a smoothly defined border.

A manual edger has a hemispherical blade that is attached to a long handle. It's used to create smoothly defined borders in the garden.


Two or three pointed prongs are used to move loose material while standing upright.

The pitchfork is another iconic garden tool that everyone should have in their shed. It's also highly prominent in agriculture.


Its tool-head is a distinctive loop of sharpened metal.

The scuffle hoe is quite unique, and is more specialized than the conventional garden hoe. It's used for general weeding and features a square loop head.


Used to protect the knees from sharp stones.

This simple piece of equipment makes gardening more comfortable. It protect the knees from stones and prevents clothes from being stained or damaged.


A garden implement that is similar to a sword.

Although you don't want to use a hacksaw in the garden, a machete can work wonders. It's similar to a sword, and highly effective at cutting small branches and heavy underbrush.


The ideal knife for grafting.

A budding knife is a small knife that is perfect for delicate budding and grafting. It's perfect for performing small tasks.


This is used for digging and breaking up compacted clay and soil.

A pick mattock is designed for digging and breaking up highly compacted clay and soil. It has a pointed end and a wide, chisel-like blade.


It adds power to the flow of water, creating a high dynamic pressure.

A pressure washer effectively adds power to the flow of water and forces an output with a high dynamic pressure. With the increased pressure, water can remove dirt, mud and layers of unwanted buildup.


This is another name for a level head rake.

A level head rake is otherwise known as a flat rake. It features a rectangular head with ten to sixteen teeth.


It's used to cut small branches and limbs.

The pruning saw is used to cut small branches and limbs. It has much bigger teeth than a regular saw, and often the blade folds back into the handle for safe storage.


The tool has two sharp blades which act in a scissor motion to cut shrubs.

Hedge shears are used to trim shrubs and hedges. They have two sharp blades that act in a scissor motion.


This tool is a hybrid of hedge and pruning shears.

Loppers are basically a hybrid of hedge shears and pruning shears. They can be used to prune twigs or to cut thicker branches.


Used to dig large holes and transport heavy soil.

The round point shovel is an essential gardening tool. It's used for digging round holes and transporting soil and rocks.


This shovel is smaller in size and used for transporting lighter materials.

The garden shovel is far more petite in size than the round point shovel. It's used for lighter tasks and it's not designed for high impact work.


The deep tool-head makes this shovel ideal for transporting large amounts of light materials.

The scoop shovel has a deep tool-head and is used for transporting large amounts of light materials. It is ideal for transporting sawdust or snow.


Great for recycling waste accumulated when gardening.

A leaf shredder is quite handy for recycling waste accumulated when gardening. It shreds branches, shrubs, leaves and cuttings.


A spade with a thin, elongated blade, used for moving shrubs.

The transport spade is the ideal took for moving shrubs within highly compacted areas of plants. It features a thin, elongated head.


Used to dig small planting holes and for transporting vegetables with the roots still intact.

A trowel is a small tool that is used for a number of tasks. It's perfect for digging small holes and transporting plants and vegetables.


A screwdriver-shaped tool, used for removing unwanted growth from the lawn.

Everyone with a garden owns a weeder! This long, screwdriver-shaped tool removes weeds without damaging the grass.


This tool is otherwise known as a strimmer.

The powered edger is otherwise known as a strimmer. It's electronically or gas powered, and easily cuts through thick grass and weeds.


A type of glove that is waterproof and allows for extra dexterity.

A seedling glove is waterproof and allows for extra dexterity. Leather gloves are superior in terms of protecting hands from thorns and sharp objects.


The garden shoe of choice.

Okay, that was meant to be an easy one. Clogs are, without a doubt, the garden shoe of choice. No gardener should be without them.


A type of rake used to remove light debris from lawns.

The leaf rake is one of the most common types of rake. It's used to remove leaves and other light debris from lawns.


The C-shape frame of this saw allows you to prune large bushes and cut thick branches.

The bow saw is deigned to prune large bushes and cut thick branches. It has a C-shaped frame that connects to each end of a toothed blade.


It's handy for watering flowers and moistening soil.

A garden hose is an essential tool. Chooae a high-quality hose and nozzle, and disconnect the hose before the first hard freeze.


A shovel often used to level the earth in preparation for laying patios and walkways.

The square point shovel has a flat, square shaped head. It's used to level the land in preparation for laying patios and walkways.


A rake with a special metal frame that connects the teeth to the handle.

The bow rake is essentially a flat rake with a bow-shaped metal frame. This connects the teeth to the handle of the rake.


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