Can You Name the Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie from a Screenshot?

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Hallmark is a channel that is known for its family-oriented programs, and every holiday season, reruns and sometimes new films are aired that allow us to feel that holiday spirit. The channel's movies often teach us lessons like the importance of family, that we should forgive and love each other, that giving is more important than receiving and that it's okay to get into a little mischief now and then. And because that amazing time of year is almost upon us, we' feel like quizzing you on the movies that are sure to be playing on a daily basis, shortly. 

We know you know the popular ones like "Mistletoe Over Manhattan" and "Switched for Christmas," but would you know "The Mistletoe Inn," "The Christmas Card" and "Christmas with Holly" if we showed you a picture from the movie? We're going to test your knowledge on some of Hallmark's best Christmas films to see whether you deserve a present or some coal this year from Santa. 

Prove to us that you're one of the few who can in this Hallmark Christmas movies quiz. 

With the holiday​ season quickly approaching, event planner Elizabeth Bennet is sent to organize a holiday festival for a small and quaint town. Upon her arrival, she finds the perfect location for her event, but there is just one problem; it is owned by a billionaire who lacks the Christmas spirit.

The 2014 American-Canadian Christmas film "Northpole" is a fantasy film about the home of Santa and his elves which has developed into a huge city. As the festive season approaches, the city is in trouble and needs the help of a young boy to save it.

"Switched for Christmas" is a 2017 romance movie about identical twins living in different places plan their holiday parties, believe that the other has a better life than them. They then decide to swap lives for the holiday season, which ends up teaching them a valuable lesson.

"Once Upon a Holiday" is a 2015 American-Canadian romantic comedy movie about a princess who runs away from her royal duties to New York City during the Christmas season to experience life as a normal person. It stars father and daughter Greg and Briana Evigan and Paul Campbell.

"A Royal Christmas" follows the kindhearted seamstress Emily Corrigan, and her boyfriend who reveals to her that he is actually a prince and the heir to the throne of Cordinia. When they travel there to meet his family, his mother has her own ideas about who her son should be with.

"Crown for Christmas" is a 2015 American romantic comedy film about a hotel maid who was fired after not preparing a room for an extra special guest. She is then hired to be the governess of a wealthy family’s young daughter.

Starring Tedde Moore and Mairtin O’Carrigan, "Mistletoe Over Manhattan" is a 2011 drama fantasy movie which follows the adventures of Mrs. Claus who travels to New York in an effort to restore her husband’s waning holiday spirit.

"Christmas Encore" is a 2017 romance film which stars actor Maggie Lawson and Brennan Elliott. Struggling actress is about to quit when she lands the lead role in a new production called "A Christmas Carol." Not only does she land the role, but she also develops a romance with her director.

"A Bramble House Christmas" is a 2017 film about a man whose father leaves his nurse Willa $100,000 after his death. Suspicious as to why, he conducts his own investigation, following her in order to find out the truth.

Starring actors Nicollette Sheridan, Amanda Foreman, and Bart Johnson, "The Christmas Spirit" is a drama film about a woman who lands in a coma but whose spirit is awake. While in the coma she tries to communicate with people trying to convince them to change their minds about a real-estate development.

"Miss Christmas," which stars Brooke D’Orsay, a tree finder for the Radcliffe Tree lighting festival, finds herself in a small town after a boy writes to her saying that his tree is absolutely perfect. When she gets there, his father is not willing to part with the tree.

"The Mistletoe Inn" is a 2017 American-Canadian television romantic comedy film which is based on a novel by Richard Paul Evans. It follows an aspiring romance novelist who after being dumped by her boyfriend, enrolls in a writing retreat at an inn in Vermont right around Christmas.

The 2004 made-for-television romantic film, "A Boyfriend for Christmas," tells the story of 13-year-old Holly Grant, who at the age of 13 tells a mall Santa that she wants a boyfriend for Christmas. 20 years later, on Christmas Day, she opens her door to a man with a bow on his chest and a note from Santa.

"Sleigh Bells Ring" is a 2016 romance film which tells the story of recently divorced Pauline who has difficulty getting into the holiday spirit as she organizes the city’s Christmas parade. With the help of a woodworker, not only does she get into the spirit, but she also finds love.

"Christmas with Holly" is a 2012 Canadian -American film which was based on Lisa Kleypas’ Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor. It tells the story of young Holly, who hasn’t spoken a word since her mother’s death. She and her uncle move to a new city where they meet Maggie who is also a new resident.

Starring actors Harry Connick Jr., Chandler Canterbury, Connie Britton, and Fionnula Flanagan, "Angels Sing" is a 2013 family drama film which is based on the 1999 novel When Angels Sing by Tim McCanlies.

"The Christmas Card" is a 2006 drama film about an Army sergeant serving in Afghanistan who is given a Christmas card from a young woman living in Nevada City, California. Circumstances send him to her hometown where he runs into her and soon after he falls in love with her.

"Our First Christmas" is a 2008 romantic comedy film which follows a newlywed couple, each of which has children from their first marriages who attempt to spend their own Christmas together. The only problem is that the kids aren’t so excited about spending time with each other.

"A Christmas Melody," also called "Mistletoe & Melody," is a 2015 American film which stars Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliot and Mariah Carey, who was also the director. It follows a widowed mother who returns to her hometown, where she comes face to face with her old high school nemesis.

The 2013 romantic drama film "Finding Christmas" tells the story of single mom Ryan and her brother Owen, who swaps his home with Sean after feeling unlucky in love. There is an instant spark between Ryan and Sean, while Ryan is intrigued by Sean’s assistant Mia.

"A Rose for Christmas" follows Andy, played by actor Rachel Boston, who is a passionate artist who is forced to take the lead on the construction of a Rose Parade float after her father falls sick. Things get even more complicated when she has to deal with the demanding businessman who commissioned the float.

The 2002 American drama film, "A Christmas Visitor," which stars Meredith Baxter, William Devane and Dean McDermott, follows the Boyajian family, who has not celebrated Christmas in 11 years due to a death in the family. When one member falls sick, revisiting the idea of celebrating Christmas doesn’t seem so bad.

"Christmas in Love" is a 2018 romance movie which stars Brooke D’Orsay and Daniel Lissing. It follows an aspiring crafter working in a small-town bakery when the new CEO, Nick, visits the bakery with the intention of laying off many of the employees. Before finding out what he has in store, she falls for him.

Fireman Zachary Stone, played by Brandon Routh, doesn’t believe in love or commitment, but after taking in a stray cat, doesn’t think that a little companionship is bad. He then meets veterinary student Marilee, played by Kimberley Sustad, who challenges him even more.

Starring actors Candace Cameron Bure, Sarah Strange and Paul Greene, "A Christmas Detour" is a 2015 American-Canadian romantic-comedy film about two airplane passengers whose flight gets rerouted because of a snowstorm and soon fall in love with each other.

"Christmas Under Wraps" follows Dr. Lauren Brunell, a serial resident who has her entire life planned out, but the plans quickly fall apart and she must take a job in a small town in Alaska. While there, she meets a local who shows her a thing or two.

"A Gift to Remember" is a 2017 romantic comedy about a woman named Darcy who wants nothing more than to be swept off her feet. She accidentally hits a well-dressed man with her bicycle, putting him in a coma, and later takes in his dog while waiting for him to wake up.

"A Bride for Christmas" is a 2012 movie which follows a young lady who after calling off her third engagement (at the altar), promises not to get into any serious relationships until she finds "the one." She then meets a man who, unbeknownst to her, has bet that he could be married by Christmas.

"Christmas Incorporated" is a 2015 romantic comedy film starring Shenae Grimes-Beech and Steve Lund. It follows Riley, who after landing a job with a wealthy New York entrepreneur, must convince him that he should not close one of his factories because of the many people who depend on it.

"A Song for Christmas" is a 2017 romantic comedy film starring Becca Tobin as pop star Adelaide Kay, who sneaks off of her tour bus after an argument with her controlling manager. With a newfound freedom, no money or map, she is taken in by a local family and later falls for their oldest son.

Starring Bethany Joy Lenz and John Reardon, "The Christmas Secret" follows a struggling single mother who after being fired and losing a family heirloom, lands a new job. As she searches for the missing item, things begin to turn around just in time for Christmas.

Kathy, a new widow, plans on skipping out on Christmas activities in order to avoid bringing back memories of her husband. After meeting a very good-looking Christmas tree shop owner, she is given hope and she is open to enjoying the season.

"A Very Merry Mix-Up" is a 2013 American-Canadian romance film starring Scott Gibson, Alicia Witt and Mark Wiebe, and tells the story of a woman who travels to her fiancé’s hometown to meet her in-laws for the very first time. After a series of mishaps, she begins to realize that she is with the wrong family.

"One Starry Christmas" is a 2014 romance film starring Damon Runyan, Sarah Carter and Paul Popowich. It follows Holly, an aspiring astronomy professor who tries to surprise her boyfriend and parents for the holidays when she begins to fall for her travel companion.

"My Christmas Dream" is a 2016 romantic comedy film about a manager of a department store who is set on landing the managing position at their new Paris location. In an effort to impress the boss, she hires a talented struggling single father to help her out.

"Christmas Magic" is a 2011 American-Canadian film which stars Lindy Booth as Carrie Blackford, an event planner living in New York who after her death, must help the widower Scott Walker, played by Paul McGillion, in order to get to heaven. Unexpectedly, she falls in love with him.

"Love Always, Santa" is a 2016 romantic comedy film which stars Mike Faiola, Brady Smith and Marguerite Moreau. The young daughter of a widow writes to Santa asking for her mother to one day fall in love again.

Starring Andrew Walker, Christopher Russell and Nikki DeLoach, "A Dream of Christmas" tells the story of a young married woman who is granted a wish by a Christmas angel. Her new life isn’t what she expects, and she sets off to get her husband back.

"The Mistletoe Promise" is a 2016 romantic comedy film about two strangers who both equally dislike Christmas and decide to make a pact to fake being a couple in order to get through the holiday season. As time goes by, the holiday works its magic.

"Christmas Next Door" is a 2017 family film which stars Jesse Metcalfe and Fiona Gubelmann. It follows the author, Eric Randall who is left in charge of his niece and nephew for the holidays. In over his head, he asks his neighbor, April for help.

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