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Each fall, NFL teams from around the country try to smash each other to pieces (and hopefully make the playoffs). Can you name the home city of each professional football team?

Where do the Falcons soar?

The Atlanta Falcons were beating the Patriots 250 to 0 in the second half of the 2017 Super Bowl. Then the Patriots showed up and won. Sorry, Atlanta fans.


The Broncos kick and stomp teams in their home city of ______.

The Broncos play in Denver, and thanks to legendary players like John Elway and Peyton Manning, the team has like a billion championships to its name.


Where do the Packers play?

The Green Bay Packers, currently led by future Hall of Famer QB Aaron Rodgers, play in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Fun fact about Green Bay: it gets cold there.


The 49ers are from which West Coast city?

The San Francisco 49ers were the team to beat in the 90s, thanks to a QB named Steve Young. These days, they're often left dwelling in the cellar of the division.


The Carolina Panthers are obviously a Southern team. Where are they from?

The Panthers, led by QB Cam Newton, consistently fill the stadium in Charlotte, often with people who mostly just want to see Newton's on-field magic.


The Patriots are from which city?

It's easy to hate QB Tom Brady and the Patriots, who claim title after title for Boston, the city that seems to win every sports championship, every year.


The Ravens make squawking sounds and glare at people in which city?

The Ravens never seem to have an offense worth noting. But in the cold winters of Baltimore, their bone-crushing defense is often more than enough to win games.


The Chiefs hail from which city?

The Chiefs are from Kansas City, of course. The Chiefs claimed the AFC West title during their 2016-17 campaign, thanks entirely to QB Alex Smith's incredible downfield passing ability. Ha ha!


Who are the Lions and do they actually play football somewhere?

The Lions are perennial underdogs, just like their hometown of Detroit. We keep waiting for both to make a comeback. We're still waiting.


The Colts neigh and whinny in which big city?

Remember when Peyton Manning had Indianapolis fans giddy every fall? Those were the days, right? Andrew Luck is no Peyton Manning.


The Arizona Cardinals play in, well, Arizona. But which city do they call home?

The Cardinals played in St. Louis for years, but then the franchise skipped town for Phoenix. In December, most NFL players definitely prefer Arizona's weather to the icy mix in Missouri.


Where do the Browns "play football"?

Hey, we mentioned the Cavaliers. Isn't that enough for you Browns fans? Maybe you should call up Johnny Manziel again, huh?


The Saints play in which swampy town?

After Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Saints went on a comeback campaign unlike any other in NFL history. Now? It's mostly the paper bags of shame again.


You know that Dolphins require seawater. So where would you find this team?

The Miami Dolphins are still the only team in NFL history to ever record a perfect season. But you'd never know that after watching the city's recent teams.


Seahawks need water and fish to survive. So they live where?

The Seattle Seahawks, led by coach Pete Carroll, have been one of the NFL's most exciting teams in the past few seasons. It helps when you have a dynamic QB like Russell Wilson.


The Titans don't win a lot of games, but that's OK because there are a lot of other activities in ______.

Remember that time the Titans almost won the Super Bowl? Yeah, it was a while ago. Maybe go catch some country music in downtown Nashville instead.


Which Southern town is home to the Texans?

The Houston Texans are mostly famous thanks to defensive end J.J. Watts, who routinely ravages opposing offenses. But recent injury problems could end Watts' reign of terror.


The big, bad Giants routinely stomp smaller teams in which town?

The New York Giants are the team that everyone thinks is falling apart but then picks up its feet and wins the Super Bowl. If only other cities could have a small taste of Giants-style glory once in a while.


The (often not scary) Bears call which city home?

The Bears are from Chicago. These days, they are mostly known for QB Jay Cutler's sideline sulking.


The Eagles are from which East Coast City?

The Philadelphia Eagles once routinely soared to division titles. These days, they're fighting over scraps with teams like the Redskins.


Where do the Redskins call home?

The Redskins are like Congress: they both work in Washington, D.C., and they never seem to accomplish much of anything.


Which city is home to the black-and-silver of the Raiders?

The Raiders have bounced from L.A. to Oakland, and now they're off to Las Vegas. Devoted Oakland fans are devastated.


Where do the green-and-white clad Jets play?

The Jets are typically the laughingstock of the AFC. Oh, how Jets fans long for the days of Joe Namath and his guaranteed Super Bowl wins.


Where do the Bills hang their helmets?

The Buffalo Bills play in one of the NFL's coldest and snowiest cities. That makes their winter games very fun to watch … so long as you're in a warm bar.


The Rams played in St. Louis for a long time. But now they play in which major city?

Poor St. Louis. The city has been dumped by franchises repeatedly in recent decades. The Rams now lay their (huge, sheep-like) heads in Los Angeles.


The Cowboys are supposedly "America's Team," so they play where?

For years, Cowboys haters have relished the fun as owner Jerry Jones' team squandered games in every possible way. Now, the Cowboys may be one of the most dangerous squads in the league.


The Vikings have Viking horns on the sides of their helmets. Where do they play?

The Minnesota Vikings once rode their legendary defensive prowess to big championship games. These days, the Vikings are mostly relegated to the middle of the pack.


Where do the Buccaneers bash heads?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a miserable mess when they joined the league as an expansion team. These days, there's hope in Tampa Bay, thanks to star QB Jameis Winston.


You'll find the striped Bengals hiding from the competition in which city?

If you're old enough to remember the "Ickey Shuffle," you recall the glory days in Cincinnati, and you probably qualify for retirement, too.


Where would you find the team that's called the Steelers?

The Steelers hail from the old industrial center, Pittsburgh. Thanks to QB Ben Rothelisberger, the team has been a dominant force in the AFC for years.


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