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When it comes to guns and butter, the United States is full on butter, thank you very much. The Department of Defense is one of the largest employers in the world, and it has about 800 people. A few of these facilities are not much more than an airstrip or two. Others are enormous fortresses filled with cannons, tanks, warplanes, and countless soldiers. In this camo-heavy quiz, if we give you three hints, can you name the correct military base?

The US has bases all over the homeland, from California to New York. It keeps bases in Italy, Thailand, the Philippines, Honduras, and much more. Do you think you know your Fort Wainwright from Fort Gordon? One is in Georgia and the other all the way across the continent, in Alaska. One is a hub for Advanced Training for Signal Corps military occupational specialties ... the other was listed as a Superfund cleanup site in the 1990s. Give up? Fort Wainwright is the contaminated Alaska outpost and Fort Gordon is a stalwart of Georgia's military presence.

Let's see if you can puzzle your way through these other tough questions. Name these American military bases now!  If you fail, we might assign you to Fort Igloo.

Which base is the largest (geographically) in the entire United States, is situated in New Mexico and is an important testing area for rockets of all kinds?

At more than 3,200 square miles, White Sands Missile Range is the biggest American military base. And it is large in part because this is where the Army tests many of its missiles and high-tech weapons.


Which base is an Army post, located near Columbus, Georgia and is called the Home of the Infantry?

Named for Confederate General Henry Benning, Fort Benning was built in 1909. It's the Home of the Infantry and it hosts many of the country's ready-for-combat forces.


Which base has the largest active-duty population on Earth, is located in North Carolina, is named for a Confederate general?

Sprawling more than 250 square miles, Fort Bragg is a city unto itself. It's a headquarters of the Army Airborne Corps the Special Forces Command, among others.


Which base was built in the Spanish-America War era, is located in Cuba and hosts an infamous military prison?

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, or just "Gitmo," is a U.S. base in Cuba. During the War of Terror, it's a place were the U.S. stashes suspected terrorists for interrogation purposes.


Which base is the oldest Army post west of the Mississippi River, is located in Kansas and has a famous maximum-security prison?

Fort Leavenworth, which is near Kansas City, was built back in 1827, long before the Civil War era. It's not only a famous training facility, it's the oldest permanent settlement in the state of Kansas.


Which base is near Honolulu, is near Hickam Air Force base, and was attacked by Japan during World War II?

Naval Station Pearl Harbor will always be associated with the infamous attacks of Sunday, December 7, 1941. And this Navy base is still an incredibly important power hub for the U.S. Pacific Fleet.


Which facility is located in Virginia, takes up much of the Hampton Roads peninsula and is the largest naval station on Earth?

Do you like boats? Head on over to Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia. It's the biggest Navy installation in the world, and no, it's not open to the public, but with your valid ID you can take a short tour.


Which base is located in Ohio, is home to the 88th Air Base Wing and played a diplomatic role in ending the Bosnian War?

Named in part for Wilbur Wright (of Wright Brothers fame), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is large Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. It's where negotiations helped to create the Dayton Agreement, which brought an end to the horrific Bosnian War.


Which base is located in Oklahoma, is a home to the Army Field Artillery School and also hosts basic combat training?

Built back in 1869, Fort Sill is a National Historic Landmark near Oklahoma City. It's also the most important artillery field training facility in the country.


Which base was built in 1942, is an Army headquarters, and is located between Austin and Waco in Texas?

During WWII, the Army needed places to test tanks and train their crews. Fort Hood, in Texas, was just the place. It's also featured two high-profile shooting incidents, one in 2009 and one in 2014.


Which base is located in Qatar, serves as a linchpin of U.S. Central Command and is probably America's most important base in the Middle East?

Al Udeid Air Base, in Qatar, is easily one of America's most vital Middle East bases. Critically, it features a 4,000-meter airstrip that can accommodate even the Air Force's biggest planes.


Which base is located north of Tokyo, is a joint-service facility and is a sometimes-home to the Air Force's new F-22 fighters?

Misawa Air Base is the only joint service installation run by the U.S. in all of the Western Pacific Ocean. There are always dozens of fighter planes here in case of the need for high-speed attacks or defense.


Which base is in Germany, is a base for NATO, and is also the biggest U.S. military facility in the entire European Union?

Ramstein Air Base, in Germany, is a critical jumping-off and landing point for many U.S. forces. It is also home to more than 100 nuclear warheads.


Which facility is a major Marine training hub, is located in North Carolina, and offers beaches perfect for amphibious assault exercises?

In 1941, America needed to train thousands of soldiers for potential amphibious invasions. Those men traveled to Camp Lejune, where they learned the finer points of fight on and around the water.


Which base was founded in 1942, located in Utah and used to test chemical and biological weapons?

Got mustard gas? They do at Dugway Proving Ground. There, the Army tries out all manner of biological and chemical weapons,


Which base is home to the 101st Airborne, is located in Tennessee and Kentucky, and is named after a famous Union General?

Union Army Brigadier General William Bowen Campbell was the inspiration for the name of Fort Campbell. Built in 1941, it is home the 101st Airborne, which has fought in some of America's most pivotal battles.


Which base is part of McChord Air Force Base, was built 1917 and is located in Washington State?

Fort Lewis is an Army base in Washington. In 2010, it was merged with McChord Air Force Base, and as such, it's one of the most powerful bases in the Western United States.


Which facility is located on the Hudson River, makes cannon barrels for the military, and was named a National Historic Landmark in 1966?

The Watervliet Arsenal is an icon of America. This New York facility makes barrels for all kinds of big American guns, and it was named a historical landmark at the height of the Cold War.


Which facility is located in California, was built for World War II and is near a city called Oceanside?

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the premier Marine base in the western United States. Situated near Oceanside, it is home to I Marine Expeditionary Force.


Which base is vital for the Marines and Coast Guard, was built in 1942 and supports the Navy's Atlantic Fleet?

Formally known as Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek, this base is usually just called Little Creek. It's a Navy facility in Virginia that trains to support a vast array of sea-based missions.


Which base is located in Arizona, is home to the 355th Fighter Wing and features a large aircraft boneyard, where many old planes are preserved or used for parts?

Near Tuscon, Arizona, you'll find Davis–Monthan Air Force Base. It's one of the preeminent places where pilots learn to fly the famous A-10 Thunderbolt warplanes.


Which base is home to the Joint Readiness Training Center, is located in Louisiana, and goes by the motto, "The Home of Heroes"?

Folk Polk, in Louisiana, is famous as the home of the Joint Readiness Training Center. It's one the Army's premier training facilities, and it was built in 1941.


Which facility is located in South Korea, is named for a Medal of Honor recipient and is also the headquarters of the 2nd Infantry Division?

Now deactivated, Camp Red Cloud for decades has been a important point of stability in South Korea. The Army will hand over control of the base to the Koreans in 2019.


Which facility is home to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, located in California, and was built in the WWII era?

Beale Air Force Base is situated in northern California, and is home to some very high-tech spy planes. The 9th Reconnaissance Wing flies the world, collecting data that U.S. officials need to make strategic defense decisions.


Which base is located in Alaska, was built during World War II and is home to the Eleventh Air Force?

As WWII unfolded in Europe, the U.S. built Elmendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage, Alaska. The base became even more important during the Cold War, as threats from the USSR seemed imminent in Alaska.


Which base is located in Guam, is home to the 36th Wing, and was founded in 1944 as North Field?

Andersen Air Force Base is a critical U.S. headquarters in Guam. Paired with a Navy facility only miles away, it makes American forces in Guam potent indeed.


Which base is located in Nebraska, is home to U.S. Strategic Command and also the Air Force Weather Agency?

Located on the Missouri River near Omaha, Nebraska, Offutt Air Force Base is home to U.S. Strategic Command. STRATCOM is one of America's most important hubs for global defense coordination and planning.


Which base is home to the Army War College, is located in Pennsylvania and was founded in 1757?

Built in 1757, Carlisle Barracks is the second-oldest military base in all of America. As home to the War College, it trains many U.S. officers for combat.


Which base is located in New Mexico and Texas, is the second-largest military facility, and became home to former Nazi scientists after WWII?

Fort Bliss was built all the way back in 1849, making it one of the Army's oldest military bases in the West. During the Civil War, it fell under the control of the Confederacy.


Which base is located in Nevada, is critical to drone operations and is named after a famous Air Force general?

Creech Air Force Base is named after U.S. Air Force General Wilbur L. Creech, who was the head of Tactical Air Command the late '70s and early '80s. It's where much of the Air Force's drone testing takes place.


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