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The military is one sector that is full of great stories for film and television. Not only are their fighting stories great, but the personnel's varied professional and personal dramas in life make for good television.

We all know that we have to be thankful to the brave souls who sign up to defend the country in times of war. But we also have to appreciate them during any other kinds of time. For example, so many TV series have focused on both the professional and the personal lives of our military men and women. It's also interesting to get to know the person behind the uniform, don't you think?

The military life is also one great mystery to many people who never had the chance to sign up and get sent for duty out there. What's life like out there, to be of service to the nation and to the world? These TV series provide us with insights and clues as to what life could be in this sector.

Through these TV characters, we see that there's drama, action, and also humor. Care to take a stab at this quiz, then? It's easy! Just try to guess the rank of these familiar military TV characters. Have fun! Over and out!

The M*A*S*H chief surgeon Hawkeye Pierce is ranked as what?

Alan Alda played Captain Hawkeye Pierce in "M*A*S*H." He was the chief surgeon of the show.


What was The A-Team leader, Hannibal's rank at the beginning?

George Peppard played Lt. Col. Hannibal Smith in "The A-Team." The team were all military personnel.


Everyone knows James T. Kirk’s rank. What is it?

Captain James Kirk is probably the most well-known captain in the space-oriented sci-fi geek circles. "Star Trek" won't be the same without him.


Scandal’s Jake Ballard held this rank in the US Navy. What was it?

US Navy Admiral Jake Ballard is a character in "Scandal." He spied on Olivia Pope!


Dr. John Watson also held this rank while in the military. What was it?

In the series starter, we learn that "Sherlock's" Dr. John Watson had the rank of captain prior to leaving the army. It was later mentioned that he served during the Afghanistan war.


Diana Prince’s main man, Steve Trevor, in the TV series had this rank. What was it?

"Wonder Woman's" Steve Trevor was a major in the 1975 TV series version. This version starred the famous Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner.


"G.I. Joe’s" HALO Jumper Rip Cord is ranked as what?

The G.I. Joe animated TV series had Corporal Rip Cord as one of the team members. The 2009 film version of him was portrayed by Marlon Wayans.


Michael Holden in "Army Wives" had which rank?

Lt. General Michael Holden is Claudia's army husband. "Army Wives" was a popular drama series that ran from the late 2000s to the early 2010s.


"Hawaii Five-O" was possible due to Steve McGarrett’s character. What was his Navy SEAL rank?

Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett returned to Hawaii when his father got killed. Yep, all that military training came in handy when heading his new "troops."


Jack Bauer left his military duty with this rank. What was it?

Jack Bauer of "24" capped a 12-year long military career with the rank of captain. All that military training sure did come in handy, 24/7!


It’s obvious from John MacGillis’ sitcom show title that he is ranked as this kind of father.

"Major Dad" has an obvious rank for the head of the family in the title. The sitcom aired during the late '80s to early '90s.


Jeannie dreamed of Tony Nelson, who held what rank at first?

"I Dream of Jeannie's" Captain Tony Nelson is Jeannie's love interest here. He later got promoted to major!


"The Walking Dead’s" Abraham Ford had this military rank. What was it?

Sergeant Abraham Ford is a fighter in "The Walking Dead." He was played by Michael Cudlitz.


The android Data had this rank in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." What was it?

Next to Spock, Lieutenant Commander Data is perhaps the most endearingly innocent character in the Star Trek TV universe. Brent Spiner portrayed him.


Phil Silver’s Bilko character had this official rank, as reflected in the sitcom title sometimes. What was it?

Master Sergeant Ernest Bilko appeared in a '50s sitcom called "The Phil Silvers Show." But the popularity of this character led the networks to re-title it as "Sgt. Bilko."


What is "JAG's" Sarah MacKenzie's rank?

Lieutenant Colonel Mac was played by Catherine Bell. She was a major during the early seasons of the show "JAG."


Friend’s David Schwimmer portrayed Herbert Sobel in "Band of Brothers." What was his rank?

Captain Herbert Sobel is a character from the "Band of Brothers" miniseries. The characters there are actually based on real people who fought during WWII.


"Homeland’s" Nicholas Brody apparently had this rank during his US Marines stint. What was it?

Brody was once a Gunnery Sergeant during his US Marine stint. He became a congressman later.


Jason Hayes holds this very impressive Navy SEAL team leader rank. What is it?

Master Chief Petty Officer is the official rank of Jason Hayes in the new military drama called "SEAL Team." he is portrayed by David Boreanaz.


From his sitcom title, Marine Corps soldier O’Toole obviously holds what rank?

"Ensign O'Toole" aired in the early 60s. Yes, it was a military sitcom.


Dean and Sam’s dad, John Winchester, had which Marine rank before having the boys?

The "Supernatural" dad apparently clocked in time as a US Marine. John Winchester was a corporal back then.


"NCIS" Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs held this rank while a Marine. What was it?

In "NCIS", Leroy Jethro Gibbs has military background. He held the rank of Gunnery Sergeant while serving.


"Battlestar Galactica’s" William Adama held which rank at first?

Commander William Adama was in-charge of "Battlestar Galactica." He was portrayed by Edward James Olmos.


From Judy Benjamin’s sitcom title, it’s obvious that this was her rank. What was it?

"Private Benjamin" is an early '80s sitcom that was a spin-off of the comedy film. That one starred Goldie Hawn in the titular lead.


Vic Morrow’s "Combat!" character, Chip Saunders, had this rank. What was it?

Sergeant Chip Saunders is mostly the lead character in "Combat!" This late '60s show was set during World War II.


Don Draper actually had an assumed military rank in his shady past. What was it?

Ad exec guy Don Draper of "Mad Men" apparently assumed the identity of a killed soldier when he was in the Korean War. That soldier had the rank of lieutenant, something he assumed since assuming the soldier's name as well.


"Criminal Minds’" FBI Agent David Rossi previously had this military rank. What was it?

FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit agent boss, David Rossi, was formerly a Sergeant Major during his stint at the Marine Corps. He had experience serving during the Vietnam War.


"McHale’s Navy" placed its titular character Quinton in this rank. What was it?

Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale was played humorously by Ernest Borgnine. He was the lead character of "McHale's Navy," yet another military-themed sitcom during the '60s.


"The Unit’s" Jonas Blane held which rank?

Sergeant Major Jonas Blane was played by Dennis Haysbert. "The Unit" aired in the late 2000s.


The funny Gomer Pyle had this rank. What was it?

Private First Class Gomer Pyle made people laugh during the late '60s. "Gomer Pyle, USMC" was a hit sitcom back then.


Sean Bean played the titular British soldier Richard Sharpe, who held which rank?

Sergeant Richard Sharpe, in "Sharpe," fought during the Napoleonic Wars. Sean Bean was so dapper in this role!


In "Hogan’s Heroes," the titular head POW Robert had this rank. What was it?

Colonel Robert Hogan was some sort of leader in a POW camp filled with WWI Allied soldiers. It's magical how they transformed this storyline as humorous back then!


The goofy Beetle Bailey had this rank. What was it?

Private Beetle Bailey became popular as a comic strip character first. Eventually, he moved on to television and had an animated series during the '60s.


Chick Hennesy, portrayed by Jackie Cooper, had what rank?

Lieutenant Chick Hennesey is the star of this late '50s-early '60s sitcom called "Hennesey." Apparently, military humor was a huge hit for people during those eras.


"Bones’" FBI agent Seeley Booth had this military rank. What was it?

Master Sergeant Seeley Booth left the military to serve as an FBI agent in the homicide division. But in the latter season of "Bones," he went back to serve again.


In "Stargate SG-1," Jack O’Neill had this rank while in the US Air Force. What was it?

You might know "Stargate's" US Air Force Colonel Jack O'Neill by another role. He was the '80s original MacGyver!


In "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin", Rip Masters had this bossy rank. What was it?

Lieutenant Rip Masters looked over the boy and his dog in "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin." This was a popular children's show back in the '50s.


"Tour of Duty’s" Zeke Anderson had this rank. What was it?

Staff Sgt. Zeke Anderson appeared in the late '80s show called "Tour of Duty." It was about the Vietnam War.


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