Quiz: Can You Name the Most Successful Cars of the 1970s?
Can You Name the Most Successful Cars of the 1970s?
By: Marty Sems
Image: Wiki Commons via Greg Gjerdingen

About This Quiz

The '70s were a time of great social change in the United States, as well as a cultural upheaval that was the result of the hippies of the '60s moving into the mainstream. On the roads, change was in the air, as well. The Arab Oil Embargo suddenly made the previously disregarded term "gas mileage" a critical factor.  Some cars got smaller, and they all got a lot more efficient ... except for the muscle cars, that is. These leaded-fuel monsters were as bad as they always have been; they just had velour seats in the '70s. In this quiz, we'll ask you about some of the most successful models!

You might think of the '70s as the decade of disco balls, polyester leisure suits and (shudder) Jovan Musk cologne, but there was more to it. At the movies, we were introduced to "Jaws" and "Star Wars" and the age of the summer blockbuster began. Disco dominated music in the latter half of the decade, but legendary bands like the Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynryd, Pink Floyd, and Cream, as well as solo artists like Elton John and Bruce Springsteen, did some amazing work that didn't involve glitter balls and platform heels. Their very popular style went a lot better with the tough muscle cars of the '70s!

So cast your mind back to your dad or grand-dad's garage, and remember the four-wheelers that lived there as you turn the key on this '70s car quiz!

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