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Fake or not, facial hair can tell us a lot about a character. We can learn whether they're untidy or care about their appearances, or whether they're badasses or wusses, just by looking at their faces. While some of you may disagree with us, we know what we're talking about. Do you think Borat would be nearly as funny as he was if he didn't have that ridiculous mustache? Or that Samuel L Jackson in Pulp fiction would be nearly as scary-looking if he didn't have those curls growing around his mouth? The hair makes the man it would seem, so we want to see if you can make these mustaches out enough to correctly name the movies they belong to. 

What we're going to do is show you some mustaches and give you some movie options. It'll then be your job to tell us which movie they belong to. And if this sounds a bit daunting, don't be afraid because we've got some hints to help you if you get stuck. 

So let us test your movie mustache knowledge in this quiz. You may have what it takes to open your own grooming shop when you get your results. 

Recognize this Will Ferrell film?

Will Ferrell stars as the successful 1970s news anchor, Ron Burgundy. This sexist, seedy reporter has a full bushy mustache that he is seen within this 2004 film and subsequent releases.

Which movie's mustache is this?

Dustin Hoffman stars as Captain Hook in the 20th-century film "Hook." The greased mustache matches this antagonist's famous weapon. His curly eyebrows also complete the look.

Match this mustache to its movie.

Aaron Ruell portrays 32-year-old Kip Dynamite; a boastful aspiring cage fighter with a knack for internet dating. Kip's nerdy look is created with his oversized glasses and short mustache.

Where do you think this tongue-in-cheek mustache is from?

Sacha Baron Cohen stars in the comedy film, "Borat," which he also wrote and produced. Cohen acts as the quirky, awkward Kazakh journalist, with a suit, sense of humor, and a short hairy mustache.

Where did this facial hair come from?

African American actor Danny Glover is a recurring star in the film series "Lethal Weapon." Glover acts as detective Roger Murtaugh- an older man with a bushy mustache that is partnered with the hotheaded Martin Riggs.

Tell us where you've seen this mustache.

The cocky White Goodman is a character in the 2004 film, "Dodgeball," portrayed by Ben Stiller. Stiller's full mustache adds to his portrayal of Goodman, a wealthy gym guru.

Identify the movie this mustache appeared in?

Christopher Lee's mustache became famously known as ‘The Fu Manchu.' Christopher's portrayal of a Chinese villain was completed by the full straight mustache with long strands framing his mouth.

In which movie does this Colin Farrell mustache belong?

Colin Farrell's big curvy mustache adorned his face in the film, "Miami Vice." Farrell acts as an undercover police officer, Det. James "Sonny" Crockett who works alongside Det. Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs.

In which movie did Gene Wilder sport this?

In the film "Young Frankenstein," Gene Wilder is the ideal portrayal of the brilliant medical professor, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein. Wilder's short white hair and pencil mustache help him bring his character to life. Although Wilder also play Willy Wonka, that character doesn't have a mustache, and the proper title of the movie is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

What movie did Pacino grow all this scruff for?

Al Pacino stars as Frank Serpico, the law-abiding city New York City Officer, displeased by the corruption in his field. Al Pacino sported a short beard, ruffled hair and a mustache for the role.

What movie was this facial hair in?

The inept Inspector Clouseau is portrayed by Peter Sellers in the 1970's film "The Return of the Pink Panther." The inspector wears a short fuzzy mustache, a trench coat and a tweed hat.

Can you tell us which movie this one is in?

For the film "Tombstone," Kurt Russell captivated the audience with his portrayal of the famous lawman, Wyatt Earp. He captured the western look with a cowboy hat and a friendly mustache.

Can you tell us which movie this one is in?

Danny Trejo's handlebar mustache, seen in the 2010 film, "Machete," has gained popularity and become synonymous with the Mexican/American star. In the movie, Danny portrays a Mexican federal officer on a dangerous mission.

In which film did this comical facial hair do all the talking?

Charlie Chaplin portrays a petty thief who adopts an abandoned child. Chaplin, who produced, directed and starred in the film, dressed up in baggy clothes, a bowler hat and a short stick-on mustache for the role. The mustache was known as "the toothbrush mustache."

Do you know which movie this merry man's mustache is from?

In the" Adventures of Robin Hood," the handsome Errol Flynn portrays this self-righteous thief. Errol's thin mustache matches the wispy feather that is always stuck in his hat.

In which live-action adaptation does this Bob Hoskins mustache have its twin?

The Super Mario Brothers video game series was brought to the big screen in 1993 with this adventure film. Bob Hoskins starred as Mario Mario; a short plumber with an equally short but full mustache.

Where do you think this mustache is from?

Daniel Day-Lewis' portrays William Cutting, better known as the villain, ‘Bill the Butcher.' His bushy handlebar mustache and equally bushy eyebrows add to his intimidating look.

Identify the movie this mustache hails from?

Burt Reynolds captured the mustache look in the late 70s and 80s in movies such as "Smokey and the Bandit." His mustache look was also featured in the "Cannonball Run," when he depicted the racer, J.J. McClure.

Do you remember which movie this wrestling star and his mustache starred in?

Hulk Hogan's biker mustache has been present from his career in wrestling up until the present day. In the film "Mr. Nanny," he portrays Sean Armstrong, a former wrestler turned nanny, who is responsible for the care of two young children when they are kidnapped.

Do you know which movie this particular Sam Eliot mustache is from, Dude?

Sam Elliot, also known as ‘the cowboy,' portrays The Stranger, in the 1998 film, "The Big Lebowski." In the movie, this cowboy dons a long thick silver mustache.

Tell us where you've seen this mustache.

In the film "The Taking of Pelham," John Travolta depicts ruthless criminal Ryder that leads his henchmen as they hijack a subway train for ransom. Travolta looks every bit intimidating with his strong build, neck tattoos and, of course, his handlebar mustache.

To which Tarantino movie does this mustache belong?

Samuel L. Jackson portrays Jules Winnfield, a well-dressed thug with a sharp suit, Jheri curls and a wild mustache. Samuel's horseshoe and long sideburns are known as "The Winnfield" mustache.

Is there any way that you can correctly guess which movie this mustache is from?

When the film O Brother, Where Art Thou, was released 18 years ago, George Clooney's thin mustache completed his portrayal of runaway convict, Everett McGill. McGill enlists three other escapees to help him find a hidden treasure.

Can you match this Billy D. Williams mustache to its movie?

Billy Dee Williams is portrayed in the film "The Empire Strikes Back," as an administrator and ally of the smuggler, Han Solo. Billy is seen with his signature feature-a short light mustache with a split down the middle. He was also known for his Colt 45 beer commercials: "Works every time."

Where is this one from?

Donald Sutherland acts as Agar, a thief who brings his safe-cracking skills to a joint criminal effort to rob a train. Unlike his well-groomed partner (Sean Connery), Sutherland has a fluffy mustache that falls into his equally fuzzy sideburns.

Can you match this mustache to its movie?

Matt Dillon stars as private detective Pat Healy, who is hired to find his client's longtime love. Matt's lean, sophisticated pencil mustache is a contrast to his devious role in the film.

Identify the movie this mustache appeared in?

In the 1987 film "Raising Arizona," a young Nicolas Cage portrays Herbert McDunnough- the lanky petty thief with a bushy mustache. A wealthy father chases McDunnough after he steals one of his quintuplets for his infertile wife.

Correctly match this one to its movie.

Mel Brooks is the conniving president of planet Spaceball, which has run out of fresh air. President Skroob (Mel Brooks) hatches a plan to save the planet all while sporting a worm-shaped mustache on his face.

Which movie's mustache is this?

Bruno Ganz landed a career-changing opportunity to portray the notorious dictator, Adolf Hitler, in the 2004 film "Downfall." Bruno's flawless embodiment of Hitler in his last days are not just due to his acting skills- his brush mustache definitely helps him out.

In which movie does this mustache belong?

Groucho Marx's greasepaint mustache has become legendary. "Duck Soup" is continuously being chosen as one of the top 10 comedy films of all time.

Where did this facial hair come from?

Clarke Gable acts as Rhett Butler, the love interest of the beautiful Vivien Leigh. The handsome Gable had a memorizing presence, no doubt due to his mane of silky dark hair and a mustache to match.

Match this mustache to its movie.

Napoleon Dynamite is an unpopular nerd in high school who just wants to fit in. When he becomes friends with the new kid in school, Pedro, his life starts to change.

Match this mustache to its movie.

In the film"Almost Famous," Billy Crudup captures the rock star image with his long tousled hair and mustache. Billy portrays Russell Hammond, the lead guitarist of the Stillwater band, that is being interviewed by an aspiring journalist.

What movie was this facial hair in?

Dennis Hopper acts as Billy, a happy go lucky biker traveling with his partner Wyatt across the United States. Dennis Hopper completes the biker image with his long hair and full mustache.

Do you know which movie this particular mustache is from?

In the movie "Death Wish," Charles Bronson retained his signature look for the role: a full head of dark hair and a short mustache. Bronson depicts Paul Kersey-a law abiding citizen turned vigilante after his home is burglarized, his wife killed and his daughter raped.

Correctly match this Jack Black 'stache to its movie.

Jack Black acts as Ignacio, a cook in a monastery orphanage with a short hairy mustache and a big heart. Ignacio becomes a professional wrestler in order to win money to provide better meals for the children.

Where do you think this mustache is from?

"No Country for Old Men" is a 2007 box office hit, starring American actor Josh Brolin. Brolin acts as Llewelyn Moss, the cowboy hunter with the inverted mustache who is hunted by the police and a killer.

Identify the movie this mustache hails from?

In the 1985 movie, Brewster's Millions, Monty Brewster (Richard Pryor) is a down-on-his-luck- pitcher who suddenly inherits a considerable fortune when a distant relative dies. Pryor is a legendary comedian known for his easy smile and thick mustache.

Tell us where you've seen this mustache.

Carl Weather dons a thick mustache for his role of Sergeant Jericho "Action" Jackson in the movie "Action Jackson." Jericho is a disgraced police officer who is out for revenge after being framed for murder.

Is there any way that you can correctly guess which movie this mustache is from?

Shearer's long handlebar mustache adds a masculine look to his character, Derek Smalls, the bassist in the band, "Spinal Tap." The film follows the band's journey to success.

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