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One of America's favorite and most-watched American sports is football, which typically lasts from August to early February. American football fans cheer for both college and professional teams, and even high school leagues. But today, we'll explore awesome retro logos from all 32 NFL teams.

The New England Patriots, Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions all featured colorful retro logos during the mid to late 1900s. Some teams feature complex logos, while others offer more simplistic ones. If you know the State's outline, you may have an easier time with teams like the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints. 

Some animals have also been known to be featured on certain NFL logos. Examples include the buffalo of the Buffalo Bills, the bronco of the Denver Broncos and the raven from the Baltimore Ravens. Whatever it features, logos are the identifying and unifying symbol of beloved teams. Fly it on a flag from your window or stick it on your bumper to show all who you root for.  

Do you think you know the retro logos of some of these popular NFL teams? Take a pass at this rumbling football quiz! You may just score a touchdown. 

The retro logo of this team features a running animal. Can you name the team?

During the years 1968-1969, the Cincinnati Bengals featured a logo of a tiger running with a football in its hand. The cheerleaders for this team are fittingly called the Ben-Gals.


A red buffalo was once featured on the logo of the ________.

The Buffalo Bills once featured a logo with a red buffalo on it, but it has since transitioned into a blue buffalo with white and red colors. The retro logo was also prominent between 1970 to 1973.


This elf represented which of the following teams?

If you look at a current helmet of the Cleveland Browns, you'll find distinct orange, brown and white colors. But between 1948 to 1958, the logo featured a little elf that was holding a football.


Pictures of an abstract steel company were once featured as the logo of the ________ .

The Pittsburgh Steelers once featured a logo of a steel company inside of a football. Now, their logo represents the three colorful "stars" of the American Iron and Steel Institute.


A horse was once featured in the logo of which of the following NFL teams?

A jumping blue horse with a football and a helmet was once featured as the logo of the Baltimore Colts. This team now belongs to Indianapolis and features a blue horseshoe as its logo.


Which of these NFL teams once featured a bear on top of a football?

The Chicago Bears once featured a logo of a bear on top of a football. They have since simplified their logo to a letter "C," which features white, navy blue and burnt orange colors.


With colors of orange and aqua, which team wins this one?

A dolphin wearing a helmet with the letter "M" on it (for Miami) was once a Miami Dolphins team logo. They have since removed the helmet from the dolphin, but kept the orange sun in the background.


Which of these teams once featured an orange bronco?

The Denver Broncos once featured a logo of a football player riding a bronco. Now, only the head of a bronco can be seen. The official stadium of this team is also the Mile High Stadium.


This team's logo once featured a man with a cowboy hat. Can you name the team?

Now known as the Tennessee Titans, the Houston Oilers once featured an iconic logo of a blue man holding a football. The new team, the Titans, is currently part of the AFC South division.


Which of these teams featured a logo that donned a crest with two swords behind a man's face?

The Oakland Raiders still features this type of logo with some minor changes. The background of the current crest is now black instead of silver, with "The Oakland" part removed altogether.


A green eagle holding a football was once a popular logo for which of these teams?

What used to be a green eagle has now transitioned into just the head of an eagle for the Philadelphia Eagles. Specifically, their current team colors are black, white, silver, charcoal and midnight green.


This retro logo once featured a "giant" football player. Can you name the team behind it?

The New York Giants once donned a blue logo of a giant football player that is about to throw a football over a stadium. Now, their logo simply features the initials "NY" for New York.


This retro logo featured a happy-looking man kicking a football. Are you familiar with its team?

Although the current logo of the Steelers is a round crest with three colorful "stars" in it, its retro logo once featured a happy-looking man kicking a football. The Steelers are based in Pennsylvania.


This logo once featured a football player throwing a football inside an outline of the state of Wisconsin. Are you familiar with the team?

The Green Bay Packers play in the cold fall temperatures of Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is displayed in the retro logo. The classic colors of this team are also white, gold and dark green.


A green airplane was once featured as this teams logo. Which is it?

The New York Jets logo was of a green airplane with the word "Jets" written in white, keeping it simplistic. The current logo features their team name "New York Jets" inside of a green football.


This logo featured an orange "D" letter. Can you name it?

The Denver Broncos logo once featured a white bronco inside of an orange "D" letter. Although their logo has since changed into just the head of a bronco, their team colors have remained the same.


Which of these teams once featured a buccaneer on its logo?

The logo of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers once featured a man with a rather fancy hat. The current logo is of a red flag with a white skull in it, which lies above two swords and a football.


This was once the logo of the ______________.

The logo of the Buffalo Bills used to be of a brown football with a buffalo in it. A football player with a blue jersey can be seen as well. The current colors of this teams logo are white, red, navy blue and royal blue.


A blue star is almost identical to the current logo of which team?

The logo of the Dallas Cowboys hasn't changed too much over the years. What used to be a classic blue star (from 1960 to 1963) now features a white and blue outline, which began in 1964.


The logo of this team once featured a football player. Can you name it?

From 1960 to 1992, the logo of the New England Patriots featured a football player holding a football. The team decided to change their logo in 1993, which has since featured the side of a man's face with a patriotic hat.


This red and blue "tower" was once featured as the logo of which of these teams?

The Houston Oilers are now known as the Tennessee Titans, but they once featured a red and blue "tower" as their logo. The logo now features a "T" (for Titans) inside of a round crest.


The logo of this team was once white with blue markings that resembled a cat. Can you name the team?

You'd be right to assume that the blue markings of this retro logo resembles a panther, aka the Carolina Panthers. The logo now features the head of a black panther with blue outlines.


Which of these teams once donned a logo of a man holding two guns?

The 49ers is a California-based team that once donned a logo of a man holding two guns. Now, the team just uses "SF" (for San Francisco) as their logo, along with their signature scarlet and gold colors.


This team once featured a blue helmet with a yellow lightning bolt on it. Can you name the team?

What used to be the San Diego Chargers now belongs to Los Angeles, but football fans haven't forgotten about the team's retro yellow lightning bolt on the blue helmet. The LA Chargers are also part of the AFC West division.


This NFL team once proudly donned an orange helmet with the word "Bengals" on it. What's the team name?

The Cincinnati Bengals were proud to show off their team name on an orange helmet from 1970-1980. Their current logo is of an orange letter "B" with black stripes, which was created in 2004.


This logo resembles a chief inside the outline of a state. What's the team name?

From 1963 to 1971, the Kansas City Chiefs featured a logo of a chief inside of the state of Kansas. A more simplified version was created in 1972, which features the initials "KC" inside of an arrow.


This logo represents a blue and green animal face. Can you name the team?

The logo of the Seattle Seahawks actually hasn't changed that much, as the current logo still features the face of a seahawk, but this time with a white outline on a blue background.


The purple and black crest of this team features the letter "B" in the center. Can you name the team?

The "B" letter inside of the gold crest stands for "Baltimore," aka the Baltimore Ravens. The current logo features the head of a purple raven with a gold "B" letter, which was created in 1999.


This bird has remained on the logo since the beginning. Do you know the team?

If you're familiar with the northern cardinal, then you've probably heard of the Arizona Cardinals, which features a red bird as its logo. Their home stadium can also be found in Glendale, Arizona.


While they added color to this logo later, which team kept it simple?

The logo of the Atlanta Falcons currently features red and black colors, but it used to be all black. This team is also headquartered in Flowery Branch, Georgia and is currently part of the NFC South division.


This looks very similar to the current logo of this team. Which is it?

The logo of the Minnesota Vikings has always featured an actual viking with its iconic purple, gold and white colors. Their stadium, which is the U.S. Bank Stadium, is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


This animal prowls across a background of which team's colors?

The logo of the Detroit Lions has since changed to a "Honolulu blue" lion with additional white, black and silver colors. This team is also part of the NFC North division and is headquartered in Allen Park, Michigan.


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