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Are you an online shopper or a brick-and-mortar shopaholic? In this day and age, does that still matter?

For retailers, it does! What kind, though, bears a long economic conversation. Many of us grew up patronizing mom and pop stores in our communities. They were present in many corners all around. But the development of gigantic shopping places meant the decline of small-scale entrepreneurs like these family-run businesses. When malls became the "in place to be," communities changed lifestyles in accordance with these buildings. If we used to patronize our friendly neighborhood retailers, we traded that in for the flashy offerings of our neighborhood malls. 

Call it progress, sure. But then again, there are small-scale businesses that still thrived and persisted throughout the years. Financial experts also observed that too many commercialized and mass-produced products also took their toll on some generations. Nowadays, we see people supporting smaller businesses, especially local ones. The internet also helped smaller sellers reach a bigger market. That's why there's now a number of these small-scale entrepreneurs going online; many decided to exist both offline and online with their businesses. 

Now that we've "riddled out" your shopping habit, it's time to grab your basket and shop. We'll give you more riddles to think about and you give us the product reply, OK?

Happy shopping!

The greatest thing since sliced this is to break this with someone who butters this! Can you guess what this is?

America's relationship with bread is as old as the country itself. Historians say the early European discoverers brought the first grains to the New World. Since then, people made bread in their homes. It was only in the 1800s when the first commercial bread sellers came into existence.


When you're bored, get this board to become a real estate lord. What's this game you can afford?

In the digital age, board games still enjoy enough popularity with old and new players alike. Some board games, like Monopoly, produce special limited edition versions to make their product more relevant with the times. They even came up with a "Game of Thrones" version that's strictly for adults.


Press olives and you'll get this. Look under the hood of your car and it's kept there, too. What is it?

Mother Nature gave humans enough oil to develop and improve throughout the centuries. Petroleum is a naturally occurring source of the much-needed oil that fuels many industries. Organic oils are the ones we extract from animals or plants and use in various human industries and livelihood.


It's searing! It's frying! It's sautéing! What is this thing?

One of the most widely recognized U.S. skillet brands is the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. But there are other brands that use stainless steel, like USA PAN, or those that use granite coating like WaxonWare. Famous chef celebs like Rachel Ray also came out with their own signature skillet line.


Item, item, on the wall, which vanity device says you're the fairest one of all?

Checking out what we look like on a reflective surface has been a longtime human preoccupation; no wonder we felt the need to invent the mirror. The earliest known commercially manufactured mirrors like the ones we use today came out in the 1830s. But earlier versions existed centuries before that.


It's got rhythm. It's got music. It's got strings, too. Can you ask for anything more?

There are different types of guitars, each with variations to differentiate one brand from another. But the distinction isn't really that huge since all guitars need to have the same basic parts. If you're in the market for a guitar, musicians recommend Gibson, Yamaha, Fender, Ovation, and Seagull.


Skinny, straight, boyfriend or flared. What do you call this great pair?

People shop for jeans according to their body types; that's why denim jeans these days have more subcategories. Take note that skinny jeans and the skinny crop are different and so are the boot cut and straight cut. Also, "boyfriend jeans" and "jeggings" are now a thing; look 'em up!


Dudes Sterling, Steiger and Stewart can catch scaly swimmers. What's the one thing that binds 'em all?

Some fishing rods are a bit expensive but there are options for lower budgets. The serious fisher tends to get the high-end brands but the occasional hobbyist need not break the bank to buy those types. There are also different types of fishing rods to fit one's level of fishing experience.


Come with Willy and you'll be in a world of pure imagination. His factory will supply you with which ration?

A chocolatier is someone who makes chocolate and sells it as a business enterprise. But it's the pre-Columbian cultures who discovered the potential of the cacao plant's fruit when they liquefied it into the drink we now know. European conquerors put sugar in to sweeten the taste.


Can you give Emmental picture of what's Gouda in Monterey Jack? Brie it on!

Certain cheese types hold special Protected Geographical Status due to a European Union law. Its aim is to protect the cheese's origins and deter other manufacturers from besmirching the cheese's reputation by imitating them. If that feta you're eating wasn't made in Greece, it can't be officially feta!


Hang 10 on a long one! What d'ya need to get this done?

First-time surfers need to educate themselves on the different surfboard types before learning how to ride one. Shortboards are highly recommended for beginners since they're easier to maneuver than longboards. If you want to try stand up paddling, there's a specific board for that.


Having a hunger crisis? Boil this in water and wait for it to rise! What's this chow, gals and guys?

People often assume that the Asian region is the highest rice consuming area in the world — and they're right! In a 2019 survey, nine out of the 10 countries that consume rice the most are in Asia. Only one is in South America and that's Brazil in the 10th spot.


No glove, no love! Which safety item does the job?

"No glove, no love" is a phrase alluding to condom usage, the absence of which will deprive someone of sexual intimacy. Not only is a condom effective to prevent unwanted pregnancies but it also minimizes a person's exposure to sexually transmitted infections or STIs.


"__ it to me, __ it to me, __ it to me, __ it to me!" Find out what this means to me!

As humans evolved through time, we got creative in keeping our feet warm. Ancient artifacts and literature prove that animal hair became a smart choice for early humans to use as socks. Before that, animal skin was another viable option.


Dora assures you that "anything that you might need I got inside for you." Which bag, which bag?

Backpack aficionados sometimes buy different brands and make to suit specific carrying needs. Popular brands that manufacture these items include Herschel, JanSport, Osprey Packs, High Sierra and Kipling. U.S. brands with unique designs include Colfax, GORUCK, Filson and Triple Aught Design.


You can wear the aviator or the Wayfarer. What's this you're donning if you don't feel like eye tanning?

Sunglasses are also called shades and there are many from which to choose on the market. Aside from the classic aviator type and RayBan's Wayfarers, there's the butterfly, clubmaster, cat eye, oval, round, semi-rimless and the shield type. Shades should complement the face of the person wearing them.


You're crazy for this because it's finger lickin' good! Can you cluck this one out?

In ancient times, people either baked chickens or simply boiled them before eating. But the Scots were the first ones to try frying them in fat, producing the first evidence of fried chicken. Historians point to these Scottish immigrants as the ones who brought friend chicken to the American South.


"Baby, you don't have to rush" sings Joe Jonas. What does he want you to leave at his place?

If the modern-day toothbrush came about only during the 18th century, did you ever wonder what ancient people used to clean their teeth? Historians say that China also had early toothbrush types in the Middle Ages. Before that, people rubbed their teeth with cloths or rubbed chemical powder on them.


The Bible has a lot of them but the library has more! What are they?

Before the invention of the printing press, books were handwritten volume by volume. This manufacturing process made it expensive for the common folks to buy. Johannes Gutenberg's invention made it possible to print many books in shorter time frames; this process also lowered book prices.


Beanie, beret, cowboy, fedora. What do you put on to improve your aura?

Aside from the four mentioned, there are so many other types of hats available. There are sun hats with wide brims, floppy hats with droopy rims, the derby hat, the super small-brimmed cloche hat and the golf cap. Retailers also consider the baseball cap as a hat.


According to Bubba, "You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sauté it." What's this "fruit of the sea" according to his wit?

It's interesting to note that a movie can inspire the creation of a real restaurant which features a prominent product. That happened for the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant which got its name from the movie, "Forrest Gump." The Texas-based shrimp-focused eatery now has international branches.


It can be the neck type or the bow kind. What's this dressy item that makes you look fine?

According to Shopify, men's bow ties have picked up in sales in recent years. The necktie, however, is still a popular choice among corporate workers and those who don formal wear. Bow ties are making a comeback as a fashionable item that's hip to wear for fun times.


To pull off a "long long distance love affair" you need which "hotline bling"?

Alexander Graham Bell may not have anticipated his telephone invention becoming a pop song item but it's a favorite among songwriters. That's because so much drama happens between callers, it's too juicy not to write about. From telephone to smartphone, the drama is so ever-present!


"Lights! This object! Action!" What does a filmmaker use to realize their vision?

Filmmakers in the silent film era used hand-cranked cameras that they load up with celluloid film. Camera operators alert directors if their current film load will run out soon. Early filmmakers also needed to be knowledgeable about how film cameras worked so that they could plan their scenes better.


It's wakey juice, brain juice, dirt, mud and brew. Hey Joe, what d'ya call this cuppa?

Since coffee stimulates people in varied ways, there are also more than a handful of ways to refer to "coffee." The most common slang terms are cuppa, java and joe. But coffee lovers also call it liquid energy, morning jolt, caffeine infusion and even rocket fuel.


"Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" describe which order?

This long "slogan" for McDonald's made their hamburgers memorable for audiences when it first came out. Other burger chains also got creative with their slogans to spice up the competition. Today, McDonald's simplified it with "I'm lovin' it."


You can reach me by the mountain type. You can reach me by the tandem type. I don't care how you get here; just get here using which ride?

Not all bicycles are the same; riders should know what kind of bike to choose before embarking on their first ride. People who plan to ride in cities need a different bike than those planning to do trail riding. Storage is another consideration; there are folding bikes now.


As Rihanna invited, you can stay under her ella ella ella. Eh eh eh, say what is it?

If there are different kinds of raincoats, there are different umbrella types as well. The automatic umbrella, for example, makes it easier to open and close. You press a button to open it and that same button closes it.


If sidewalk surfing's your thing, then this rolling ride will make you sing! What is it?

Newbies need to understand that one's height, age and foot size are important considerations when buying a skateboard. Its deck needs to be wide enough for your feet; one's age also determines the size. Next, decide if you want a shortboard, longboard, cruiser or an old school deck.


It's a color, it's a fruit and it's a county, too! Pick it from this bin, will you?

According to the Produce Marketing Association, America loves oranges a lot. It was the fifth best-selling fruit in 2018. Strawberries came in fourth place, grapes in third, apples in second and bananas in first. There's now report, however, as to whether these fruits are consumed in their original state or juiced.


If the fuzz wants to end your hippie days, chillax and drink this fizz. What is it?

America's favorite soda brands list down the same old names throughout the years, proving the U.S. market's brand loyalty is strong. At the top of this list is Coca-Cola. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Sprite and Fanta join Coke on the Top 10 list.


When you've got "passion for the road," "think small" and get one that's "built for the road ahead." What's "engineered to move the human spirit?"

"Passion for the road" is Mazda's, "Think small" is Volkswagen's and "Built for the road ahead" is Ford's. Yes, even cars have an ongoing competition to produce the best slogans. But no matter what the tagline, it's the car's reliability and performance that people care about more.


It tells you the time, tells you that it's time to move and helps schedule the time of your life. What is it?

A smartwatch belongs to the wearable tech category, which means you can put this gadget on your body. In the case of the smartwatch, you just latch it onto your wrist like a regular wristwatch. The only difference is it's connected to your mobile phone and acts like its digital extension.


Sacre bleu, hors d' oeuvres! She sells which shells by the shore?

Exotic food lovers can try their hand at escargot, the snail dish prepared with seasoning, garlic, parsley, butter and salt. There's an actual term for snail farming called heliciculture; this practice shows how people cultivate certain types of land snails to eat. The practice originated in Europe, but its popularity is now spreading ... even to the U.S.


When it rains, it pours. With this, you stay dry to the core. So, which should you wear on you among the four?

Brands invest in producing high-quality rain gear that's also fashionable. Among the men's line, The North Face Venture jacket is a popular choice and so is Columbia's watertight hooded model. Hally Hansen Workwear has a waterproof line that's flexible enough to use for work, even when it's raining.


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