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Where there's a hero, there's also a sidekick. Think you can name some of these TV and movie Western sidekicks off the top of your cowboy hat? Then you can easily hi-ho away with this here quiz of ours, if you're a huge fan of the genre, that is.

A true-blue small screen or silver screen protagonist will always have trusty people around them: if it's not a mentor who teaches them how to be a better person/fighter, then it's someone their heart desires (a love interest, of course!). And there's also the best friend or sidekick to supply their much-needed companion during times when loneliness sticks its nasty head in the door.

Why do stories need to have sidekicks for these gunslinging heroes? Can't they exist on their own? The answer here is simple. From a storyteller's point of view, a hero's journey won't be complete if he went at it alone. If the hero needs to reflect on a personal or moral aspect of their decision, then they need someone to act as a sounding board for them to process their thoughts better. As fighters, these sidekicks also act as their back-up in case the hero is pinned to a corner. And for lighthearted moments or moments of self-doubt, the hero needs to have a few laughs or listen to words of encouragement from their number one cheerleader -- their sidekick.

So yes, a sidekick is not just there for decoration or for extra fun. These characters are also formidable persons in their own right, and their heroes' journeys won't feel the same without them. 

So, ready to saddle up to test your knowledge of Western hero sidekicks? Then swing on over and take this quiz!

Marshal Matt Dillon could count on what character in "Gunsmoke"?

Marshal Matt Dillon could always count on Chester Goode, is trusty sidekick played by Dennis Weaver in the television series.


Who was Roy Rogers' legal sidekick?

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were married. They were both actors and singers.


Who played sidekick to Western star and singer Tex Ritter?

Tex Ritter and Lloyd "Arkansas Slim" Andrews were buddies in the 1950s.


Butch Cassidy could always lean on what sidekick?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were played by Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the 1969 movie.


Who played second to The Cisco Kid?

Leo Carrillo played the role of Pancho in the 1950s television series.


Who was James West's sidekick on "The Wild Wild West"?

James West and Artemus Gordon were played by Robert Conrad and Ross Martin in the 1960s series, and by Will Smith and Kevin Kline in the 1999 movie.


Who helped Annie Oakley out of a jam?

The character of Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig was played by Brad Johnson in the 1950s television show.


What sidekick pairs with Joe, played by Clint Eastwood, in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"?

The character of Tuco was played by Eli Wallach in the 1966 Western.


Who is the title character's sidekick in "The Legend of Jesse James"?

Jesse's brother, Frank, is played by Allen Case on the 1960s television show.


Hannibal Heyes relied on what backup on "Alias Smith and Jones"?

The character of Jedediah "Kid" Curry was Heyes' cousin and was played by Ben Murphy on the 1970s television show.


Who is known as Wyatt Earp's sidekick?

The real John Henry "Doc" Holliday died of tuberculosis when he was 36. He caught the illness from his mother.


What four-legged sidekick supported the title character on "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams"?

Grizzly Adams befriended a bear cub who became his closest companion.


What Apache Native American tagged along with the Lone Ranger?

Tonto was billed at The Lone Ranger's "faithful Indian companion" for the first few shows of the original television series.


Red Ryder had a sidekick called ______ ______.

Robert Blake of "Baretta" fame played Little Beaver in the television series.


Who was "Lawman" Marshal Dan Troop's sidekick?

The character of Deputy Marshal Johnny McKay was played by Peter Brown on the 1958-1962 television series.


"Walker, Texas Ranger" relies on what sidekick?

The characters of Cordell Walker and James Trivette were played by Chuck Norris and Clarence Gilyard.


Who was the sidekick to the title character in "The Legend of Calamity Jane"?

The character of Joe Presto was voiced by Frank Welker on the 1997 animated television series.


Who played second fiddle to Hopalong Cassidy?

George "Gabby" Hayes played Halliday in the original series.


Who rode sidekick to Earl Corey on "The Outcasts"?

The character of Jemal David, a freed slave, was played by Otis Young.


"Man Without a Gun," Adam MacLean, counted on what sidekick when he needed help?

The character of Marshal Frank Tallman was played by Mort Mills in the 1950s television Western.


Who is the sidekick to the title character on "Steve Donovan, Western Marshal"?

The character of Rusty Lee was played by Eddy Waller on the 1950s television show.


Who was the Cisco Kid's first sidekick?

The character of Gordito was played by Chris-Pin Martin.


Who is the sidekick to the title character in "Two Mules for Sister Sara"?

The character of Hogan was played by Clint Eastwood, who also starred in several other Westerns.


What sidekick joins forces with U.S. Marshal Reuben (Rooster) J. Cogburn in "True Grit"?

The characters of Cogburn and La Boeuf were played by John Wayne and Glen Campbell in the 1969 film.


Who was the sidekick in "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok"?

The character of Jingles P. Jones was played by Andy Devine in the 1950s television show.


Who befriends the title character in "The Frisco Kid"?

The character of Tommy Lillard was played by Harrison Ford. Gene Wilder played Avram Belinski, a rabbi going to San Francisco.


Who was the sidekick and scout on "The Oregon Trail"?

The character of Luther Sprague was played by Charles Napier on the 1977 television series.


Who is sidekick to "The Gambler"?

The characters of the Gambler (Brady Hawkes) and Billy Montana were played by Kenny Rogers and Bruce Boxleitner.


U.S. Marshal Frank Caine leaned on what character in "Outlaws"?

The character of Deputy Marshal Will Foreman was played by Don Collier in the first season of the show.


Who was Amos Tucker's sidekick in "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again"?

The characters of Amos Tucker and Theodore Ogelvie were played by Tim Conway and Don Knotts in the 1979 comedy Western film.


Who played sidekick to Bret Maverick on the television series "Maverick"?

The series had some turnover, so Bret was backed up by his brother Bart, his cousin Beau, and his other brother Brent as the series progressed.


Who is Davy Crockett's sidekick?

The character of George Russell was played by Buddy Ebsen in the 1950s television series "Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier."


In "The Alamo," Davy Crockett had what companion?

The Beekeeper was played by Theodore Willis in the 1960 movie.


Who played sidekick to the title character on "The Guns of Will Sonnett"?

Will's grandson, Jeff, was his sidekick. The character of Jeff was played by Dack Rambo.


Marshal Will Foreman relied on what sidekick on "Outlaws"?

The character of Deputy Marshal Chalk Breeson was played by Bruce Yarnell in the second and final season of the television series.


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