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There's something incredibly infectious about Christmas. This is the one holiday that just "becomes" part of everything it can touch. From the food to our clothing and the things that we buy to our favorite movies, there's Christmas in just about everything come November, December and even January. And television shows are no different!

During the holidays, special episodes are made that help us bring out the Christmas spirit even more- whether they're sad, joyous, teach us a lesson or are action-packed, there is some entertainment to be found in each and every episode. But do you know what you're watching? Could you tell us the name of the holiday episode if we showed you a screenshot of it? That's what we're here to determine today.

We're going to show you pictures from some of the best and most iconic Christmas episodes in television history, and it'll be your job to guess what show you're seeing. If you think you can do that quite easily, it's time to prove it to us. Can you name these holiday sitcoms from a picture? Getting all these right won't be quite as good as the time Santa left you a bike under the Christmas tree, but it will be close!

The Stuff episode of the TV series "Black-ish" focuses on the loss of the true meaning of Christmas. In this Christmas special episode, Dre decides to forgo gifts and spend time with his kids for Christmas instead. The kids are not too happy with this decision.

In the X-mas story episode released in 1999, "Futurama" character Fry spends Christmas in the future. In the future, Saint Nick is a robotic menace created by The Friendly Robot Company.

Jingle Balls is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of the sitcom "Will & Grace." In this Christmas special aired in 2001, Grace gets a job to decorate the windows at Barneys and Will meets a ballet dancer.

In An Eric Forman Christmas, Eric gets the chance to direct a church Christmas pageant. His friends' disagreements and messy behavior result in him being kicked off the production.

Kimmy decides to celebrate all the Christmases she has missed. She ends up at a hotel with her friend Dong, where a night of innocent, childlike fun turns into drama.

Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo, is the ninth episode of the first season of the sitcom "South Park." Aired in 1997, Mr. Hankey is characterized as a lump of poo wearing a Christmas hat.

The Christmas Party episode was aired in 2005. In this Christmas episode, the office decides to throw a Christmas party and partake in secret Santa. When the time arrives for the gift exchange, Michael decides to play Yankee Swap.

This episode of the comedy series "The Simpsons" was released in 1989. In this Christmas special, the Simpsons are all forced to spend their Christmas money to help Bart get rid of a new tattoo. Disaster occurs when Homer and Bart participate in a dog-racing bet in an attempt to earn some Christmas money.

Released in 1980, the Bah Humbug episode was the seventh episode of the third season of "WKRP in Cincinnati." After consuming a special brownie, Mr. Carlson falls asleep and dreams of him being a Scrooge.

Originally aired on Dec. 11, 2008, "30 Rock's" Christmas Special sees Liz Lemon resorting to helping underprivileged children after having plans canceled by her parents. In this episode, Jack Donaghy accidentally hits his mother with his car and gets stuck with her in New York. Not wanting to go home, Jack forces the cast of TGS to put on a live Christmas Eve special.

This episode aired on 19th December 2004 and included a sexual harassment speech by Gob that jeopardized Lindsey's chance of getting a date for the Bluth Company Christmas party. Whiles Oscar and Lucille's afternoon delight overshadowed Michael and Maeby's rendition of "Afternoon Delight." On the other hand, Buster keeps looking for ways to get out of serving in Iraq.

In this episode of Season 2 of "The Big Bang Theory," Penny starts dating physicist David Underhill; whose observation of high energy positrons essentially makes Leonard's line of research futile. Also in this episode, Sheldon obsesses over exchanging Christmas presents with Penny.

Airing on Dec. 14, 1988, this episode sees Kevin and Wayne trying to convince Jack to purchase a color television set for the holidays, while Kevin struggles to find the right present for Winnie after she gives him a present unexpectedly.

Viewed by over 3.63 million viewers, the 10th episode of season 4 included Leslie Knope serving a suspension from work but constantly sneaking into her office to grab work to finish up at home. Leslie goes on to form an action committee to keep busy which she calls Parks Committee of Pawnee (PCP).

The 10th episode of the final season of "Seinfeld," which was aired on Dec. 18, 1997, is one in which Jerry goes on a date with a woman who is pretty on one day and ugly on another. This episode popularized the term ‘two-face.' Meanwhile, Elaine gives a fake number to a man and Kramer returns to work at H&H Bagels, while George falsifies a charity.

In this episode of "New Girl" directed by Craig Zisk, the crew attempts to attend many Christmas parties. Sam tells Jess he wants to get back together with her, and she tries to avoid him. Cece wants to become friends with Schmidt once more and Nick has problems going along with his wild girlfriend.

To show off her intellect, in this episode of "Cheers" aired on Dec. 19, 1982, Diane exposes an Englishman claiming to be a spy, as a fraud. The bar patrons who were enthralled by the Englishman, are disappointed when Diane outs him as a fake, until he plays a trick to get back at her.

Airing on Dec. 9, 2010, this episode directed by Fred Savage witnesses Dennis and Dee trying to teach Frank a lesson after many years of him mistreating them during the holiday season. On the other hand, Charlie and Mac, through reminiscing, come to the realization that their past Christmases were not as joyous as they remembered.

Christmas Party Sex Trap is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of the sitcom, "The Mindy Project." In this episode, Mindy decides to throw a party for all the businesses in the building, just to gain the favor of Cliff, her latest crush who just happens to be her enemy's boyfriend.

In this tenth episode of season 7, the drama continues with the six friends in Manhattan. While Ross makes plans to teach his son, Ben about Hanukkah, Phoebe devises a plan to make Rachel ditch her new roommate Joey and move back in with her.

In this episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Larry accidentally consumes the cookies that Cheryl's sister used in her nativity scene on Christmas Eve. Frantic, Larry tries to replace the cookies before anyone notices.

This season 2 finale of "Downton Abbey" is set in December 1919 and also features January 1920. Though the grand preparations for Christmas are underway, there is lots of tension brewing- and Bates' arrest doesn't help one bit.

Alex finds himself in a bit of an awkward situation this Christmas: while his family is bustling about with preparations, he's just not really feeling it. On Christmas Eve, he experiences strange dreams that give him insight into his future and change his perspective.

When Bob Belcher and his family acquire a storage unit that Christmas season, they think they've been granted a wonderful gift. Instead, they find Chet, the emotionally unstable squatter, and strive to reunite him with his estranged lover and save Christmas at the store.

In this episode in Season 2, The Solomon family experience their first Christmas here on Earth. Both Harry and Sally are working at a mall; Harry finds out that he's Santa's assistant while Sally helps to wrap presents and Tommy goes shopping for some. Meanwhile, Albright gets intoxicated.

At the request of Ben Weaver, Andy the sheriff incarcerates Sam Muggins and his immediate family when he is caught stealing alcohol. When Andy has pity on the family and brings the Christmas spirit to them, Ben wants to join in on the festivities too and tries his best to break the law.

The Doctor tries to save the day once again when the occupants of a spaceship find themselves in major difficulty while flying through unfamiliar territory. The Doctor can't do it alone though, so he enlists the help of Kazran Sardick- an old man made bitter by an unhappy childhood.

Jessica and Louis create their own modern-day Santa for Christmas, by convincing their son Evan that he is a well-educated scientist and graduate of Princeton. While Jessica creates her own tales, Emery and Eddie struggle to find her the perfect present.

In this episode, Frasier begins dating a Jewish woman, Faye, after her mother mistakes his true religion and sets them up on a date. Upon realizing that Faye's mother, Helen, will stop by his apartment soon, he and his family try to keep their Christmas preparations on hold and pretend to be Jewish.

As the first Christmas-themed episode of "The Dick Van Dyke Show," The Alan Brady Show Presents was aired on the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) Corporation in 1963. This all-time classical presentation highlighted the skills of the staff as they entertained viewers and it was the only time the theme song was sung by the cast.

Woodland Critter Christmas was the fourteenth episode of the eighth season of "South Park" and was directed by Trey Parker. It featured Stan assisting the cunning woodland animals to construct a manger for the birth of their Lord, the Antichrist.

Scrooge Get an Oscar is episode 12 of season one of "The Odd Couple." It was aired in December 1970 and featured Oscar, who refused to get into the festive mood and the joy of the season while he focused on worldly concerns.

Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, this Christmas episode of "BoJack Horseman" is entitled "BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina's Christmas Wish," and stars Will Arnett, Aaron Paul and Alison Brie. It followed season one of the Netflix original series and premiered in December 2014.

"How I Met Your Mother: How Lily Stole Christmas" was written by Brenda Hsueh and directed by Pamela Fryman. It featured Barney, who was too sick to take on his plans for the season, and Lily, who took away her Christmas exhibit due to unkind remarks directed at her.

"30 Rock's Ludachristmas" was released in December 2007 and was written by Tami Sagher. As the ninth episode of the series' second season, in this Christmas episode, Liz Lemon's family joins her for the holidays.

"Mad Men: Christmas Waltz" was written by Matthew Weiner and Victor Levin. It directly preceded the episode entitled "The Other Woman" and was the 10th episode in season five of the series. In this episode, Lane Pryce has been ordered to transfer US$8,000 by his attorney to England and feared that he would not be able to come up with the money within the allotted two days.

Released on Dec. 19, 1970, this episode in Mary Tyler Moore's comedy series was directed by Jay Sandrich. It showed Mary being compelled to work during the festive season which included both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

On Jan. 25, 2005, "Women of Questionable Morals" aired and was the 11th episode in the fifth season of the television drama series. Directed by Matthew Diamond, in this episode, with the hope of reconciling and mending his relationship with Rory, Christopher went to Yale.

This episode took the audience 30 years into the future. It featured a Christmas visit to Homer and Marge's house whereby Bart, Lisa and their children visited the couple when a pregnant Maggie goes into labor. In this episode, the series creator Matt Groening made a cameo appearance as a sports commentator.

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