Quiz: Can You Name the Sitcom from a Photo of Its Christmas Episode?
Can You Name the Sitcom from a Photo of Its Christmas Episode?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: 20th Century Fox Television

About This Quiz

There's something incredibly infectious about Christmas. This is the one holiday that just "becomes" part of everything it can touch. From the food to our clothing and the things that we buy to our favorite movies, there's Christmas in just about everything come November, December and even January. And television shows are no different!

During the holidays, special episodes are made that help us bring out the Christmas spirit even more- whether they're sad, joyous, teach us a lesson or are action-packed, there is some entertainment to be found in each and every episode. But do you know what you're watching? Could you tell us the name of the holiday episode if we showed you a screenshot of it? That's what we're here to determine today.

We're going to show you pictures from some of the best and most iconic Christmas episodes in television history, and it'll be your job to guess what show you're seeing. If you think you can do that quite easily, it's time to prove it to us. Can you name these holiday sitcoms from a picture? Getting all these right won't be quite as good as the time Santa left you a bike under the Christmas tree, but it will be close!

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