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Live long and prosper! If you ace this quiz, you certainly will! For all the Trekkies out there, Star Trek isn't just a show; it's a lifestyle. From all the characters that have been introduced to the Enterprise, can you name them from a single description?

In 1966, NBC premiered the latest science fiction series, Star Trek: The Original Series. Created by Gene Roddenberry, the series followed an outer-space starship crew that was traveling through the galaxy. The series would introduce the characters of Captain Kirk, Spock, and Bones, played by William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley, respectively.

With the success of the 1960s series, Star Trek would go on to release a long list of follow-ups. These include The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. The 2000s would also bring in the prequels of Enterprise and Discovery. Through these six Star Trek series, they have introduced a host of popular characters. 

From Jean-Luc Picard to James T. Kirk, could you pick the proper Enterprise captain? What about Data, Odo, and Worf? Would a single sentence help you pick out these Star Trek characters? 

The Star Trek TV franchise has been around for over 60 years. Can you identify all these characters or will you be lost in the Milky Way galaxy?

Beam me up, Scotty!

Which original captain is lovingly mocked for his halted speech patterns and seeming inability to go one whole episode without kissing an alien woman?

The interplanetary lothario is none other than Captain James Tiberius Kirk. In the original series, he was played by William Shatner, who never expected the show to be a success and never expected to be associated with the character decades later. In the film reboots, he is played by Chris Pine.


Which First Officer, who was the half-Vulcan originated the "highly illogical" catchphrase "Live long and prosper?"

Ambassador Spock, as he eventually became, was constantly conflicted by his logical Vulcan half and his emotional human half. In TOS, he was played by the late great Leonard Nimoy and in the films, by Zachary Quinto.


Who often served as Kirk's moral compass while complaining that he was a doctor, not a variety of other things?

Leonard "Bones" McCoy was the chief medical officer, who shared a brotherly bond with Kirk and a slightly contentious truce with Spock. He was played by DeForest Kelley in TOS and is played by Karl Urban in the film reboots.


Who was the engineer who kept "givin' it all she's got, Captain" and helped inspire the phrase "beam me up"?

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott was an engineer on Enterprise and was well-known for his Scottish accent. However, neither actor who portrayed him is Scottish. James Doohan (TOS) was Canadian and Simon Pegg is English.


Which translator/communications officer stood out as an icon for both women and the African-American community?

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura made waves as one of the first female officers on a show and one of the first African-American characters to share equal screen time with white characters. She was played by Nichelle Nichols in TOS and by Zoe Saldana in the film reboots.


Which Helmsman was known for bare-chested sword fighting and many other cultured hobbies?

Hikaru Kato Sulu was the Helmsman of the Enterprise and in the 6th movie became captain of the Excelsior; he was played in by George Takei in TOS and John Cho in the film reboots.


Which young Ensign had a fondness for Mother Russia and a striking resemblance to Monkee Davy Jones?

The decision to create Russian character Pavel Andreievich Chekov during the Cold War was a bold one, but it paid off. Fans loved Walter Koenig's portrayal in TOS and a new generation fell in love with the too-soon-departed Anton Yelchin in the film reboot. Yelchin immigrated from Russia as a young child and Koenig's parents were Russian immigrants.


Which wrathful villain was brought out of suspended animation before being exiled to Ceti Alpha V?

Ok, he's not typically included in lists of the best Star Trek characters on the basis that he's a movie character and not a main cast member, but Khan Noonien Singh is too good a character to exclude. Ricardo Montalbán gave the character his iconic portrayal in the TOS episode and 2nd film, but Benedict Cumberbatch just couldn't quite sell it in the reboot.


Which suspiciously British-sounding French captain enjoyed "tea, Earl Grey, hot" when not being a member of the Borg?

Jean-Luc Picard was brought to life in The Next Generation by Sir Patrick Stewart. His character was named after Auguste Picard and Jean Felix Picard, 20th-century Swiss scientists.


Which bearded First Officer had an on-and-off relationship with Troi and a fierce loyalty as Picard's "Number One"?

Commander William Thomas "Will" Riker was played by Jonathon Frakes. Fans have compared him to a reinvented Kirk in earlier seasons but praised his maturity in later seasons.


Which Chief Engineer is as well known for his holodeck adventures with Data, as he is his sight VISOR?

Geordi La Forge was played by LeVar Burton of Roots and Reading Rainbow Fame. La Forge used his trademark VISOR for the series and the first film, but he received ocular prosthetic implants in between the first and second movie and the VISOR was no more.


Which Klingon served as the Chief Security Officer and a romantic rival for Troi's affections on TNG, before becoming Strategic Operations Officer on DS9?

Worf, son of Mogh, was an orphaned Klingon raised by human parents. He was played by Michael Dorn, and his name was inspired by cultural-linguist Benjamin Lee Whorf.


Which widowed and single mom Chief Medical Officer had a 'will-they-won't-they' with Picard?

Fan favorite Commander Beverly Crusher was played by Gates McFadden. McFadden was also the choreographer on The Labyrinth.


Which human/Betazoid commander used her empathic abilities to serve as the ship's counselor, as well as often being a physical vehicle for other lifeforms?

Commander Deanna Troi served as ship's counselor aboard the Enterprise in TNG. Played by Marina Sirtis, fans often mocked her outrageously big hair and tight non-regulation uniform.


Which Soong-Type Android served as Chief Operations Officer while caring for his cat Spot, and going on hologram adventures with Geordi?

Data was played by Brent Spiner. He was intended to be an outsider, TNG's version of Spock.


Which young crew member started as a civilian accompanying his mother but became an ensign, a cadet, and eventually a lieutenant, much to the dismay of many fans?

Wesley Crusher was played by Wil Wheaton. Many fans disliked the character and viewed him as a male Mary Sue or a default deus ex machina.


Which member of a Continuum race serves as both comedic relief, judge and jury for the human race, and occasionally a teacher to the Enterprise crew?

Q was a member of the Q Continuum, an Omnipotent being with a penchant for practical jokes. He was played by John de Lancie and appeared in NTG, DS9, and Voyager.


Which El-Aurian alien worked as the bartender at Ten-Forward aboard the Enterprise and shares a deep connection with Picard?

Gentle and wise, Guinan was played by Whoopi Goldberg, who specifically asked producers to write her into the show. She was a huge fan of Uhura and hoped to inspire a new generation, the way Nichelle Nichols was an inspiration to her. Her bartender character was named after Prohibition bartender Texas Guinan.


Which Commander of DS9 was also captain of The Defiant, and harbored a deep hatred for Picard/Locutus for initiating the attack that killed his wife?

Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko was played by Avery Brooks. Brooks is known for other roles such as Hawk in Spenser: For Hire, and Dr. Bob Sweeney in American History X.


Which Changling was a member of The Founders, before becoming Chief of Security for DS9 and engaging in a constant battle of wits with Quark?

Odo was played by René Auberjonois; a well-known voice actor, appearing in The Little Mermaid, The Last Unicorn, and a variety of video games and audiobooks.


Which Ferengi merchant operated a somewhat illegal trade operation out of his bar on DS9, and was shown to have a near perfect recall of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition?

Quark was played by Armin Shimerman, who also played Principal Snyder on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Quark appeared in episodes of both TNG and Voyager.


Which Chief Medical Officer aboard Deep Space 9 was genetically enhanced to be smarter and stronger than most humans, a fact that led to some friction with his crew members?

The character of Julian Subatoi Bashir MD was played by Alexander Siddig. The character also appeared in an episode of ST: TNG.


Which captain of the Voyager eventually became a Vice Admiral while fighting for the basic rights of her non-human crew?

Kathryn Janeway shares her first name with the actress who played her, Kate Mulgrew. The absolute badass Janeway was named as an homage to author Elizabeth Janeway, also a badass in her own right.


Who was First Officer aboard the Voyager, right-hand man to Captain Janeway, and was meant to be inspirational as the first Native American on a Star Trek show?

Chakotay was played by Robert Beltran. His character was created to be an inspiration to the Native American community like Uhura was to the African American community, but his portrayal was received negatively.


Which Vulcan served as Second Officer aboard the Voyager and once accidentally fused together with Neelix?

Tuvok was played by Tim Russ. According to Tuvok, he was over 100 years old when Voyager began.


Which member of the Borg joined the crew of the Voyager and began dating a hologram of a crew member?

Seven of Nine was played by Jeri Ryan. Her full designation was Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One, but before she was assimilated, her human name had been Annika Hansen.


Which Ocampan served as medical assistant aboard the Voyager making use of her powers of telepathy, pyrokinesis, and psychokinesis before losing physical form and becoming living energy?

Kes was played by Jennifer Lien. Her lifespan was only 9 years, which gave the writers a good excuse when they needed to let one of the cast go for budgeting reasons.


Which Medical Officer was actually a hologram who used the standard greeting "Please state the nature of the medical emergency" before eventually evolving to be more human in nature?

The Doctor was an Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I, which was activated when the human doctor was killed in the Voyager pilot. He was played by Robert Picardo, who also played Richard Woolsey in Stargate.


Which Enterprise Captain was the first to pilot a Warp 5 starship and had a strong bond with his dog Porthos?

Jonathan Archer was played by Scott Bakula. Series creator Rick Berman described Archer as "a cross between Chuck Yeager and Han Solo", but many fans felt he fell a bit short.


Which Vulcan Second Officer had her DNA stolen in order to create a Vulcan-Human hybrid on Enterprise?

T'Pol was played by Jolene Blalock. She was originally stationed on the Enterprise to observe the human crew and report back to the High Command.


Which Chief Engineer on Enterprise was a close friend of the captain and died in the series finale?

Charles "Trip" Tucker III, referred to as either Trip or Tucker, was played by Connor Trinneer. Trip was close friends with Archer, having met him ten years prior to the start of the series.


Which quiet Tactical Officer created the “red alert” system and broke the family tradition of joining the Navy, due to a fear of drowning?

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed was played by Dominic Keating. He had also been an Eagle scout on Earth, earning two more badges than Archer.


Which polyglot served as the linguistics expert and translator on Enterprise?

Hoshi Sato was played by Linda Park. Her character spoke more than 40 languages, including Klingon.


Which “space boomer” was born in space and served as the helmsman on Enterprise, despite being injured more than any other crew member?

Ensign Travis Mayweather was played by Anthony Montgomery. His character was not popular with fans or critics, who viewed him as "a complete blank."


Which super cheerful Denobulan served as the Chief Medical Officer on Enterprise?

Dr. Phlox was played by John Billingsley. Many fans enjoyed the character and used him as a positive example of what Voyager's Neelix could and should have been.


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