Can You Name These 40 Dog Breeds in 5 Minutes?


By: Amanda Monell

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When future animal lovers first get introduced to other creatures, they're usually in the form of a stuffed animal. Then when a visit to a relative's house reveals a real-life version of their plush new friend that moves and interacts with them, all bets are off. The magic spell is immediately cast the minute its eyes light up and its tail starts wagging so hard that its back legs twitch involuntarily (and happily).

Now, whenever a new dog enters the picture, the dog lover looks to get the same reaction from every friendly pup they meet.

In addition to being extremely interactive, pet dogs have one thing many other mammalian pets don't: they come in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. And just like cats and other furry pets, they have varying coat lengths and textures. 

Dog lovers — especially those who have lived with pooches for a long time — tend to be able to identify breeds on sight (just like car fans can name every car they spot on the highway). 

So, to put that knowledge to the test, we've scoured the Internet and pulled together 40 photos of perfectly pedigreed pooches. Get set for a wagging good time...

What dog shares its name with a type of blanket?

If you're an Afghan hound fan and are in Chicago, you can see a huge monument to the breed. Pablo Picasso's untitled sculpture stands about 50 feet tall and resides in the Daley Center. The inspiration behind it? Picasso's own hound, Kabul.


This massive Japanese Spitz-style dog was entered into the American Kennel Club in 1972. Which dog is it?

With most breeds of dogs, there is no definite point as to who brought the first one into the United States, however, that isn't the case with the Akita. In 1937, Helen Keller was given Kamikaze-Go by the Japanese government.


Which dog breed has Marge Simpson's maiden name?

The Bouvier des Flandres is a massive beast of a dog, averaging a height of at least 2 feet tall and weighing between 70 and 120 pounds. As part of the herding group, the Bouvier des Flandres was bred to perform various farming tasks.


This wrinkly dog is the mascot for Yale University.

Handsome Dan, Yale University's bulldog mascot has a unique distinction. He was America's first college mascot. On top of this, each bulldog mascot for Yale has the same name: they are currently on their 17th Handsome Dan.


Which of these terriers originated in Scotland and was known for digging in rock piles to rid graves of rodents?

One of the most notable Cairn terriers was Dorothy Gale's companion in "The Wizard of Oz." Even though Toto was male in the books, the movie version of the tenacious terrier was a female Cairn terrier named Terry.


What Chinese dog is known for its blue-black tongue?

If you are looking for an artistic representation of a chow chow, look no further than some of the Han Dynasty's artifacts. In one of the Han Dynasty's bas-reliefs, the chow chow is depicted as a hunting companion.


This breed is closely associated with firehouses.

If you're full of energy, getting a Dalmatian is a perfect companion for hiking, biking, and a quick job around town. These pups require a lot of exercise both physically and mentally, so a toy—or ten—may be useful.


What breed of dog is Santa's Little Helper Simpson?

While greyhounds are considered the fastest breed of dog, it can be a bit of a lazy pup. Many owners have caught their hounds performing something called "roaching." Don't worry, it isn't gross at all: this is when the dog lays on its back with its feet in the air, looking like a dead cockroach.


Known for their keen intelligence and loyal nature, these dogs are often recruited by the police.

Rin Tin Tin, the most famous German shepherd was not only a movie star, but he also was a survivor of an aerial attack during WWI. At the age of five days old, Corporal Lee Duncan found Rin Tin Tin in his kennel.


Which good-natured dog is known for its sunny disposition and feathered chest and tail?

When it comes to pleasing their masters, the golden retriever is one of the most eager to please breeds. When you add their easygoing attitude and highly intelligent mind, this makes a golden retriever an ideal service dog for the disabled.


What breed of dog is Marmaduke?

Marmaduke isn't the only animated Great Dane on the block. Hanna-Barbera's mystery solving, super hungry Scooby-Doo is also a member of the Great Dane family. By staying by Shaggy's side through thick and thin, it showcased one of the Great Danes's personality traits: dependability.


Which of these dogs is the National Dog of Cuba and was once called the Spanish Silk Poodle?

When communism swept through Cuba in the late 1950s, many owners took their dogs and fled to America. Once the Americans saw this jovial breed, they helped get the Havanese's population back up, and now they're ranked in the top 25 breeds in the AKC.


Which breed of dog was also known as "greyhound of Ireland"?

Irish Wolfhounds are considered the American Kennel Club's tallest dog—with heights starting at 30 inches—and their weight can get up around 180 pounds. Even though they're massive, these pups shouldn't be relied upon to guard a house; their dispositions are a little too mellow for such things.


What Hungarian breed relies on its white corded coat to blend in with livestock?

Maintaining a Komondor's coat is not an easy task. Although a brush is never used to maintain the Komondor's corded coat, a groomer will still bathe the dog with shampoo, drying the coat by squeezing the cords, toweling, and letting the dog sleep in front of a fan overnight.


What kind of mastiff is known for its massive size and loose folds of skin?

Even though the Neapolitan mastiff is the 152nd breed in the American Kennel Club, the breed itself is older than a majority of the breeds in this quiz. These hulking beasts have their paws planted in the times of ancient Rome where they guarded their homes and owners.


Which of these Asian-based dogs has puppies that are best described as a pile of wrinkles?

Even though they eventually grow out of the wrinkles on the bodies, Chinese shar-peis carry the wrinkles in their faces. This is probably the only time when having facial wrinkles is not only acceptable, but endearing.


This dog specializes in water rescue.

In addition to having a thick coat, Newfoundlands have a couple of secret weapons to help with getting a drowning victim to shore. The first is its powerfully muscular frame, which when coupled with its webbed feet, propels themselves and others to assistance.


What breed is McGruff the Crime Dog?

When the National Crime Prevention Council chose the bloodhound to represent their stance against crime, it was a smart choice. In a court of law, any evidence obtained by a bloodhound's tracking ability is admissible.


Which of these breeds would have set sail with the Vikings?

The Norwegian elkhound may be a smaller sized dog, however, it knows how to pack a punch. One of the animals that these 50-pound dogs would hunt are bears, which could weigh ten times that!


What dog breed is also known as a "bobtail"?

The folks at Disney must have a soft side for Old English Sheepdogs. In addition to "The Shaggy Dog," which was produced in 1959, an animated dog hit the screens in the early '90s, when Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" set sail.


These smart dogs often have silly haircuts.

Poodles are considered one of the smartest dogs in the world, usually grouped with border collies, German shepherds, and many of the retrievers; however, the poodle does have one thing the others don't—variety. With three different sizes (standard, miniature, and toy), there's a poodle for everyone.


Which of these hounds is depicted on various Egyptian artifacts?

What do pharaoh hounds and humans have in common? Aside from both being mammals, the pharaoh hounds can not only smile, but when they get excited or happy, they blush, making their ears glow a bright pink.


This spitz-style dog is known for performing in The Iditarod races.

During the 1,000 mile Iditarod race, mushers will lead a team of dogs through some of the roughest terrain imaginable. In addition to coats and sled gear, the dogs have their own equipment as well, including coats, harnesses and booties.


In Disney’s “Peter Pan,” a dog named Nana was given the task of keeping the children in line. What breed was she?

With their thick coats and gentle dispositions, Saint Bernards are suited for aiding in mountain rescues. It is estimated that over 2,000 lives have been saved thanks to these gentle giants.


Which of these hounds became known as a lord or lady’s companion pet in the 1700s?

Because of its petite size and fine fur, Italian greyhounds require additional care during the winter months. Coats, sweaters and even pajamas are a must for the Italian greyhound owner as well as snoods to protect their long necks from nasty weather.


Queen Elizabeth II has taken to these little pups.

In April 2018, Willow, the last of the Queen Elizabeth II's Pembroke Welsh corgis, passed away from cancer. Willow was 14th generation, descended from Susan, her first pup, who she received on her 18th birthday in 1944.


In 2008, the world fell in love with a dog named Marley in the novel “Marley & Me.” What breed of dog was he?

Considered one of the most popular breeds in the U.S., the Labrador retriever's sweet disposition is one of the defining traits of the breed. Of course if you happen to make a lab happy while a drink is nearby, you'll meet another trait: it's otterlike tail!


What breed of dog is Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy?

If you're looking for a social pet that loves nothing more than to clown around, getting a beagle is the answer. There are two different size ranges, under 13 inches and between 13 and 15 inches. And while they don't drool, smell or shed, however, they tend to howl, so there's that.


This dog is the mascot for Hush Puppies shoes.

It is rumored that after the American Revolution, Lafayette, a French aristocrat who oversaw several battles during the war, presented a gift of a couple of Basset hounds to George Washington.


What dog is also known as a wiener dog?

There are three different coats: wiry, long and smooth. If you happen to come across the smooth-coated dachshund, be prepared for a treat. In chilly weather, these pups become expert snugglers, cuddling up next to anything that could help keep their bodies warm.


Which breed of dog shares its name with a state in Mexico and a type of cheese?

Chihuahuas are the personification of a big dog being trapped in a little dog's body. Chihuahuas are extremely smart, so if left untrained, they will cleverly manipulate situations and end up owning you!


When translated from the native German, this breed's name means "grey ghost."

Devastated by the loss of his beloved Weimaraner, artist William Wegman started to photograph and costume his new pup, Fay Ray. These photographs became so popular, there have been children's books featuring these dogs in various poses.


Which of these hounds shares their name with a drink served in Irish pubs?

If you're looking for a dog with a passion for its tasks, the black and tan coonhound is an ideal pet for you. These hounds are great if you're a hunter because their dark coats are perfect for blending into the brush and trailing prey.


Which of these terriers had a starring role as Eddie on the sitcom "Frasier"?

Moose, the Jack Russell terrier that acted as Eddie on "Frasier," became one of the most iconic dogs in television in the 1990s. Even though he was a charmer on screen, he was a bit of a jerk off screen. He reportedly bit his human costar John Mahoney not just once, but every time the two were on the set.


Translated from its native French, this breed's name means "butterfly."

Papillons are sweet and endearing creatures named after their big winglike ears. These ears are often tufted and can come in three different varieties, based on position. Some have their ears perched proudly atop their heads, others have them completely down. Either way, these furbabies are adorbs!


What breed of dog shares its name with a gaming term related to questing and raiding?

Pugs are fairly popular dogs worldwide, with a unique look of a squished in nose, wrinkled face and a smooth sleek coat. Because their noses are pushed in, many pugs when they do doze off have a tendency to snore.


Which of these dogs from the British isles comes in two different sizes and is particular about its humans?

Scottish terriers, also known as Scotties, are known for their confident personalities and tenacious attitudes. These dogs make excellent guard dogs because they are very loyal to their families and are constantly suspicious of strangers.


These redheaded retrievers are known for their feathered tail and long ears.

The traditional coat color of the Irish setter wasn't always red. They were originally red and white; however, once the bold and solid red coat became more predominant, the Irish setters ended up splitting off into two breeds: the Irish setter and the Irish red and white setter.


Former President Barack Obama adopted this breed of dog.

After finding out that Sasha Obama was allergic to dogs, the Obamas needed a hypoallergenic dog, and the Portuguese water dog ended up being the answer. After being returned to his breeder, Bo was given to the presidential family by Senator Ted Kennedy.


What Asian breed is bald with the exception of a glam rock–inspired hairdo?

If you're looking for a dog contest that is a bit out of the ordinary, check out California's World's Ugliest Dog Contest. Running for 15 years, the Chinese crested has the distinction of winning eight of these contests, including Sam, who won for three years straight.


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