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Since 1997, we have grown to know and love the characters we see on "South Park". This animated series has tackled issues from global warming (or Manbearpig) to 9/11 conspiracies. While the writers aren't always graceful, they give an unapologetic honesty that keeps us coming back. "South Park" doesn't care about your race, religion, political affiliation or gender, they think everything is funny and everyone should be able to laugh at themselves. They tear down social norms and show that everyone can be happy if we just leave each other alone. Every conversation and debate you've ever had has an example that you can directly quote from the show.

In order to convey their messages, "South Park" writers use an endless supply of characters to deliver details and explain things (in the funniest way possible) through the struggles of eight-year-old boys, their parents and anyone they come into contact with. "South Park" gives us an innocent (and easy) view of things that should be simple but are being made into complex topics. Ultimately, the show has something for everyone. If you're just in it for the laughs and the gore, you have what you need. If you are ready to learn, "South Park" is ready to teach ... and it couldn't do so without its characters. If you are a huge fan of "South Park," take this quiz to see if you can name all 40 of these recurring characters.

Can you name this character with a soothing voice?

Originally voiced by Isaac Hayes, Jerome "Chef" McElroy was the character that all of the children turned to when they had a problem or a question. If the question was about women, he would break into song and explain everything to them.

Who is this character that comes from a wealthy family?

Token Black is a character that was created to shine a spotlight on the characters that are found in movies and on television in order to create a representation of the African American community. While Cartman throws every stereotype at Token, he's a clear individual.

Which character always wears a blue hat?

You probably know Craig as a character that is constantly flipping Cartman off. After he and Tweak get into a fight, they realize that they actually like each other ... in that way, and they start dating.

This is Kyle's adopted little brother. Do you know his name?

"Kick the baby!" ... eh hem ... We first meet Ike as Kyle's little brother who he has to take with him everywhere. However, in the feature-length film, we learn that Ike is adopted from Canada.

Originally a character to help Mr. Garrison get fired, he has come back for more. What's his name?

When Mr. Garrison realizes that he can sue the school if they fire him for his sexual orientation, he brings in an assistant known as Mr. Slave. Mr. Slave pops up in quite a few episodes, and his memorable character turned a lot of audience members away from the show.

Do you recognize this strong female character?

Bebe Stevens is best friends with Wendy Testaburger. She is always following Wendy around and supporting everything that Wendy stands for. There is an episode that focuses on Bebe's development and how the boys react to it.

Can you name this character who loves to hunt?

You may remember Jimbo's first appearance when he is fishing with grenades and hunting with missile launchers. You can usually find him with his best friend, Ned, who is a Vietnam veteran.

She was Stan's girlfriend for a long time. Can you name her?

When we first meet Wendy Testaburger, Stan can't be around her without throwing up. We probably all still have the visual of it landing in her mouth, and all she would say is "gross." However, Wendy is one of Cartman's biggest adversaries, as she doesn't put up with his BS.

Do you know Stan's sister's name?

Shelley Marsh is quite the bully. She always beats her brother up and treats him rather badly. She wears headgear and has a foul mouth. She dates frequently, but her relationships never last very long.

She seems to be nice at first, but then we learn about her past. Who is this character?

In an episode of "South Park," we learn that Cartman's mom is also his dad. Before we learned about this, however, the writers made a cliffhanger episode followed by a fluff episode. This enraged fans who were dying to know who Cartman's dad really was.

Which TV character from Canada has a P on his shirt?

The "Terrance & Phillip" television show that the main characters of "South Park" watch is crude and full of fart jokes. It makes for an interesting juxtaposition with how fans feel about the actual show as well.

Who is the mad scientist on the show?

He likes to perform odd experiments and do some crazy things. We see the boys visit him when they need something odd and we love to look in the background at all of his weird experiments.

She was Cartman's girlfriend. Do you know her name?

Everyone agrees that Heidi is a good influence on Cartman ... that is, everyone except Cartman. He acts as though he's being mentally abused through their entire relationship, and then he starts feeding her vegan KFC.

"South Park" has a lot of non-human characters. Can you name this one?

It's not often you see an inanimate object with a substance abuse problem. He even wrote his own book ("A Million Little Fibers") about his problems and always wanting just one more.

Do you know who Stan's dad is?

We don't see too much from Gerald in the beginning of the show, but in recent seasons writers have been giving us a glimpse into his genius. We soon learn that he is an internet troll who says very mean things.

He was Stan's dog. Do you know his name?

Taking on the topic of homosexuality and gay rights in America is something that few shows would do back in the day. However, "South Park" creators didn't mind bringing it in. That's where Sparky the gay dog comes along.

He's the new principal at South Park Elementary. Do you know his name?

PC Principal is all about tolerance, and he will do anything to ensure that everyone he comes into contact with is tolerant (even brutally punish them). However, he starts to learn about gray areas when Jimmy starts asking questions.

A fire made this teacher quit teaching. Who is she?

When the main characters were in pre-school, they accidentally lit their teacher on fire, because they thought they could put her out with their urine hoses. It did not work, and she ended up only speaking in beeps.

Do you recognize the bus driver from the earlier seasons of the show?

She has yellow teeth and a loud voice. She doesn't like to put up with stupid people, and it is very clear that she hates children. Unfortunately, this character was murdered off in season 8 of the show.

Do you know what Cartman's cat's name is?

We meet Cartman's cat early on, when his cat is trying to eat his food. While this is such a tiny character, the voice actor who plays Mr. Kitty is none other than Jay Leno from late night television.

Can you name this elderly gentleman from the show?

Stan's grandfather is a little off, but he's an awesome character to see. In the first few seasons, Stan's grandfather lives with the Marsh's. However, we learn later that he is sent to a retirement home where he is bullied.

Do you know this character made out of excrement?

Mr. Hankie, the Christmas poo, even has his own song that he sings whenever he arrives. While he isn't necessarily in every Christmas episode of the show, he does show up from time to time to remind us of what we used to laugh at.

Can you name this character with a disability?

Timmy likes to hang out with the boys from time to time, and he actually is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Even though he only says one word ("Timmay") he is excellent in a rock band.

She was the principal of South Park Elementary for 19 seasons. Do you know her name?

Complete with a Minnesota accent, Principal Victoria tried to keep the kids and teachers of South Park Elementary School in line for over 19 years. Later, she was replaced by PC Principal in season 19.

Can you name the mayor of South Park?

She may have graduated from Princeton University, but Mayor McDaniels doesn't always make really smart decisions. She just wants people to come to her town and like it, so she focuses on gentrification over doing the right thing.

He was the original police officer in town. Do you know his name?

Officer Barbrady wasn't necessarily the smartest police officer around. However, when you have a lot of weird things happening in your town (from alien invasions to enlarged celebrities), you might be a little dumb about stuff, too.

Do you recognize this common nemesis of Jimmy's?

When you watch Nathan on the show, you start to realize that he is a criminal mastermind in a handicapped person's body. He always has a plan running, and his large follower seems to always get it wrong.

Can you name this character who has a crush on Butters?

Lisa Berger isn't very popular. She's big and sweaty and most of the cheerleaders aren't nice to her. However, after Wendy Testaburger puts filters on her picture, Butters seems to start liking her a little bit more. Behold! The power of social media!

This vice principal had an affair with PC Principal. Who is she?

While it grossed out the town that a woman and man who work together were having a relationship, Vice Principal Strong Woman and PC Principal kept their affair behind the scenes ... even after she got pregnant.

Who is Stan's mom?

Sharon Marsh seems to be the only human being in South Park who is relatively normal and down to Earth. Her husband, on the other hand is a little more out there. For some reason, he doesn't understand when she gets mad.

Do you recognize this redneck character?

Darryl Weathers is commonly seen at the bar with Stan's dad. He gets mad that everyone is having Alexa (the Amazon echo) do their work, so he fears they're losing their jobs. You may hear him scream "Alexa terk er jerbs!" from time to time.

Timmy's pet turkey is a little off. Do you know his name?

His head doesn't lift very high off the ground, but everyone seems to love Timmy's little turkey that was just too pathetic to turn into Thanksgiving dinner one year. He doesn't do much, but what turkey can?

Who is the guidance counselor on the show?

We know Mr. Mackey from his signature "Mmmkay" line, but we learn a lot more about him as the show progresses. He tries to keep things in order, but he ultimately knows that he has no control over these kids.

Who is Kenny's older brother?

Kevin McCormick isn't seen on the show very often, and when we do see him, he is with his usually at home or standing next to his parents. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, his voice slurs.

What is Kyle's cousin's name?

Kyle's cousin, Kyle, isn't a huge hit with the rest of the kids in South Park. He has too many things holding him back, but the worst part about it is the fact that he is constantly complaining ... about everything.

Who is this internet troll from the show?

Dick Slapperman goes by the handle "Dildo Schwaggins" when he is trolling the Internet. However, he becomes good friends with Kyle's dad in an attempt to stop everyone's internet histories from being released.

Who is Token's girlfriend?

Nichole Daniels can be seen holding hands with Token Black, but she is also seen as one of the cheerleaders for South Park Elementary. She has a lot of hobbies, even if her character hasn't been completely fleshed out yet.

He is the priest on the show. Do you know his name?

As a Roman Catholic priest, Father Maxi does a lot of great preaching. However, he does partake in some of the sins that he warns against. We see him in a few episodes a season, and learn a little bit more about him each time.

What is Jimmy's mom's name?

Sarah Valmer doesn't play a big part on the show, but she can be seen in the background and she has a few lines with Jimmy here and there. She's mostly seen in the episode when Jimmy starts taking steroids.

What is the name of this goth kid?

Pete is a representation of the goth kids that hang out around South Park. Not only does he have a monotone voice, he also gives a great hair flip when his hair is in his eyes (and his hair is always in his eyes).

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