Quiz: Can You Name These '80s Sports Movies?
Can You Name These '80s Sports Movies?
By: Olivia C
Image: Universal Pictures

About This Quiz

The 1980s were one interestingly strange, quirky, exciting and ambivalent decade. Of course, everything that happened during that time is included in that characterization! Be it people, places, food or politics, everything was strange yet effective during that time.

The same is true for movies. The '80s was also a great decade for a lot of interesting sports movies. And we're not just talking about the usual movies that get made, featuring one specific "popular" sport. There are so many kinds of sports out there, and the '80s filmmakers and storytellers were quick, witty, and resourceful enough to turn these sports stories into film stories. 

It's also interesting to spot your favorite leading man, heartthrob, leading lady or veteran actor in one of these dated sports movies. While it may also date you, don't let that tiny bit bother you! These days, many young ones are also looking at past pop culture products for inspiration. So looking at '80s movies is just cool. 

So, you think you can guess the titles of these sports films by looking at some scenes? Then let's get it going!

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