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Field of Dreams, The Rookie, and Bull Durham; these are a few of the baseball movies that have helped define one of the greatest sports in American culture, but how much do you know about them? 

This quiz has all of the great baseball movies in cinema history. It includes the funniest comedies and the most tragic dramas. These films range from feel-good stories with completely fictional plots and characters, to stories that cause you to reflect on what real-life players meant to the game of baseball. You're guaranteed to remember all the laughs and the pain from your favorite baseball movies. 

Of course, you have to be up to the challenge before you start. This quiz will put all of your baseball cinema knowledge to the test as questions from decades worth of movies come your way. This quiz covers movies from the '40s through the most recent ones to hit theaters. You might even discover a thing or two as well; like how Jackie Robinson has multiple movies reflecting on his story in baseball or some of those sequels and remakes that no one knows about. 

If you're up for a challenge, take this quiz on baseball movies and see if you recognize them from a single sentence!

Jackie Robinson's story is told in this sports movie.

Jackie Robinson was the first African American player in Major League Baseball. His time with the Dodgers helped break down color barriers in sports throughout the United States.


During WWII, these women form their own professional baseball league.

A League of Their Own is based on a real women's baseball league that formed during World War II. A variety of stars make up the cast, including Tom Hanks and Madonna.


This film follows Roy Hobbs from childhood to his retirement from baseball.

Roy Hobbs lives a difficult life in The Natural. Not only does his father die when he was young, but he also gets shot by a psychotic fan known for killing athletes.


This film depicts the story of Lou Gehrig.

Lou Gehrig was a star who played for the New York Yankees, playing first baseman for the team from 1923 to 1939. A legend on the field, Gehrig suffered from ALS, often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease, and died at the age of 37.


A veteran catcher teaches a rookie pitcher about the major leagues.

Released in 1988, Bull Durham starred Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins. The movie is consistently ranked among the greatest sports movies of all time.


In this film, the owner of the Cleveland Indians wants to move the team to Miami.

Major League was the first of three movies in this baseball series. The other two movies, Major League II and Back to the Minors, weren't quite as successful as the first of the bunch.


A 12-year-old​ boy becomes a baseball phenom after breaking his arm.

Rookie of the Year was actually a remake of an older film called Roogie's Bump. Both films depict children who become baseball stars after freak accidents.


The worst players are put on a little league team.

The original The Bad News Bears starred Walter Matthau as Coach Morris Buttermaker. Buttermaker is a former baseball player with an alcohol problem; he's put in charge of coaching the Bears.


Thomas Jane and Barry Pepper stared as Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.

61* follows baseball stars Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris and their 1961 season on the New York Yankees. During that season, both players tried to break Babe Ruth's single-season​ home run record of 60.


Billy Chapel throws a perfect game.

The announcer during the game in the movie was none other than Vin Scully, a legendary Major League Baseball broadcaster. Scully called four actual perfect games during his career.


Angels help a team win baseball games.

Though the Angels win the final game of the season, they do so without the help of actual angels. Instead, their pitcher, Mel Clark, comes through in the end.


The 1919 Chicago White Sox throw the world series.

The 1919 Black Sox scandal was one of the most controversial events in sports history. After throwing the 1919 World Series, all eight players were banned from baseball, including "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, who many believe was not involved.


A dog collects baseballs that are lost over a fence.

The Sandlot is a story of kid baseball players during the summer of 1962. The story follows Scotty Smalls as he tries to fit into a new town.


A baseball field replaces a cornfield.

Field of Dreams was an adaptation of a book called Shoeless Joe. The United States National Film Registry selected the film in 2017 for preservation because of its cultural significance.


A baseball player comes back from retirement to reach 3,000 hits.

Mr. 3000 follows Stan Ross as he tries to get three final hits to reach 3,000, a record he was inaccurately given before he first retired. However, Stan is already 47 years old, so time is not on his side.


The general manager of the Oakland Athletics uses numbers to build a team.

Moneyball is based on a true story about the Oakland Athletics. In 2002, Billy Beane put together a team on a minimum budget using sabermetrics that he hoped would be competitive in the playoffs.


A 35-year-old pitcher joins Major League Baseball for the first time.

The Rookie is based on the true story of Jim Morris. Morris, despite having shoulder surgery when he was younger, joined the Tampa Bay Rays organization from 1999 until 2001.


A catcher and a pitcher grow close as the catcher suffers from Hodgkin's disease.

Bang the Drum Slowly stars Robert De Niro, who was still making a name for himself in the film industry when the film came out. This role helped put him on the map.


A veteran player is traded to a Japanese Central League team.

This is more than just a film about baseball; it also gives insight into Japanese culture.


A Red Sox fan has trouble balancing his relationship with his love for his team.

In Fever Pitch, the Red Sox win the World Series. This was mirrored in real life when the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series while the movie was being filmed.


Young baseball player Ryan Dunne tries to make it to the major leagues while balancing a new relationship.

The film was directed by Mike Tollin. Tollin is also known for other sports films like Radio and Varsity Blues.


Two pitchers win a reality television show.

The movie depicts an actual event where an agent signs two pitchers, Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, who won a reality television competition. They both were the first Indian nationals to sign with an American professional baseball team.


Three adults form a team to compete in a little league tournament.

The Benchwarmers stars comedic heavyweights like David Spade and Rob Schneider. Both comedians were once part of Saturday Night Live.


A gambling addict coaches a little league baseball team.

Released in 2001, Hardball was based on a book by Daniel Coyle. For his role in the film, Keanu Reeves was named worst actor in the Razzie Awards.


A scout can only find talent with mental health problems.

Released in 1994, this film was directed by Michael Ritchie. Ritchie was also known for directing The Bad News Bears, among other films.


Clint Eastwood plays an aging baseball scout who is trying to prove he still has it.

Trouble with the Curve was directed by Robert Lorenz. This was unique for Clint Eastwood because he had spent most of the latter half of his career directing his own films.


A fan takes the game too seriously and kidnaps his favorite player's son.

Despite a cast featuring Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes, The Fan was a flop at the box office. It lost over $30 million.


This film follows Branch Rickey as he tries to make changes in Major League Baseball.

Branch Rickey was a baseball executive who refused to settle for the norm in Major League Baseball. Not only did he help break the color barrier, but he also drafted Roberto Clemente, the first Hispanic​ player to make it into the Hall of Fame.


A little league team from Mexico wins the 1957 Little League World Series.

1957 was the first year that a team outside of the United States competed in the Little League World Series. Not only did the new team, the Industrial Little League from Monterrey, Mexico, compete in the tournament, but they won the whole thing.


The Tampico Stogies compete in the Gulf Coast League​.

Long Gone was based on a book by Paul Hemphill, which was titled the same as the movie. Hemphill was also known for writing The Nashville Sound: Bright Lights and Country Music.


A baseball pitcher shoots himself in the leg.

Monty Stratton was a Major League Baseball pitcher in the 1930s for the Chicago White Sox. Even after having his leg amputated, Stratton came back to pitch in the minor leagues for several years.


This film tells the story of Babe Ruth.

Babe Ruth was known as "The Bambino." When he was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees, the Curse of the Bambino began where the Red Sox failed to win a World Series until 2004.


A professor invents a baseball that is repelled by wood.

It Happens Every Spring starred Ray Miller as Vernon Simpson. Miller was also known for films like The Lost Weekend and Reap the Wild Wind.


This story is about Jay "Dizzy" Dean.

Jay "Dizzy" Dean was the pitcher for St. Louis when they won the World Series in 1934. Despite a dominant first half of his career, injuries in his foot and arm cut that success short.


A batboy becomes a manager of a baseball team until he gets sick.

Originally released in 1953, this film was remade in 1979 for television. The remake starred Gary Coleman and Robert Guillaume.


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