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Mothers make the world go around, especially in the Bible! Most of them were incredible female figures who were loved and admired for their strength, perseverance and selflessness. Without them, we would not have had influential figures such as Jesus or Moses. It takes a mother to have a child and raise them to be the best they can be. Think you know all about these amazing mothers? Let's see how much you really know!

From the famous Eve to the incredible Mary, there are countless mothers in the Bible. You'll need to know what they did, who was part of their family and what they were best known for. How many mothers can you name from the Bible?  Many mothers had different journeys and stories that we can learn many lessons from. Some mothers acted to save their children, while others may not have been so hands on, but showed their love in other ways.

If you think you're an expert on the mothers and the Bible, then we're willing to bet that you're prepared! Ready to prove that you've got the knowledge? Take the quiz to see how much you know about their motherly love!

This mother was known for eating a piece of forbidden fruit. Who is it?

Eve was persuaded to eat the Forbidden Fruit by a serpent, and she followed through while also sharing with Adam. Luckily, the kids didn't eat the fruit, but Adam and Eve's actions were enough to disappoint God.


You know her as the Blessed Virgin. Who is she?

Although Mary's conception of Jesus was sinless, did you know that the Bible does not prove that she was entirely sinless in other ways? Of course, her sinless ways are admirable for the mother of baby Jesus!


She was the first mother on Earth. Who is she?

Eve was the first mother on Earth and she was married to her husband, Adam. Eve was the mother of multiple sons and daughters, only a few of whom were named and had their stories told.


Can you name the mother who was married to Abraham?

Sarah was married to Abraham. Did you know that Sarah allowed Hagar, her servant, to conceive a child with Abraham? This was because Sarah believed that she would never be able to do so herself for her husband.


This mother's son murdered his brother.

Eve's son Cain murdered his brother Abel after God took a liking to an offering by Abel more than an offering by Cain. As God had punished Adam and Eve after eating the Forbidden fruit, he punished Cain for his sins as well.


She was the wife of Zechariah. Who is she?

Elizabeth was married to Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist. Elizabeth is a saint while Zechariah is a prophet, with John their son becoming a prophet as well as a saint himself .


You know her as Solomon's mother. Who is she?

Bathsheba was the mother of King Solomon, the successor of his father King David. Solomon was extremely smart and found himself becoming one of the many prophets.


Of the following, which mother along with her son lived in the desert?

Hagar and Ishmael lived in the desert for some time before finding their way to their new home. They were able to make a better life for themselves with the help of God. Do you know where their new home was located? In the desert of Param.


You might know her as the mother of John the Baptist. Who is she?

John the Baptist was the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth. Despite being the mother of such an influential figure, Elizabeth was only mentioned in one book of the Bible.


This mother was a part of the Immaculate Conception. Who was she?

Mary was the main subject of the Immaculate Conception. Despite being with Joseph, she was blessed with a child without committing a sin. The Immaculate Conception is the event of Mary conceiving through the Holy Ghost rather than the birth of baby Jesus.


The name of her son is Ishmael. Who is she?

Hagar was the mother of Ishmael, who she had a close relationship with. After she and Sarah started to butt heads, Hagar was exiled along with her son. Fortunately, they were able to get back on their feet through the help of God.


Can you name the mother who favored her youngest son over her eldest?

Rebekah's youngest son was Jacob, who she favored over her eldest son, Esau. She was told by the Lord that Jacob would become the higher of the two brothers, and therefore did what she could to help him achieve this.


Which mother had to flee to Moab?

Naomi fled to Moab with her family to escape a famine. While moving saved them from the famine, unfortunately Naomi lost much of her family while there. Naomi's strong will carried her through her troubles to the other side.


Can you name the mother who had twin boys?

Rebekah was the mother of Jacob and Esau, twin boys who she described as fighting in her womb. The two boys were well loved, but they couldn't quite stop quarreling long enough to actually love each other.


After a desperate plea to God, this mother was given six children. Who was she?

Hannah ultimately became the mother of six children, with the first being Samuel, of course. After being blessed by God and following through on her promise, five other children followed.


Can you name the mother who was also the wife of King David?

Bathsheba became the mother of the King after she gave birth to her son who succeeded King David. Did you know that Bathsheba was married before becoming the wife of David? To the disappointment of God, King David tried to up the chances of Uriah the Hittite dying so that he could then marry Bathsheba.


She is the mother of the Savior. Who is she?

Mary is known as the "Virgin Mary", conceiving baby Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Imagine the feeling of being Mary at this time, as she only had Elizabeth who she could somewhat relate to! Her pregnancy was truly like no other.


This mother asked God to help her conceive and promised him something in return. Can you name her?

Hannah wanted to desperately conceive a son for her husband Elkanah. In order to provide a son, she promised her son would be faithful to God and dedicate his life to him if he allowed her to conceive. She followed through on her promise and brought her son to the temple.


This mother was married to Amram. Do you know who it was?

Jochebed and Amram had a total of three children who you know as Moses, Aaron and Miriam. You may know the kids, but did you know that in addition to being Amram's wife, Jochebed was also his aunt?


Which mother named her son after an angel's instructions to her?

Elizabeth was given news of her child from an angel who asked her to name him "John". Did you know that this gave both Elizabeth and Mary something to bond over? It wasn't long before Mary too, became pregnant.


Which mother was a prophet herself?

Deborah was courageous and known for her inspiration to the Israelites. In addition to her status as a prophet, she is also recognized as a saint. While there is no mention of children who belonged to Deborah in the Bible, she acted as a mother over the nation of Israel.


Which mother became pregnant late in her life?

Sarah was 90 years old when she became pregnant with Isaac. She believed that she would never conceive a child, and at one point was noted as laughing when God gave her news that she would in fact be blessed with a child.


Which mother was a mother-in-law to Orpah?

After the death of both of Naomi's sons as well as her husband, she was left with her two daughters-in-law. Orpah carried on with her own life rather than traveling alongside Naomi and Ruth.


This woman was known as the "Mother of Nations". Who is she?

Sarah became known as the "Mother of Nations" after God made a promise to her husband. God always fulfilled his promises, and gave Sarah a son who became known as Isaac. You will know him from stories such as the Binding of Isaac and as being a patriarch.


You might remember that she saved her child's life by sending him down a river. Can you name her?

Jochebed was the mother of Moses, who was in danger at birth. In order to save the son she loved, she sent him down the Nile River where he was found in Egypt and raised by Jochebed and adopted by the Pharoah's daughter. Do you think that is coincidence or fate?


This mother was a servant who married Abraham. Who was she?

Hagar was the second wife of Abraham, who Sarah gave the chance to conceive and provide a son to her husband, since Sarah could not. Hagar succeeded, but so did Sarah after a while which put a rift in their relationship with each other.


Of the following, which mother found herself unloved, but had children in order to please her husband?

Leah was Jacob's wife and gave him six sons in order to please him. She was not Jacob's only wife, as her sister Rachel was also his wife and the one that he favored most. Leah struggled with this and did what she could to make herself higher in the mind of Jacob.


This mother left her son in a temple where he grew up. Who was she?

Hannah was another mother in the Bible who had troubles conceiving a child. God granted the wishes of Hannah who became the mother of Samuel, who grew up to become a prophet.


Which mother did Leah share her husband with?

Rachel and Leah lived a life where they were both constantly in competition. They fought for love from Jacob through childbirth, trying to bear sons for him. They ended up quite even, with six sons each and one daughter.


Which mother gave birth to a son who wrote five books in the Bible?

Moses wrote the books of Deuteronomy, Levictus, Genesis, Numbers and Exodus. Thanks to Jochebed's quick thinking, she was able to save her son and allow him to write these enlightening stories in the Bible.


Which mother had two sons who passed away?

Naomi dealt with the misfortune of losing her two sons. Her sons left behind their wives after death, one of which was Ruth who stuck by Naomi's side for the rest of her life.


She gave birth after a prayer from her husband. Do you know who she was?

Isaac's prayers were answered by God when he helped Rebekah to conceive. Instead of one blessing, she was given two, but the two boys feuded for the rest of their lives.


She was one of the mothers of the sons who formed the 12 Tribes of Israel. Who is she?

Leah gave Jacob six sons who formed half of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Her sister, Rachel, was responsible for the other 12 sons who formed the rest of the famous tribes.


Which mother was known as the "Mother of Israel"?

Deborah takes the name of the "Mother of Israel". She even has a song dedicated to her titled "The Song of Deborah", which is all about the victory of her nation against the Canaanites.


She was part of the Genealogy of Jesus. Who was she?

Bathsheba is part of this ancestry as the wife of Uriah the Hittite. Only four other women were ever mentioned in the ancestry of Jesus, and many women who could have been part of it were never acknowledged.


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