Quiz: Can You Name These Cartoon Dogs?
Can You Name These Cartoon Dogs?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Walt Disney Productions

About This Quiz

Do you love cartoons? Do you love dogs? Do you love cartoon dogs!? If so, then this quiz is just for you! We're about to put your skills to the test because we want to know... can you name the cartoon dog from just one photo? Well, it's time to find out!

From the earliest days of comic strips and television, cartoon dogs have been around to cheer up our days like no other. Sounds like real life, right? They don't call them man's (or woman's!) best friend for nothing! Dogs are truly a source of love, companionship, laughter and care in our daily lives. And it's no wonder that cartoon dogs seem to have the same effect!

Take a look at Pluto or Snoopy! And how about Clifford and Pal! They are all different canines, but they all accomplish the same task in brightening our days. Whether it's in the form of Goofy's well, goofiness, Augie Doggie's loveable look, or Brian Griffin's sarcasm, we are drawn to these canine characters and keep coming back for more! 

So what do you say? Are you up for this challenge? Don't let us down or we might just bark at you! On your mark, get set, it's cartoon doggy time!

1.0 of 40
Who is this famous cartoon dog?
2.0 of 40
Can you name this Disney dog?
3.0 of 40
4.0 of 40
From the same series as Charlie Brown, you must know this adorable dog...
5.0 of 40
This fast, super dog has caught the attention of fans old and new. Do you have his name?
6.0 of 40
Remember this dog?
7.0 of 40
This famous dog is ________!
9.0 of 40
10.0 of 40
Surely you remember him...
11.0 of 40
And what about this dog?
12.0 of 40
Can you name this cutie?
13.0 of 40
Hi there! Who am I?
14.0 of 40
Remember me? What's my name?
15.0 of 40
Which cartoon dog is this?
16.0 of 40
What is the name of this dog?
17.0 of 40
This cartoon dog is named __________.
18.0 of 40
Who is this crowd pleaser?
19.0 of 40
This cartoon dog is _______.
20.0 of 40
This is a photo of which dog?
21.0 of 40
We're sure you know this one...
22.0 of 40
And this one too!
23.0 of 40
Can you name this dog?
24.0 of 40
Who is the cartoon dog seen in this photo?
25.0 of 40
What about this one?
26.0 of 40
Here's a fun one. Who is this?
27.0 of 40
What is the name of this cartoon dog?
28.0 of 40
30.0 of 40
Can you name this dog?
31.0 of 40
This dog is named _______.
32.0 of 40
_______ is seen in this photo...
33.0 of 40
This is a gimme! Who is he?
34.0 of 40
Another quick one... who is this?
35.0 of 40
Can you name this dog?
36.0 of 40
How about this one?
37.0 of 40
A few more to go now ... Who is this?
38.0 of 40
We know you know this one. What is his name?
39.0 of 40
Almost done... Can you name this one?
40.0 of 40
Last one... You better get this one right!
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