Quiz: Can You Name These Cartoon Dogs?
Can You Name These Cartoon Dogs?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Walt Disney Productions

About This Quiz

Do you love cartoons? Do you love dogs? Do you love cartoon dogs!? If so, then this quiz is just for you! We're about to put your skills to the test because we want to know... can you name the cartoon dog from just one photo? Well, it's time to find out!

From the earliest days of comic strips and television, cartoon dogs have been around to cheer up our days like no other. Sounds like real life, right? They don't call them man's (or woman's!) best friend for nothing! Dogs are truly a source of love, companionship, laughter and care in our daily lives. And it's no wonder that cartoon dogs seem to have the same effect!

Take a look at Pluto or Snoopy! And how about Clifford and Pal! They are all different canines, but they all accomplish the same task in brightening our days. Whether it's in the form of Goofy's well, goofiness, Augie Doggie's loveable look, or Brian Griffin's sarcasm, we are drawn to these canine characters and keep coming back for more! 

So what do you say? Are you up for this challenge? Don't let us down or we might just bark at you! On your mark, get set, it's cartoon doggy time!

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Who is this famous cartoon dog?

Mr. Peabody is a cartoon dog who appeared in the late 1950s and early 1960s television animated series, "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends." Did you know that his first name is Hector?

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Can you name this Disney dog?

Lady was an American Cocker Spaniel whose voice was portrayed by Barbara Luddy. Luddy was also the original voice of Kanga from the 1960s Winnie The Pooh film series!

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Barnyard Dog's name was George P. Dog. He was a basset hound featured on Looney Tunes and was the archenemy of Foghorn Leghorn!

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From the same series as Charlie Brown, you must know this adorable dog...

Snoopy, who debuted on October 4, 1950, is Charlie Brown's pet beagle in the comic strip, Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. He can also be found in all of the Peanuts movies and television specials, like "The Peanuts Movie."

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This fast, super dog has caught the attention of fans old and new. Do you have his name?

Bolt was a fictional white shepherd featured in the Walt Disney Animation Studios' film, "Bolt" in 2008. He was created by Chris Williams, Byron Howard and Joe Moshier, and voiced by John Travolta.

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Remember this dog?

Marmaduke was a Great Dane in the Marmaduke comic strip drawn by Brad Anderson from 1954 to 2015. The strip ended when Anderson died on August 30, 2015.

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This famous dog is ________!

Dino was technically a Snorkasaurus, but he served as the Flintstones' pet dog. Though he appeared in the opening credits of "The Flintstones," he was not fully introduced until the fourth episode of the first season.

Ren Höek was created by John Kricfalusi for the animated series, "The Ren & Stimpy Show." He is described as a scrawny, psychotic and emotionally unstable chihuahua.

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Also known as Pluto the Pup, Pluto was created in 1930 by Walt Disney Productions. His first appearance was in the Mickey Mouse cartoon, "The Chain Gang," in which he was voiced by Pinto Colvig.

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Surely you remember him...

Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Huck Hound speaks with a Southern drawl and has a relaxed, sweet and well-intentioned personality. He first appeared in 1958 in his self-titled series, "The Huckleberry Hound Show."

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And what about this dog?

The Tramp, as you may recall, was a mongrel who had a knack for dodging dog catchers and picking locks with his nose! He was portrayed by voice actor Larry Roberts.

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Can you name this cutie?

Slinky Dog is a toy dachshund that speaks with a Southern accent. Pixar obtained permission from James Industries to create Slinky's body as a slinky pull toy.

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Hi there! Who am I?

Augie is a highly spirited pup who is motivated by ambition and the desire to make his father proud. He is typically seen wearing only a green shirt and has the unique ability to converse with animals.

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Remember me? What's my name?

Colonel is one of the most popular cartoon dogs of all time. Hailing from "101 Dalmatians," he is an Old English Sheepdog that lives on a farm in the English countryside with his two companions -- Captain, a horse, and Sergeant Tibbs, a tabby cat.

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Which cartoon dog is this?

Did you know that Pongo was actually the narrator of the original "101 Dalmatians" film? In this 1961 film, he was voiced by Rod Taylor.

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What is the name of this dog?

Gromit is a beagle who is Wallace's pet dog and best friend. He graduated from Dogwarts University and enjoys knitting, playing chess, reading the newspaper, tea and cooking.

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This cartoon dog is named __________.

Hong Kong Phooey's voice was provided by Scatman Crothers - Benjamin Sherman Crothers. Crothers was also the talent behind Scat Cat from "The Aristocrats" and Meadowlark Lemon in the Harlem Globetrotters' animated TV series.

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Who is this crowd pleaser?

Santa's Little Helper is a greyhound who first appeared in "The Simpsons' Christmas Special" in 1989. Originally voiced by Frank Welker, he is currently voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

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This cartoon dog is _______.

Did you know that Jake the Dog was created by Pendleton Ward? He first appeared in "Adventure Time" in 2007 and was voiced by John DiMaggio.

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This is a photo of which dog?

This Scottish terrier was the smallest among Lady's circle of friends in "Lady and the Tramp." Although he was sweet and loyal, he could be quite aggressive at times!

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We're sure you know this one...

Blue is a playful and energetic female puppy with light blue fur and dark blue spots. She cannot talk, but communicates with her owners, Steve and Joe, through barks that they interpret based on her tone and expression.

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And this one too!

Astro was designed by Iwao Takamoto and originally voiced by Don Messick. Although he causes him a lot of stress, Astro is really George Jetson's best friend!​

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Can you name this dog?

K-9 is Marvin the Martian's pet alien dog. K-9 debuted in the short, "Haredevil Hare," where he and Marvin tried to thwart Bugs Bunny, who had stumbled on the pair's plans to destroy the Earth!

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Who is the cartoon dog seen in this photo?

Do you remember Max from the 2000 film, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"? As the Grinch's companion, his only two speaking lines were "Yipe!" and "Raaaahhh!"

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What about this one?

If you were a child of the late 1990s and early 2000s, you most definitely remember CatDog. The CatDog series aired on Nickelodeon from April 4, 1998 - June 15, 2005,​ with four seasons and 68 seasons.

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Here's a fun one. Who is this?

Ask anyone you know and they'll tell you Odie is one of the top cartoon dogs of all time! Since August 8, 1978, Odie has entertained us from the Garfield comic strip as well as the animated television series, "Garfield and Friends."

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What is the name of this cartoon dog?

From the 1981 film, "The Fox and the Hound," Chief was portrayed by voice actor Pat Buttram. Buttram is otherwise known for playing the sidekick of Gene Autry and for the character of Mr. Haney on "Green Acres."

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Perdita is a female Dalmatian. She first appeared in the original book by Dodie Smith as a stray dog adopted by the Radcliffes. She also had a mate named Prince.

The main protagonist of "All Dogs Go to Heaven," Charlie is said to have "the brain of a con man, but the heart of a marshmallow." Throughout his film appearances, he has been voiced by Burt Reynolds, Charlie Sheen, Jesse Corti and Steven Weber.

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Can you name this dog?

You remember Trusty, right? He was the retired neighbor of Lady in "Lady and the Tramp," having previously worked as a service dog alongside his grandfather, Old Reliable.

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This dog is named _______.

Sam Sheepdog was pals with Ralph Wolf in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series. They were both created by Chuck Jones and made their first appearance in "Don't Give Up the Sheep" in 1953.

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_______ is seen in this photo...

Muttley was created by Iwao Takamoto and originally voiced by Don Messick. In the 2000 Wacky Races videogame, he was voiced by Billy West. Muttley is known best for his mischievous, wheezing laughter.

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This is a gimme! Who is he?

Created in 1932 by Walt Disney's Art Babbit and Frank Webb, Goofy is a close friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. He must be cold all the time because he's always wearing a turtleneck​, vest, pants and gloves.

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Another quick one... who is this?

Clifford is a giant, friendly red dog owned by a young girl named Emily Elizabeth. Clifford the Big Red Dog book series was written by Normal Bridwell and originally published in 1963.

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Can you name this dog?

"Underdog" is an American animated television series that debuted October 3, 1964, on NBC under the primary sponsorship of General Mills. "There's no need to fear. Underdog is here!"

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How about this one?

Droopy Dog was created by Tex Avery in 1943. He got his name, Droopy, because of his droopy face, of course! He was known for moving slowly and speaking in​ a monotone voice.

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A few more to go now ... Who is this?

Copper was the hound in "The Fox and the Hound." As an adult, he was voiced​ by Kurt Russell. As Young Copper, he was voiced by Corey Feldman!

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We know you know this one. What is his name?

Voiced by Simon Peacock, Pal is the golden retriever puppy from the PBS series, "Arthur." The series was originally released on October 7, 1996, and continues today.

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Almost done... Can you name this one?

"Courage the Cowardly Dog" aired on the Cartoon Network from November 12, 1999,​ to November 22, 2002. Courage was an overly frightened pink beagle who lives in Nowhere, Kansas.

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Last one... You better get this one right!

Brian Griffin was created and voiced by actor Seth MacFarlane. He is a member of the Griffin family who appears in the long-running animated sitcom, "Family Guy."

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