Can You Name These Classic Movies From ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas?

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From Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman to chance encounters and wishes gone wrong, ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas has a story to put everyone in the holiday mood. The annual broadcast has been getting people in the holiday spirit since 1996. The program schedule includes a mix of original movies, classic Christmas films and fun holiday specials. Today, the programming is overseen by U.S. cable network Freeform, but all the holiday favorites from the ABC Family era remain part of the schedule. 

With so many movies and specials, we think even Kris Kringle himself would have trouble identifying all these 25 Days of Christmas classics. With as many as 3-4 million viewers tuning in for the program's most popular movies, there's no doubt the 25 Days of Christmas is a major part of the holidays. Every year, many people excitedly await the schedule's release and mark their calendars with the nights of their favorite Christmas classics. 

Think you can name these classic Christmas movies? Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and see if your holiday spirit will translate into a perfect score on this festive quiz. You know Dasher and Dancer and and Prancer and Vixen...But, do you recall the names of these classic movies from ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas?

What is the name of this classic Christmas special that debuted in 1965 and is based on a beloved comic strip?

Based on the comic strip "Peanuts," Charlie Brown feels sad despite the holiday cheer that surrounds him. Over the course of the special, Charlie Brown learns the true meaning of Christmas. In the end, the group of friends come together to celebrate the holiday. Winner of both an Emmy and Peabody Award, ABC generally broadcasts "A Charlie Brown Christmas" at least twice during the holiday season.

Can you name this classic Christmas movie about a couple who decides to skip Christmas much to the dismay of their friends and neighbors?

Based on a John Grisham novel, "Christmas With the Kranks" hit theaters in 2004. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis star as a married couple who decide to forgo normal holiday activities in the absence of their adult daughter. But, when they learn their daughter is headed home on Christmas Eve to surprise them, the Kranks must put their cruise plans on hold and scramble to prepare.

Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez star in which original ABC Family movie?

After a series of stressful event cause Trudie (Melissa Joan Hart) to have a nervous breakdown, she kidnaps David (Mario Lopez) to introduce as her boyfriend at her family's Christmas gathering. Although he initially tries to escape, David soon witnesses the familial pressure that made Trudie kidnap him and, ultimately, falls in love with her. The movie premiered in 2007.

Also the name of a popular holiday song about a child's creation that comes to life, what is the name of this classic Christmas special?

To the delight of CBS viewers, "Frosty the Snowman" debuted in 1969. The special, which runs for 25 minutes, begins with a group of students making a snowman on Christmas Eve. They top their creation with a magician's hat, and Frosty comes to life.

Which classic Christmas movie stars Will Ferrell as a human being who was raised as one of Santa's elves?

When talks of making "Elf" first started in 1993, movie executives wanted actor Jim Carrey for the lead role. But, it took another ten years for the film to be made, and during that time, SNL star Will Ferrell got the gig. Carrey went on to act in two other holiday classics: "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol."

Can you image reliving Christmas Eve over and over again? This woman did in which movie?

Similar to Bill Murray's experience in "Groundhog Day," Kate–played by actress Amy Smart–relives Christmas Eve over and over again. One of the events she's forced to repeat is a blind date with a man named Miles. Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays Miles in the film, which premiered on ABC Family in 2011.

Dr. Seuss inspired which of the following Christmas specials?

Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice behind Tony the Tiger, sang the film's iconic tune "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch." Dr. Seuss wrote the song's lyrics and played an important role in the animated special which debuted in 1966. Other famous voices from the film include Boris Karloff as the narrator and Grinch himself.

Do you remember this original ABC Family movie about a singer who haunts her former manager in an effort to get her to change her ways?

Premiering in 2010, "Christmas Cupid" stars Christina Milian, Ashley Benson and Chad Michael Murrary. In this romantic take on Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," Milian plays Sloane Spencer, a busy publicist who receives visits from her past, present and future ex-boyfriends.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about a PR manager who organizes a "hunky Santa" contest and ends up falling in love with the winner?

Remember shopping malls? Laura Vandervoort plays a PR manager charged with revamping the traditional mall Santa. Jennifer organizes a contest to find a "hunky Santa," but the plot thickens like eggnog when she falls for the contest winner.

A family accidentally leaves behind a young boy at the holidays in which classic Christmas movie?

In its opening weekend, "Home Alone" became an instant holiday classic when it earned $17,081,997 as it topped the box office. Not only was it the highest grossing film of 1990, but it also earned a Guinness World Record as the country's all-time highest-grossing live-action comedy.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about a woman who discovers a magical world inside a classic holiday decoration?

Actress Christina Milian, who plays Angela in this 2007 film, went on to star in another ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas special: 2010's "Christmas Cupid." In "Snowglobe," Milian's character becomes trapped inside the holiday decoration and, as she works to free herself, learns the true meaning of Christmas.

What is the name of this classic Christmas special about a winter sprite who tries his hand at being human?

Many classic Christmas movies incorporate a narrator. In "Jack Frost," a singing and dancing groundhog named Pardon-Me-Pete tells the story. The 1979 stop-motion animated special recounts the winter Jack Frost became human in an attempt to win over a girl named Elisa.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about a Christmas-themed singing group?

ABC Family has a long history of creating original programming for their 25 Days of Christmas block. However, few films have been as popular as "The Mistle-Tones" which had over 3.1 million viewers tune into the premiere. Shown for the first time in 2012, the film stars Tia Mowry as a singer looking to make her mark.

What is the name of this classic Christmas movie starring Kermit and the gang as characters in Charles Dickens's time-honored tale?

While it certainly isn't the only adaption of "A Christmas Carol," "The Muppet Christmas Carol" is undoubtedly one of the most beloved. Released in 1992, it was the first Muppet movie following the death of creator Jim Henson. His son, Brian, directed the musical and made sure to include a tribute to his father's memory (the shooting star that passes overhead as Kermit sings "One More Sleep").

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about a former bounty hunter who is pulled out of retirement for one last job?

Premiering in 2013, "Christmas Bounty" stars Francia Raisa as a current teacher and former bounty hunter. With one of her old capture's trying to seek revenge, she enlists the help of her ex-boyfriend to catch the criminal and keep her bounty hunting days a secret from her fiancee.

What is the name of this classic Christmas special that stars Walt Disney's Scrooge McDuck as Ebeneezer Scrooge?

When "Mickey's Christmas Carol" hit theaters in 1983, Disney fans were delighted to welcome the iconic mouse back to the big screen for the first time in 30 years. Mickey plays Bob Cratchit, and Goofy portrays the ghost of Jacob Marley.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about a man who, after catching his wife with another man, starts to hate Christmas?

Yet another adaptation of "A Christmas Carol," this original ABC Family movie re-imagines the classic holiday tale with the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present teaming up to show Christmas-hating Jack Cameron what the holidays are all about. But, when the Ghost of Christmas Past decides to stay in the past, Jack and the Ghost of Christmas Present work together to set things right.

What is the name of this classic Christmas movie starring Chevy Chase as the patriarch of the Griswold family?

For a comedy movie with no special effects, the movie had a large budget: $27 million. But, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" made it all back and then some. The film's final domestic gross was $71,319,526. That impressive total might have something to do with the fact it was one of only two Christmas movies released in 1989. The other was "Prancer."

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about Santa passing on Christmas responsibilities to his adult daughter?

In this ABC Family original movie, Jenny McCarthy reprises her role as Santa's daughter. With Santa set on retiring, he decides to pass on his responsibilities to his daughter, Mary. As much as Mary wants to continue the family business, she's reluctant to leave behind the life she's built for herself in New York City. "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe" was filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

What is the name of this classic Christmas special about a little reindeer who ends up saving Christmas?

Another stop-motion animation Christmas special, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" premiered in 1964. It's an American holiday classic but was actually filmed in Japan. Burl Ives narrated the movie, which runs for 55 minutes.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie starring Jennie Garth as a workaholic who hits her head and wakes up in a world where she married her high school sweetheart?

This 2013 ABC Family movie stars Jennie Garth as a hardworking businesswoman. Her high school sweetheart is played by Cameron Mathison.

What is the name of this classic Christmas movie about a Halloween skeleton who finds himself in a world entirely dedicated to Christmas?

Renowned animator Tim Burton said the idea for "The Nightmare Before Christmas" came to him in part from the overlap of Halloween and Christmas decorations in stores where he grew up in Burbank, California. In the movie, the two holidays collide when Jack Skellington, the "Pumpkin King," stumbles upon a portal to Christmas Town.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie in which Santa Claus loses his memory?

In 2008, ABC Family released the sequel to 2004's "Snow". "Snow 2: Brain Freeze" catches up with Nick Snowden—the son of Santa Claus. Nick, played by Tom Cavanagh, loses his memory when he slips and hits his head on a garage floor. When he finally wakes up, Nick doesn't remember who he is. With Christmas in jeopardy, it's up to Sandy, Nick's wife, to help him remember his identity and save the holiday.

What is the name of this classic Christmas special about the story of Santa Claus?

Rankin/Bass Productions created another stop-motion classic in "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town." First released in 1970, the film features the voices of Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney. It tells the origin story of Santa and is based on the 1934 Christmas song of the same name.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about a former police dog who is left alone on Christmas Eve and must protect his family's house?

Do you believe dog is man's best friend? Approximately 4 million viewers think so, and they tuned in to watch the 2009 premiere of "The Dog Who Saved Christmas." Zeus, a former police dog, must face off against two burglars who break into his family's house during the holiday season.

What is the name of this classic Christmas movie about a train bound for the North Pole?

Tom Hanks reunites with "Forest Gump" director, Rober Zemeckis, to bring this beloved children's book to the big screen. The movie incorporates human actors while using live action motion capture animation. In addition to traditional theaters, the film was released in IMAX 3D theaters in 2004.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about childhood penpals who make a plan to meet as adults?

First airing in 2005, this ABC Family movie meshes romance and holiday spirit. Gina, played by Marla Sokoloff, and Seth, played by Patrick J. Adams, started corresponding as penpals when they were in 6th grade. Years later, they plan to meet as adults, but both are nervous since neither party has been truthful about their appearances.

What is the name of this classic Christmas special about an entire town that says it doesn't believe in Santa?

Based on the famous 1823 which opens with the same line, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" tells the story of a town that has turned its back on Santa Claus. Father Mouse and the Trundle Family work together to convince Santa he's still needed in Junctionville, New York.

This original ABC Family movie about a zookeeper who helps Santa Claus get a young reindeer to the North Pole. What is it?

"Snow" first premiered on ABC in 2004, starring Tom Cavanagh and Ashley Williams. Cavanagh plays Nick Snowden, who is actually Santa Claus in disguise. He falls in love with Williams, a zookeeper, as they work together to rescue a reindeer that has not yet learned to fly.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about a thief who is hiding out after a con goes bad but finds her holiday spirit in her hometown?

The Grinch isn't always green. Cate Dove, played by Shannon Doherty, also has a heart two sizes too small. But, spending Christmas with her niece and nephew helps show her what really matters in life. Obsessed with revenge on her former crime partner for the majority of the movie, Doherty's character understands the true meaning of Christmas by the end of the film.

What is the name of this classic Christmas movie about the world's richest kid who accidentally wishes he'd never been born?

Not only is Richie Rich incredibly wealthy, but he also has a heart of gold. In this 1998 film, the richest kid in the world wants to share his good fortune with a group of orphans. But after his plan is ruined by his cousin, Richie Rich wishes he'd never been born. When his wish is granted, Richie sees what the world would be like without himself in it.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about two people who continuously run into each other at the airport?

This ABC Family movie premiered in in 2003. It stars Scott Wolf and Amanda Detmer as a divorced mother and divorced father with opposite custody schedules of their respective children. The two continuously run into each other at the airport and eventually fall in love.

What is the name of this classic Christmas special about the friends from Hundred Acre Wood who are on a mission to make sure Christopher Robin gets a present for Christmas?

"Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too" was released in 1991 and is widely regarded as one of the best holiday family specials. Pooh and friends try to deliver a letter to Santa Claus for their dear friend, Christopher Robin.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about Santa Claus's daughter who must take over holiday responsibilities when her father gets sick near Christmas?

Premiering in 2006, this ABC Family movie was the first to feature Jenny McCarthy as Santa's daughter. Mary Class must take over running Christmas when her father gets sick. Business savvy and clever, Mary applies corporate techniques to Christmas and reconnects with an old flame.

What is the name of this classic Christmas movie about an ordinary man who unknowingly enters a contract to become the new Santa Claus?

Tim Allen stars as Scott Calvin in this classic Christmas movie which hit theaters in 1994. After accidentally startling Santa and causing him to fall off the roof, Calvin must take over Santa's holiday responsibilities. But, Tim Allen's character can't simply deliver toys, he also has to look the part. After becoming Santa, Calvin grown a white beard and belly.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie in which children leave Los Angeles to live with their father in Canada and find a bag of counterfeit money?

When the Saunders children find a bag of counterfeit money in this ABC Family movie, they think it's an early Christmas present from Santa. In reality, two criminals accidentally lost the money and spend the majority of the film trying to track it down.

What is the name of this classic Christmas special in which Santa Claus decides to take a vacation instead of delivering presents ?

In this 1974 stop motion animated special, we hear from Mrs. Claus as the narrator. When Santa's doctor convinces him the world doesn't need him, Mrs. Claus sends two elves in search of proof that people need Santa.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about two families spending Christmas at a Colorado ski lodge with their dogs?

In 2009, Zeus, a former police dog, saved Christmas by defeating two burglars. In 2010, Zeus rescues another dog (Bella) who is kidnapped during a skiing vacation. Mario Lopez and Paris Hilton voice Zeus and Bella.

What is the name of this classic Christmas movie starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon as a couple celebrating the holidays with their divorced parents?

This 2008 romantic comedy follows a couple as they visit their divorced parents on Christmas. Brad and Kate (Vaughn and Witherspoon) first plan to spend the holidays abroad, but when bad weather strands them, they end up bouncing from house to house and spending time with family. Staunchly opposed to marriage at the beginning of the film, they two learn about themselves and decide what they want for their future.

What is the name of this original ABC Family movie about a man who is stuck reliving Christmas?

Debuting in 2006, this ABC Family movie is actually a remake of "Christmas Every Day." Kevin, played by Jay Mohr, is stuck repeating Christmas over and over again. Although initially shocked and afraid, he eventually embraces reliving Christmas and decides to use the opportunity to set things right with his family.

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