Quiz: Can You Name These College Basketball Championship Teams from a Logo?
Can You Name These College Basketball Championship Teams from a Logo?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Loyola Chicago U/University of Cincinnati/University of Iowa/University of Connecticut

About This Quiz

Whether you can identify college basketball teams by the colors they wear or the team logos, there is a rich history behind the simple graphics of all the championship winners shown in this quiz. For instance, the unlikely Utah Ukes winning as a last-minute replacement for the Arkansas Razorbacks, or the ethical strength shown by Loyola Chicago by being the first to break the coach's "gentlemen agreement" by playing more than one or two black team members at the same time. 

The logos represent the teams who were counted on to bring victory to the fans. It represents the innovative coaches such as Bob Knight and John Wooden as well as the Most Valuable Players like Donte DiVincenzo of Villanova in 2018 and many others. Most of the logos shown are from teams that won the NCAA Men's Division Basketball Tournament but there are also some from the winners of The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC),  The Big 12 Conference and the Big Ten Conference, to name a few. 

This quiz may be harder than you think for even the biggest college basketball fan. It's a puzzle within the quiz as you will be shown a partial image of the logo and you'll need to compare the answers and eliminate unlikely choices to find the correct answer. Try it now. It may be a slam-dunk for you. 

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